2014 SEC Football Schedule – Week 1

By Kevin Kelley -

The 2014 SEC Football Schedule kicks off tonight at 6pm ET with a conference game on the brand new SEC Network — #21 Texas A&M at #9 South Carolina.

There are two more games on Thursday night, Boise State vs. Ole Miss and Temple at Vanderbilt, followed by eight games on Saturday and one on Sunday.

Based on the preseason AP rankings, the two biggest games of the weekend are #16 Clemson at #12 Georgia and #14 Wisconsin vs. #13 LSU.

2014 SEC Football Schedule – Week 1 (all times ET)

Thursday, Aug. 28
#21 Texas A&M at #9 South Carolina – 6pm, SEC Network
Boise State vs. #18 Ole Miss – 8pm, ESPN
Temple at Vanderbilt – 9:15pm, SEC Network

Saturday, Aug. 30
UT Martin at Kentucky – Noon, SEC Network
South Dakota State at Missouri – 3:30pm, ESPNU
West Virginia vs. #2 Alabama – 3:30pm, ABC or ESPN2
Arkansas at #6 Auburn – 4pm, SEC Network
#16 Clemson at #12 Georgia – 5:30pm, ESPN
Idaho at Florida – 7pm, ESPNU
Southern Miss at Mississippi State – 7:30pm, SEC Network
#14 Wisconsin vs. #13 LSU – 9pm, ESPN

Sunday, Aug. 31
Utah State at Tennessee – 7pm, SEC Network

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Jealousy makes a lot of people say a lot of IDIOTIC things. Numbers do not lie,the SEC rules Supreme to all other conferences (and this being said by a LONG TIME FSU Seminole fan even in the rough years!)

He’s an idiot and obviously only watches soccer. The SEC is by far the best conference in college football. I’m done. ROLL TIDE!!!!

There is football, then there is college football, then there is SEC football, then there is Western Division football, then there Auburn Football–WAR EAGLE!!!

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Alabama? Florida State? these two teams dont play anybody all year long they win all their games and their fans think we are the greatest. Alabama over Oklahoma In the polls? Thats funny. They shouldnt even be in the top 10. Alabama what a JOKE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Only jealous trolls would come in here and comment on a SEC page. Why do you bother to come in here? It is not logical. All SEC fans know that football is not a game it is a religion. So take your trolling elsewhere. Roll Tide!!!

@frank sells: Somethings are just not worth replying to but here I am, replying to it! Shame on me!

Hard to believe what ignorant people post. The SEC is the most exciting conference in college or pro football. Great athlete recruiting and a passion for football creates at atmosphere of winning and we expect to win. So you can have your fly by night lucky West Coast and Midwest teams and keep wishing for a good year. We know we’ll have a great year!!!!

The students in SEC schools generally despise blacks but are enamored with their “slaved athletes”. When do these students begin to realize the purpose of a university?