2024 Big 12 football schedule announced

By Kevin Kelley -

The 2024 Big 12 football schedule has been announced. Conference play begins on Saturday, Sept. 14 with UCF at TCU.

Beginning in 2024, the Big 12 will expand from 14 to 16 teams with the addition of Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado, and Utah from the Pac-12 coupled with the departure of Oklahoma and Texas to the SEC. The four Pac-12 schools join returning members Baylor, BYU, Cincinnati, Houston, Iowa State, Kansas, Kansas State, Oklahoma State, TCU, Texas Tech, UCF, and West Virginia.

Top non-conference match-ups for each team in the Big 12 in 2024 include Arizona at Kansas State, Mississippi State at Arizona State, Baylor at Utah, BYU at SMU, Pitt at Cincinnati, Colorado at Nebraska, Houston at Oklahoma, Iowa State at Iowa, Kansas at Illinois, Kansas State at Tulane, Arkansas at Oklahoma State, TCU at Stanford, Texas Tech at Washington State, UCF at Florida, Utah at Utah State, and Penn State at West Virginia.

The 2024 Big 12 Championship Game is scheduled for Saturday, Dec. 7 at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. The game will be a matchup of the two teams with the highest winning percentage in conference play.

Dates are subject to change as adjustments are expected to accommodate television partners’ requests. Television selections for the first three weeks of the season and special dates are due to the conference by June 1, 2024.

2024 Big 12 Football Schedules

2024 Big 12 Football Schedule

* Conference games only.

Saturday, Sept. 14, 2024

Saturday, Sept. 21, 2024
Arizona State at Texas Tech
Baylor at Colorado
Houston at Cincinnati
Kansas at West Virginia
Kansas State at BYU
Utah at Oklahoma State

Saturday, Sept. 28, 2024
Arizona at Utah
BYU at Baylor
Cincinnati at Texas Tech
Colorado at UCF
Iowa State at Houston
Oklahoma State at Kansas State
TCU at Kansas

Saturday, Oct. 5, 2024
Baylor at Iowa State
Houston at TCU (or Fri.)
Kansas at Arizona State
Texas Tech at Arizona
West Virginia at Oklahoma State

Saturday, Oct. 12, 2024
Arizona at BYU
Cincinnati at UCF
Iowa State at West Virginia
Kansas State at Colorado
Utah at Arizona State (or Fri.)

Saturday, Oct. 19, 2024
Arizona State at Cincinnati
Baylor at Texas Tech
UCF at Iowa State
Colorado at Arizona
Houston at Kansas
Kansas State at West Virginia
Oklahoma State at BYU (or Fri.)
TCU at Utah

Saturday, Oct. 26, 2024
Cincinnati at Colorado
Kansas at Kansas State
Oklahoma State at Baylor
Texas Tech at TCU
Utah at Houston
West Virginia at Arizona

Saturday, Nov. 2, 2024
Arizona at UCF
Arizona State at Oklahoma State
Kansas State at Houston
TCU at Baylor
Texas Tech at Iowa State

Saturday, Nov. 9, 2024
BYU at Utah
UCF at Arizona State
Colorado at Texas Tech
Iowa State at Kansas
Oklahoma State at TCU
West Virginia at Cincinnati (or Thu-Fri)

Saturday, Nov. 16, 2024
Arizona State at Kansas State
Baylor at West Virginia
Cincinnati at Iowa State
Houston at Arizona (or Thu-Fri)
Kansas at BYU
Utah at Colorado

Saturday, Nov. 23, 2024
Arizona at TCU
Baylor at Houston
BYU at Arizona State
UCF at West Virginia
Cincinnati at Kansas State
Colorado at Kansas
Iowa State at Utah
Texas Tech at Oklahoma State

Friday, Nov. 29, 2024
Oklahoma State at Colorado
Utah at UCF

Saturday, Nov. 30, 2024
Arizona State at Arizona
Houston at BYU
Kansas at Baylor
Kansas State at Iowa State
TCU at Cincinnati
West Virginia at Texas Tech

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Comments (22)

“Top non-conference match-ups for each team in the Big 12 in 2024 include Arizona at Kansas State, …Baylor at Utah”


Baylor-Utah is the back end of a home&home started last season. Schools requested to be able to complete the agreement.

