2013 UT Martin at Boise State football game moved to September 7

By Kevin Kelley -
Boise State
Boise State will host UT Martin on Sept. 7, 2013. (Brian Losness-US PRESSWIRE)

The date of the 2013 UT Martin at Boise State football game has moved to September 7, according to UTM’s official website.

We first reported the Boise State-UT Martin match-up in February and the date was initially set for Sept. 21, 2013. To date, neither school has made an official announcement for the game.

A UTM official confirmed the date change to Sept. 7, but indicated there is not a signed contract yet.

Regarding the date change or any other game in 2013, Boise State Assistant AD/Media Relations Max Corbet said he has “nothing to confirm at this point.”

On the surface, a date change for UT Martin at Boise State doesn’t seem like a big deal. But a look at Boise State’s schedule reveals that a wave of changes could be coming.

Boise State is currently set to travel to Washington on Sept. 7, 2013. But with the Broncos now set to host UT Martin on that date, BSU’s game at UW should be moving. The most likely date appears to be the weekend of August 31.

That is the only date window that appears to work for Washington since they travel to Illinois on Sept. 14 and host Idaho State on Sept. 21. The Huskies will likely be off on Sept. 28 prior to Pac-12 play and Boise State is slated to host Southern Miss that day.

Of course, Washington could move either the Illinois or Idaho State game and slot Boise State into that spot. Another option is that the Boise State-Washington game could be moved to another season or canceled altogether. The Broncos are slated to host the Huskies in 2015 in the final game of the home-and-home series.

Update (7/9/12): The 2013 Boise State at Washington game has been moved to August 31.

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Comments (19)

What happened to Boise playing a strong non-conference sked and not playing FCS teams?

Sorry,didn’t hear you…..was too busy trying to score tix to that huge Washington-Idaho State clash coming up…

When you flip to the 2013 schedule, the header has an advertisement for Kids Flag Football. How perfect is that?

What jinz, Oregon, USC, Utah, Cal, Stanford, not good enough for you? When you play nobodies in conference play like BSU does they don’t need to be playing joke teams ooc.

with Boise ST weak ooc schedule in ’13, they must figure get out of the UW game and schedule fcs tenn-martin and run the table , especially with a weak big east schedule. Uw already has a trip to illinois on tap and planning a home schedule with boise on it, so nitpicking one game against Idaho St. is quite hypocritical or on par with about 8 of Boise’s games. Thats not even mentioning that UW pac12 is solid week after week.

I agree with you Pa
the only issue I have is why is Idaho State OK for UDub and Samford is not OK for Auburn or Western Carolina alright for Alabama? They not only play each other but LSU, Miss State, Georgia, Arkansas etc. …. a solid SEC schedule plus AU playing Clemson ooc and Alabama, Michigan… just wondering why it is OK for a Pac-12 team to play a Jr.College and not an SEC team?

@pnb, if you look at any sec team or any major team they all have a tuneup game with a fcs team so I don’t fault bama, lsu,uw, clemson or whoever for having a savanah state or whatever fcs team for one game.I’ve heard coaches say one challenging game, one tune-up, and a third winnable home game for their out of conference schedule.USC and Notre Dame are the last two schools not to schedule fcs teams, UW just recently ended that policy. Looking forward to the bama vs michigan game and Oklahoma vs fsu they should be good ones. I would love to see more of those games, I wish teams didn’t get punished in the polls for scheduling and losing a tough ooc game.

I’m not a fan of Boise State but I will say this…no one should say a damn thing about their schedule,I am still waiting for Georgia,Virginia Tech or any other AQ school to man up and schedule a home and home with the Broncos. Why should they be forced to play on the road against the so called elite schools and not get the courtesy of a return game? So until the AD of the ACC,SEC,etc grow a pair and deal with the Broncos on a fair playing field,quit yapping about their schedule.

Why would a major conference school schedule a home and home with a team that has a stadium seating under 40,000? Those types of deals are rare. Not saying they don’t happen, though.

Agreed. If you refuse to schedule Boise then you can’t complain about their schedule.

To Miaze in Spartyland: who cares how big their stadium is? Yeah I know it’s stupid looking and a total dump, but I don’t see how playing a road game at a smaller stadium negatively effects Michigan or anyone else for that matter.

To Boise State: grow up and install green turf. The blue is bush league. I don’t blame anyone for refusing to schefule you dummies if they have to play on that garbage.

Baby Beluga – Its about ticket sales and exposure. Big Ten splits are 50-50 for all conference games. Individual deals are done at each team’s discretion. Generally, a team like Michigan keeps 100% of gate revenues for OOC but pays a flat amount. Think they would rather have 100% of their own gate (paying a flat amount) or take the flat amount from a team like Boise?

I would imagine the gate receipts would FAR exceed any amount Boise could feasibly offer.

Some teams are greedier than others, while others are more willing to show some generosity. For example in the State of Michigan…the Spartans share the wealth by traveling to CMU in 2012, WMU in 2015 and EMU in 2018.

That’s right, while scUM is hoarding the gate receipts from teams like UMass and App State, the Spartans are passing up a chance to make even more money and supporting the programs of the states smaller FBS programs.

Yeah….real tough in conference schedule in that Pac 12….trying to remember the last time BSU lost to a Pac 12 team…was it OSU about 8 years ago and a lame ass no fumble call in the final minute of the game…If I remember last years sacrificial pac 12 team ASU only lost 165 to 12 in the Vegas Bowl….but I know it was a down year for ASU….and the year before, it was a down year for Utah…and Oregon and Oregon State. Go ahead and make fun of the schedule all you want, BSU is the only team NOT to schedule a 1-AA team in the past 3 years…while some so called big time BCS teams sceduled not 1 but 2 or 3 1-AA or Division 2 schools

Are you high or just the result of a Boise State education? Go do some fact checking before just making a bunch of stuff up.

Boise to the Big East is dumb. What a lame lame conference. I wish we’d break away from the NCAA & kick their program down to FCS where it belongs.