2015-16 Bowl Schedule Kicks Off Saturday

By Kevin Kelley -

The 2015-16 Bowl Schedule kicks off on Saturday with six games, beginning with the Air Force Reserve Celebration Bowl at noon ET.

FBS bowl games on Saturday include the Gildan New Mexico Bowl, Royal Purple Las Vegas Bowl, Raycom Media Camellia Bowl, AutoNation Cure Bowl, and R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl.

This season’s bowl schedule includes a total of 42 games, including the College Football Playoff semifinals on Dec. 31, 2015 and the College Football National Championship Monday, Jan. 11, 2016.

SATURDAY, DEC. 19, 2015

Air Force Reserve Celebration Bowl
Alcorn State vs. North Carolina A&T – Noon ET, ABC

Gildan New Mexico Bowl
Arizona vs. New Mexico – 2:00pm ET, ESPN

Royal Purple Las Vegas Bowl
BYU vs. (22) Utah – 3:30pm, ABC

Raycom Media Camellia Bowl
Ohio vs. Appalachian State – 5:30pm ET, ESPN

AutoNation Cure Bowl
San Jose State vs. Georgia State – 7:00pm ET, CBSSN

R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl
Arkansas State vs. Louisiana Tech – 9:00pm, ESPN


Comments (6)

Do away with Conference Championship Games, require every Conference to have 9 game schedules, and 3 Non-Conference games (12 total), then Scrap all of the Bowl Games, Scrap” FBS and FCS”, make them all Division 1 with 90 allowed Scholarships, and create a 68 team Playoff just like the NCAA Basketball Tournament? The most games any team would play would be 18, outside of Oklahoma, the top two in the College Football Playoffs will play 15 games, so what’s 3 more added? The point I am trying to make is all these sad Bowl Games have no meaning, and very low attendance turnout except for the top 6 Bowls outside of the CFP?…I know, I know, it will never happen, well maybe it just might in 100 years, but we’ll all be in the boneyard by then? lol

I understand why people make these comments and where they come from as fans, but sometimes we really miss the boat. These games aren’t put on for the teams. They aren’t put on for the games, necessarily. They are put on for the sponsors and television. And guess what, they are making money or they wouldn’t keep having them.

Now again, I get it. But I watched a couple of the games today and I was entertained. We don’t need a 60 team playoff or doing away with all the bowl games or conference title games… We need to just take these games for what they are… a game for sponsors to make money and give us something to watch on a lazy Saturday in late December. No more, no less.

Joe is right. we have a playoff but football is a sport where we don’t need 16 teams in a playoff. the games are for entertainment and shouldn’t be taken too seriously. multiple playoff rounds would mean constant travel and there is no way they’d make as much money as they make now. and ot OS all about money. Otherwise there wouldn’t be baseball playoffs. we got along just fine with the top two teams going straight to the World series but it wasn’t profitable enough.

FCS playoffs only take 16 teams. Basketball can do 68 teams, because they only need one day off between games to eliminate all but 16 after the first weekend. Football can not turn around as quickly, which is why 16 makes more sense. That would result in only two more games. Also, make one week between playoff games like the NFL and FCS, which allows going to 8 teams without extending the playoffs out another week.

As an old timer that’s been watching college football for a long time the system we have now is about as good as we can get the 4 game playoff determines the true champ whereas in the past there were arguments and with good reason as to who the champs really were. Also the teams trying to get in one means every game is important and generally exciting. The bowl games give needed exposure to the smaller colleges and in some cases you catch a pretty good game.

Does not seem fair that the college football playoff and championship are only available on ESPN. If it is a national championship it should be accessible to the entire nation. Many fans cannot afford cable TV. The poor and those on fixed incomes should not be penalized and denied access to these games.