AAF reveals nicknames, logos for all eight teams

By Kevin Kelley -

The Alliance of American Football (AAF), which kicks off their inaugural season in 2019, has revealed the nicknames and logos for all eight of their teams.

Last week, the AAF revealed the first four team names: Atlanta Legends, Birmingham Iron, Memphis Express, and Orlando Apollos.

Today, the remaining four teams were announced: Arizona Hotshots, Salt Lake Stallions, San Antonio Commanders, and San Diego Fleet.

The AAF will begin a 12-week season on February 9, 2019 on CBS and will conclude with the championship game during the weekend of April 26-28, 2019, also on CBS.

One game per week will also air on CBS Sports Network, while the remaining games will be available to stream through the league’s app. Live fantasy play will also be integrated into the broadcasts.

Below are the logos for all eight AAF teams.

Comments (14)

Luv the names! Each one has a good back ground meaning to their city.
I also noticed how there are not any northern teams added to this league, just Southern, Midwest & West.
Hope it can get off its feet, 1st couple of years will be the hardest. Hopefully CBS can get a couple more games on in the future if it takes off.
Memphis Express & Birmingham Iron seem to have the coolest names.

I like the Orlando Apollos…really unique name. No Midwest teams Day, all Southern and West.

They do play February to April for this short season “Spring” football. Spring in Memphis and Birmingham, but not Columbus, Connecticut, Milwaukee, etc.

I always wondered by they bypassed St Louis. A pretty good domed football stadium is still sitting there.

Really? What do Stallions have to do with SLC? It’s not as bad a fit as Utah + Jazz, but it just feels like a generic nod to the Broncos. I’d rather see us get the “Missionaries” or the “Teetotalers”

Hmmmmm……..no teams in New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago, or Los Angeles……….zzzzzzzzzzzzz!

No northern teams is probably because the schedule is from Feb – April. Climates will impact attendance.

The XFL might look at this lack of northern teams and take a gamble on putting a few in these colder climates.

So the trend continues of no groups of humans and only one animal, Stallions. Also I am surprised no alliteration in the AAF. Nothing that rolls off the mouth like LA Lakers and Chicago Cubs.

All in all are good, not great batch of nicknames and logos.

The only one I am not sure about are the San Antonio Commanders. I do know San Antonio has a large retired military population, but does Commanders tap into that? Does Fed Ex have to pay sponsorship money for the Express logo? Memphis’s largest employer is getting a little to much love for free.

Aren’t Hotshots, firefighters? Does that not make them humans. Sorry if I misunderstood your statement.