2013 SEC Football Championship Game – Auburn vs. Missouri

By Kevin Kelley -

The 2013 SEC Football Championship Game is set with the Auburn Tigers facing the Missouri Tigers. The game will be played on Saturday, Dec. 7 at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta (4pm ET, CBS).

Auburn (11-1, 7-1 SEC) won the SEC West with a miraculous, last-second 34-28 victory over then top-ranked Alabama last night. The Tigers will be making their fifth overall appearance in the game and first since their national championship season back in 2010.

Missouri (11-1, 7-1 SEC) clinched the SEC East Division yesterday with a 28-21 win over Texas A&M. The Tigers, who joined the conference last season, are making their first appearance in the championship game.

Auburn and Missouri’s first and only meeting came in the Sun Bowl in 1973. Missouri won the game 34-17.

If Auburn defeats Missouri, there’s a chance they could advance to the 2014 BCS National Championship Game. A loss by either Florida State or Ohio State in their respective conference title games would likely assure Auburn of a trip to the Rose Bowl.

SEC Championship Game Results (past 10 years)

  • 2012 – Alabama 32, Georgia 28
  • 2011 – LSU 42, Georgia 10
  • 2010 – Auburn 56, South Carolina 17
  • 2009 – Alabama 32, Florida 13
  • 2008 – Florida 31, Alabama 20
  • 2007 – LSU 21, Tennessee 14
  • 2006 – Florida 38, Arkansas 28
  • 2005 – Georgia 34, LSU 14
  • 2004 – Auburn 38, Tennessee 28
  • 2003 – LSU 34, Georgia 13

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Hey Kevin – If Missouri wins they’d be in the same position as Auburn, meaning they would play for the Nat’l Championship if OSU or FSU loses.

In fact, MU could (not should) legitamately be ranked ahead of Auburn right now because Mizzou’s only loss was in overtime (kind of like a tie or 1/2 loss) while Auburn got beat by 14 points by LSUd and bearly won a couple of other games. Though, obviously, beating Alabama is a great resume builder…

Your a idiot we lost to LSU ranked #7 at tha time! You got beat by South Carolina. Over time or not. You should not be ranked above tha Auburn ttigers weve played 6 ranked teams this year! And u dont belong n tha SEC. Go back to wear ya came from. The end oh yea did i mention we had A&M first and we deranked em ur welcome! Ohhhh yeaaa and we.beat number 1 bama. Sit down.

LOL! Are you drunk?

South Carolina loss was just as good as losing to LSU. plus Auburn also got a hailmary to beat Georgia.

Missouri should be ranked ahead of them, not that it matters, they need to win this weekend anyways!

Leah Wendell you are quite an idiot. Mizzou lost in 2 OT with their backup quarterback. Auburn should of lost to both Georgia and Bama. Your saying that u beat Texas A&M and yea, we did too. And we beat Georgia pretty bad. Mizzou is the better team here.

Your use of language and spelling of words is very poor. Did you ever earn a GED after flunking out of junior high school?

it doesn’t matter if LSU was ranked 7 at the time.. rankings aren’t true in the beginning of the season.. Missou didn’t have their QB when they lost to South carolina. They shouldve won anyways, they just missed a FG at the end.

I’ve felt that everybody is talking about auburn and not mizzou. I think mizzou is ther better team here

Leah…mizzou belongs in the SEC . the second season in the conf. and playing for the conf. championship. maybe we should go back to the big twelve… then Auburn can win because they didn’t play the best teams.

leah… Go Tigers!!! the real Tigers. Mu all the way. Cant wait to see your Auburn tigers lose.

Wow. Speaking as a true Auburn alum, don’t pay attention to this Leah person. She is not a representative of our fanbase whatsoever. Those who attend the game in Atlanta this weekend will have a feel for the respect and dignity the Auburn family espouses.

Leah Wendell is a moron. I don’t know who is dumber, the Stupid Alabama team or their raving idiotic arrogant-snob fans. Alabama LOST last week! Their weakness has just begun to show. Bye-Bye bama!