2009 Virginia Tech Hokies football schedule posted

By Kevin Kelley -

The 2009 Virginia Tech Hokies Football Schedule has been posted. The schedule includes non-conference games scheduled against Marshall, Nebraska, and at East Carolina.

ACC games for Virginia Tech in 2009 include home games with Boston College, Miami, NC State and North Carolina. The Hokies will travel to face Duke, Georgia Tech, Maryland and Virginia.


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VT sucks BALLS! And is to scared to play the mountaineers! But I guess they would like to play the gay little acc instead!

Why don’t you go burn a couch toothless. Why would we want to play a no class school like you? Check the rankings over the last ten years. How about 15. You got nothin’.

I love when WVU students and/or grads express their opinions…it comes off so poetic – “VT sucks BALLS! And is to scared to play the mountaineers! But I guess they would like to play the gay little acc instead!”

HAHA…I bet I cold get my dog into that institution if I agreed to pay the out of state tuition…doesn’t take much! Go get em’ VT!

You have to wonder about VT standards. Have you listened to Michael
Vick during his interview. No way that guy was higher than a 1.0 student. Then his brother Marcus came along. Together they couldnt
top 2.0. Yeah I understand the football tradition and love watching college football. I just can’t believe that guy or his brother scored
higher than 600 on there SAT. And he looks and seems so convincing when
he says he understands what he did wrong. (What a joke) I give him 3 months and he gets busted for some form of ignorance again.

Hey, Sofa-Boy! VT is playing the #5, 15, 24, 35, 36, 39, and 40th ranked teams in the nation. WVA is playing #28, 30, 33, 36, 42, and 45th. I don’t think I’d say anything about who’s afraid to play whom. The SEC is certainly a strong conference, but I don’t see WVA playing any of the tough teams in it. Update on the Vicks: Marcus is back in court. He’s the only person who can make Michael look good. What a waste. I bet our felons can beat your felons!!!!

Last time I checked VT still has the Black Diamond Trophy from the last time we played which was at WVU and we beat you guys with our little felon marcus vick

To the first comment, um The football teams dont decide who they play smartass.Vt would stomp mountaineers!And if they lost it would be because you guys cheat..

wow WVU is garbage compared to VT. and a UVA fan would pounce on a VT fan because of a typo. it’s all he could come up with clearly.

holy crap i dont know what yall are talkin about you little gay wvu and uva fans, vt can cream your butts anytime anywhere! especially uva… omg yall suck its not even funny how bad yall are at football.

Wow,all this hostility. VT has got the better program the last 15 or so years.Both have played the role of the ultimate choke artist a few times toward the end of the season. I do have to say though, Pat White,Slaton and Devine was on hell of a backfield

I don’t recall WVU ever really being a powerhouse football program. In the last 10 years, before they bailed out on the thrashings we gave them the last 4 or 5 times we played them, they moved on to the Big East, which is arguably the worst conference in college football. Not the greatest of acedamic standards either. I guess you can’t get blood from a turnip when your trying to educate West Virginia high schoolers, some of which who can barely read.

As for you UVA person, I just taught my 5 year old son to capitalize the first letter of the first word of a sentence (It’s “I” not i and “That’s” not that’s) and I guess the grade inflation from your overrated school shows. This is also true in the workplace as UVA grads tend to fall apart when they leave Virginia, if they indeed have the balls to do so. I just fired a UVA law grad from the patent law firm I run and founded 5 years ago because he kept pissing off clients with his arrogance. He’s living at home with his mother and “diddy” in Richmond now and drawing unemployment. How fitting.

Everyone who is hating on VT needs to look up at the rankings this year, and check their resme’. The only valuable comment I’ve read so far was from the Texas fan, but Texas has their hands full too. Just watch out for VT this year is all I’m saying.

All of you need to shut the hell up and worry about what you are doing with your own life. Getting on the internet to talk smack about people you wouldnt dare say in their faces is straight cowardly. Im sure that if you open your mouth directly to them they would smack those words back into your mouth. So just keep your mouth shut about peoples personal business.