2013 Pac-12 football schedule rotation

By Kevin Kelley -

The 2013 Pac-12 football schedule rotation has been set, ESPN announced today.

There are a couple of changes to the rotation from the original Pac-12 schedule grid that was released in 2010:

  • Colorado will play Washington instead of Washington State.
  • Utah will play Washington State instead of Washington.

If the prior Pac-12 scheduling pattern holds true, the 2013 opponents should simply switch sites for the 2014 season.


Home: Oregon, UCLA, Utah, Washington State
Away: Arizona State, California, Colorado, USC, Washington
Miss: Oregon State, Stanford

Arizona State

Home: Arizona, Colorado, Oregon State, USC, Washington
Away: Stanford, UCLA, Utah, Washington State
Miss: California, Oregon


Home: Arizona, Oregon State, USC, Washington State
Away: Colorado, Oregon, Stanford, UCLA, Washington
Miss: Arizona State, Utah


Home: Arizona, California, Oregon, USC
Away: Arizona State, Oregon State, UCLA, Utah, Washington
Miss: Stanford, Washington State


Home: California, Oregon State, UCLA, Utah, Washington State
Away: Arizona, Colorado, Stanford, Washington
Miss: Arizona State, USC

Oregon State

Home: Colorado, Stanford, USC, Washington
Away: Arizona State, California, Oregon, Utah, Washington State
Miss: Arizona, UCLA


Home: Arizona State, California, Oregon, UCLA, Washington
Away: Oregon State, USC, Utah, Washington State
Miss: Arizona, Colorado


Home: Arizona State, California, Colorado, Washington
Away: Arizona, Oregon, Stanford, USC, Utah
Miss: Oregon State, Washington State


Home: Arizona, Stanford, UCLA, Utah, Washington State
Away: Arizona State, California, Colorado, Oregon State
Miss: Washington, Oregon


Home: Arizona State, Colorado, Oregon State, Stanford, UCLA
Away: Arizona, Oregon, USC, Washington State
Miss: California, Washington


Home: Arizona, California, Colorado, Oregon, Washington State
Away: Arizona State, Oregon State, Stanford, UCLA
Miss: Utah, USC

Washington State

Home: Arizona State, Oregon State, Stanford, Utah
Away: Arizona, California, Oregon, USC, Washington
Miss: UCLA, Colorado

Comments (5)

I think SoS would be the reason, but i think it would be better if they rotate every year, that every team has played in a 6 year period every team once.

I like it, Chris Hill actively petitioned this change in an effort to get the Utes Bowl eligible. Nationally and locally, Utah already has an identity issue as the #3 team in the State behind USU (10-2 and in the top 25) and BYU (7-5 and on ESPN every week) Both those teams are going to the bowl games and Utah finished 5-7. AD Chris Hill cannot afford to let the Utes miss another bowl game or the fan base will go away. They are already expecting season ticket renewals to be under 70% After a second straight losing PAC 12 Season.

Utah needs to drop BYU and USU and schedule 3 wins in the preseason. One 1AA and 2 struggling 1A programs, not one 1AA and 2 bowl teams that are rivals. Get to 3-0 and PRAY we can go 3-6 in The Pac 12 again, then get back to New Mexico or back to El Paso for a bowl game. Go Utes!

Gotta love BYU fans like “Brandon” pretending to be a Utah fan because they know that BYU is an also-ran in a relatively small state like Utah. I guess when you are second rate in your own state, you have to tear down the big dog.

FYI – Utah’s season ticket renewal rate was at 98.9% this season; the highest renewal rate in the PAC-12 by a large margin. You school is a joke; the Mormon equivalent of Bob Jones or Liberty. Keep lying for the lord, though. Maybe you can accomplish in comment sections what your pathetic team can’t accomplish on the field.

We agree on one thing – Utah should keep scheduling BYU to pad their win total. BYU is such a joke that the Holy War is a guaranteed win for Utah at this point. 4 straight, 9 out of the last 12, and 57-34.