2012 Preseason USA Today Sports Top 25 Coaches Poll Released

By Kevin Kelley -

USA Today Sports Coaches PollThe 2012 Preseason USA Today Sports Top 25 Coaches Poll has been released and the LSU Tigers top the rankings. LSU received 18 first place votes and 1,403 total points.

Alabama, who defeated LSU in the 2012 BCS National Championship Game, is a close second. The Crimson Tide received 20 first place votes and 1,399 points overall. USC follows in third place with 19 first place votes and 1,388 points.

The SEC has seven teams in the Top 25 poll, including five in the Top 10, to lead all conferences. The Big 12 is second with six teams, followed by the Big Ten with four. Listed below is the full conference breakdown:

  • SEC – 7
  • Big 12 – 6
  • Big Ten – 4
  • ACC – 3
  • Pac-12 – 3
  • Mtn. West – 1
  • Indep. – 1

The complete USA Today Sports Coaches Top 25 Football Poll is listed below (first place votes; total points):

1. LSU (18) 1,403
2. Alabama (20) 1,399
3. USC (19) 1,388
4. Oklahoma (1) 1,276
5. Oregon 1,258
6. Georgia 1,061
7. Florida State (1) 1,055
8. Michigan 1,023
9. South Carolina 981
10. Arkansas 948
11. West Virginia 833
12. Wisconsin 743
13. Michigan State 717
14. Clemson 598
15. Texas 549
16. Nebraska 501
17. TCU 499
18. Stanford 497
19. Oklahoma State 476
20. Virginia Tech 461
21. Kansas State 398
22. Boise State 271
23. Florida 250
24. Notre Dame 166
25. Auburn 66

Others receiving votes (with 2011 records)

Washington (7-6) 64; Louisville (7-6) 46; Georgia Tech (8-5) 35; Cincinnati (10-3) 32; Texas A&M (7-6) 28; Baylor (10-3) 23; Utah (8-5) 22; Mississippi State (7-6) 21; South Florida (5-7) 12; N.C. State (8-5) 11; BYU (10-3) 10; Louisiana Tech (8-5) 10; Virginia (8-5) 9; Houston (13-1) 7; Southern Mississippi (12-2) 6; Central Florida (5-7) 5; Rutgers (9-4) 5; Florida International (8-5) 3; Missouri (8-5) 3; Tennessee (5-7) 3; Northern Illinois (11-3) 2; Texas Tech (5-7) 1.

What do you think of the poll? Is your team ranked? Let us know in the comments below.

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47 teams receiving votes, and nothing for Ohio State? Interesting. Should be a great season! The first match-up of ranked opponents comes on Friday, 8/31 when Boise State visits Michigan State…

I think John’s correct that OSU isn’t allowed to receive votes in the coaches poll.

they r allowed just no postseason. i remember about usc. plus they r 18 in espn poll

I believe Tennessee will be a top 25 team before the season ends. I believe West Virginia could win the BIG XII and finish much higher than predicted. Tennessee will beat Florida in Knoxville and finish 8-4 or 9-3 and I am a SEC guy but the streak ends this year as a non SEC team win the National Championship possible USC

Roll Tide my friend! I have the same opinion on UT. I have them losing to UGA, Bama, SC, and Vandy don’t ask me)

Tricking the voters into ranking Arkansas, Georgia, Florida, and Auburn is one of my greatest accomplishments. Watering down my conference with Missouri and Texas A&M is my greatest shame.

I will be proposing new NCAA rules. (1) SEC teams are not allowed to play more than 4 road games. (2) all ooc games will be played in the south. (3) we will only play bowl games in the south.

The SEC model for success. Never ever ever travel very far for a road game. Expand conference and minimize conference games to avoid losses. Oversign recruits. Oversign recruits. Oversign recruits. Keep the Sun Belt on speed dial. Describe inability to utilize the forward pass as “good defense”. Purchase mr Newton a church. Oversign recruits.

WOW the top ten choices make me laugh. Guess money truly talks n bull walks. What happened to hear USC being nu1 n having the best signings?

I think polls shouldn’t even start until after at least the 4th week of the season. Preseason polls cloud everyone’s judgement, and are basically guessing games.

The coaches poll itself is kind of a joke anyway. Coaches don’t have time to analyze the 35 or so teams worth considering for the top 25 – they’re too busy doing their job.

ohio state is ranked 18 in espn poll but they get no votes in usa today? they will be good.

They suck cheating fool and Meyers is a !@#$%$#@.

Comment edit by admin for profanity.

Arkansas would have been in the Top 5 if not for the loss of Petrino! With all assistants intact, same system in place and an extremely mature team. I think Arkansas is still Top 5!

I thought that oregon would be ahead of OU, and why does Florida State have a vote?