2011 Pac-12 College Football TV Schedule

By Kevin Kelley -

Pac-12The 2011 Pac-12 ABC/ESPN College Football TV schedule was announced today. This is a preliminary schedule, as more dates will be added leading up to and during the 2011 season.

Overall, ABC and ESPN will televise more than 20 Pac-12 football games. TV selections by Fox Sports Net, Versus and FX have also been announced.

Listed below are the Pac-12 games have been selected for television as of June 1, 2011.

DateACCTime (ET)Network
Sat., Sept. 3Minnesota at USC3:30 p.m.ABC
Sat., Sept. 3UCLA at Houston3:30 or 10 p.m.FSN
Sat., Sept. 3Oregon vs. LSU8:00 p.m.ABC
Sat., Sept. 3Colorado at Hawaii10:15 p.m.ESPN2
Thu., Sept. 8Arizona at Oklahoma State8:00 p.m.ESPN
Fri., Sept. 9Missouri at Arizona State10:30 p.m.ESPN
Sat., Sept. 10Nevada at Oregon3:30 p.m.FX
Sat., Sept. 10Utah at USC7:30 p.m.Versus
Sat., Sept. 17Colorado State vs. Colorado1:30 p.m.FSN
Sat., Sept. 17Texas at UCLA3:30 p.m.ABC/ESPN
Sat., Sept. 17Syracuse at USC6:30 or 8 p.m.FSN or FX
Sat., Sept. 17Utah at BYU9:15 p.m.ESPN2
Sat., Sept. 17Stanford at Arizona10:45 p.m.ESPN
Sat., Sept. 24TBD3:30 p.m.FSN
Sat., Sept. 24Oregon at Arizona10:15 p.m.ESPN or ESPN2
Sat., Sept. 24USC at Arizona State10:15 p.m.ESPN or ESPN2
Sat., Oct. 1TBD3:30 p.m.FSN
Sat., Oct. 1TBD1:00 or 5 p.m.FX
Sat., Oct. 1TBD7:00 p.m.FSN
Sat., Oct. 1TBD10:30 p.m.FSN
Thu., Oct. 6California at Oregon9:00 p.m.ESPN
Sat., Oct. 8TBD3:30 p.m.FSN
Sat., Oct. 8TBD7:30 p.m.Versus
Sat., Oct. 8TBD10:30 p.m.FSN
Thu., Oct. 13USC at California9:00 p.m.ESPN
Sat., Oct. 15TBD7:30 p.m.Versus
Sat., Oct. 15TBD10:15 p.m.ESPN
Thu., Oct. 20UCLA at Arizona9:00 p.m.ESPN
Sat., Oct. 22TBD3:30/4/8 p.m.FSN or FX
Sat., Oct. 22Washington at Stanford8:00 p.m.ABC, ESPN or ESPN2
Sat., Oct. 22TBD10:30 p.m.FSN
Sat., Oct. 29TBD3:30/7/8 p.m.FSN
Sat., Oct. 29Stanford at USC8:00 p.m.ABC
Sat., Oct. 29TBD10:30 p.m.FSN
Fri., Nov. 4USC at Colorado9:00 p.m.ESPN2
Sat., Nov. 5TBD3:30 p.m.ABC
Sat., Nov. 5TBD6:30/8/10:30 p.m.FSN or FX
Sat., Nov. 5TBD7:30 or 10:30 p.m.Versus
Sat., Nov. 12TBD3:30 p.m.ABC, ESPN or ESPN2
Sat., Nov. 12TBD3:30 p.m.FSN or FX
Sat., Nov. 12TBD7:00 or 8:00 p.m.FSN or FX
Sat., Nov. 12TBD10:30 p.m.Versus
Sat., Nov. 19TBD3:30 p.m.ABC
Sat., Nov. 19TBD7:30 p.m.Versus
Sat., Nov. 19USC at Oregon8:00 p.m.ABC
Fri., Nov. 25Colorado at Utah3:30 p.m.FSN
Fri., Nov. 25California at Arizona State10:15 p.m.ESPN
Sat., Nov. 26TBD3:30 p.m.ABC
Sat., Nov. 26TBD7:30 p.m.Versus
Sat., Nov. 26Notre Dame at Stanford8:00 p.m.ABC, ESPN or ESPN2
Sat., Nov. 26UCLA at USC10:00 p.m.FSN