Ariz v K-St was a home&home already on the schedule. Schools wanted to play the agreement as non-conference so they did not have to find replacement on short notice.

The last weekend is certainly not great–where is Rivalry Week. It looks like the only true rival game is ASU-UA.

Not sure why Kansas can’t play Kansas State on that Saturday.

Would love to see the Texas schools play each other, too, but I know, with 18 teams, this is not easy.

Why not a true rivalry week like the other “Power 4” conferences?

Iowa State at Colorado
Utah at BYU
Arizona State at Arizona
Houston at UCF
Kansas State at Kansas
TCU at Baylor
West Virginia at Cincinnati
Oklahoma State at Texas Tech

It’s not perfect but better than what the league has scheduled.

This is what I would have done:


Arizona-Arizona State
Cincinnati-West Virginia
Iowa State-Kansas State
Oklahoma State-Texas Tech

I would also have each of those games as a protected rivalry in a 3/6/6 scheduling format, so they play on the last weekend of the season each year.

For whatever reason, the Big 12 has never fully embraced the concept of rivalry week, at least recently.

I find the last weekend game matchups to be curious. So many opportunities for rivalry games, and the Big XII seems to think “nah, we got this”.

Sure there are some teams that may not have a natural rivalry game to be played. But AZ vs AZ St, K vs K-State, BYU vs Utah (or even Utah vs Colorado). Some real slam dunks there were passed up, and I can’t quite figure out why.

The Big 12 should drop to 7 conference games with the 16 teams organized into pods as follows:

Central: Colorado, Kansas, Kansas State, Oklahoma State
East: Cincinnati, Iowa State, UCF, West Virginia
Texas: Baylor, Houston, TCU, Texas Tech
West: Arizona, Arizona State, BYU, Utah

Each team would play its pod rivals every year and rotate among the other pods on a 6-year schedule. Each year two pairings of pods would be paired with each other.

The drop to 7 conference games by the Big 12 and SEC is mainly to pave the way for lots more OOC games against other power conference teams but also to preserve rivalries that would otherwise be lost to realignment like Bedlam. It could also lead to the Border War between KU and Mizzou being revived annually.

Also these could be the Thanksgiving weekend games:

Arizona-Arizona State
Cincinnati-Iowa State
Colorado-Oklahoma State
Kansas-Kansas State
UCF-West Virginia

The Texas schools can take turns playing each other at the end of the season, since there are no two rivalries that really stand out among them.

Meanwhile the pod rotation would look like this to avoid repeating matchups set to be played as OOC contests:

2024, 2027: Central VS. Texas, East VS. West
2025, 2028: Central VS. East, Texas VS. West
2026, 2029: Central VS. West, East VS. Texas

The regional pod head-to-head winners would get automatic bids to the following Big 12 bowls, provided they are eligible and not in the CFP:

Central: Liberty
East: Pop-Tarts
Texas: Alamo
West: Guaranteed Rate

9 Conference game schedule are 114% meaningful 7 definitely will not work in College Football. Only time I like Out Of Conference games is at beginning of season. I will be happy should Oklahoma state will play Big 12 teams like Colorado,Houston or West Virginia on Thanksgiving Weekend I really like Cowboys to play various opponents however I,m excited that Arizona State/Arizona will play on Thanksgiving Weekend.

Three of the regional pods can play for trophies named for former commissioners of other conferences.

The Central pod can play for the Reaves Peters Trophy. The first year of his tenure as commissioner of the MVIAA (the conference that later became the Big Eight then the Big 12), Colorado joined the conference. Several years later he orchestrated the admission of Oklahoma State into the conference, and they, Colorado and the Kansas schools would share conference membership for over five decades through the 2010-11 academic year, with this union being restored with Colorado’s return to the Big 12.

The Texas pod can play for the Howard Grubbs Trophy. Grubbs played QB at TCU, then as commissioner of the Southwest Conference, oversaw the admissions of Texas Tech and Houston into the conference.

The West pod can play for the Paul Brechler Trophy, named for the founding commissioner of the Western Athletic Conference, of which all four schools in the pod were charter members. The schools remained together until the Arizona schools joined the Pac-10 in 1978. Utah followed in 2011, but only after becoming a charter member of the Mountain West Conference, a result of the failed 16-team experiment the WAC undertook in 1996 involving a pod format that I propose be done in the Big 12 with numerous fixes from how the WAC did it, in 1999. BYU was also a charter member of the MW, and TCU, also part of the WAC’s 16-team experiment, was an MW member from 2005 to 2012 when they joined the Big 12, whose HQ is located in the same metro area as the TCU campus.

As the schools in the East pod did not share conference membership together until 2023, there would be no trophy for that pod.

I think they will add more but I would have expected more Thursday and Friday games. With this many members 1 Thursday or Friday game a week is what I would expect

I am a fan of Friday evening College Football games & looking forward to Arizona State vs Utah 10/11/ & Oklahoma State at BYU 10/18.

In addition to the Big Ten I would really like to see some Big 12 Football games on FOX Big Noon Saturday for example Week 10 11/2/24 Kansas State at Houston & then FS1 shows Northwestern at Purdue & CBS shows Big Ten Doubleheader Ohio State at Penn State Noon & Oregon at Michigan 3:30PM or Week 14 Thanksgiving Weekend 11/30/14 West Virginia at Texas Tech followed by Notre Dame at USC at 3:30PM while CBS shows Michigan at Ohio State Noon followed by Mountain West match up Colorado at Air Force 3:30PM keep in mine Mountain West Conference have release it’s schedule as of now. God Bless & have a safe & happy day.

I think nearly every Big Noon game will be a Big 10 game since Fox cannot put Big 10 games in the 3:30 or 7:30 slots as CBS & NBC paid for exclusivity in those spots. Probably going to see lots of Big 12 games on Fox in those two later slots but not at noon.

The PSU v WVU game the 1st week could be an exception and end up on Fox at noon because the slate of Big 10 home games that week is terrible.

To Rivalry week three rivalries I like from your suggestion are Arizona State-Arizona,Oklahoma State-Texas Tech & Houston-UCF also known as Space rivalry.

Patrick T. sorry to disagree with you & you did nothing wrong.There will be a few occasions where Big 12 will be on FOX big noon Saturday plus FOX have better Flexibility since they have FS1 as it’s counterpart to show Big Ten game if Big 12 ends up on FOX big noon Saturday or maybe flip/flop or two if FOX wants to show Big Ten game that being played in Seattle,Eugene,OR or Los Angeles. Good News had no problems with your comments despite disagreement have a safe & happy day.

Here’s my dream Big 12 Football schedule for Week 10 11/2/24 Kansas State at Houston Noon,FOX Arizona State at Oklahoma State 3:30PM,ABC TCU at Baylor 3:30PM,FS1 Arizona at UCF 7:00PM,FOX Texas Tech at Iowa State 7:00PM,ESPN2

Here is my dream Big 12 schedule for Week 10 11/2/24 revised. Kansas State at Houston Noon,FS1 TCU at Baylor 3:30PM,FS1 Arizona State at Oklahoma State 3:30PM,ABC Arizona at UCF 7:00PM,FOX Texas at Iowa State 7:00PM,ESPN2

Here is my dream Big 12 Football schedule for week 10 11/2/24 second revisal Kansas State at Houston Noon,FOX Texas Tech at Iowa State 3:30PM,ESPN Arizona at UCF 3:30PM,FS1 Arizona State at Oklahoma State 8:00PM,FOX TCU at Baylor 8:00PM,ESPN2