Wyoming Cowboys update Future Non-conference Football Schedules

By Kevin Kelley -
Wyoming Cowboys
Wyoming running back Brandon Miller (18) follows blockers against Weber State. (Troy Babbitt-US PRESSWIRE)

The Wyoming Cowboys have updated their future non-conference football schedules via their 2012 football prospectus.

One notable change is to the dates of their home-and-home series with the Oregon Ducks. Wyoming was initially slated to travel to Oregon on Sept. 20, 2014, but will now make the trip two weeks earlier on Sept. 6.

Oregon will make the return trip to War Memorial Stadium in Laramie on Sept. 16, 2017. That game has been pushed back two years as it was previously set for Sept. 12, 2015.

The 2014 game will be the first ever meeting between the Cowboys and Ducks. Wyoming is 55-106-2 against teams from the Pac-12.

Also in 2014, Wyoming hosts Utah State (Sept. 13) and Florida Atlantic (Sept. 27).

In 2013, the Cowboys will open at Nebraska on Aug. 31, followed by back-to-back home games against Idaho (Sept. 7) and Northern Colorado (Sept. 14). Wyoming will then travel to Texas State on Sept. 28.

The remainder of Wyoming’s non-conference schedule was previously announced, including a 2017-18 home-and-home series against Missouri. The complete schedule is listed below:

Note: Utah State joins the MWC in 2013, so the three games will likely become conference games. That will depend on the MWC scheduling format.


  • 08/31 – at Nebraska
  • 09/07 – Idaho
  • 09/14 – Northern Colorado
  • 09/28 – Texas State


  • 09/06 – at Oregon
  • 09/13 – Utah State
  • 09/27 – Florida Atlantic


  • 09/05 – North Dakota
  • 09/19 – at Utah State


  • 09/10 – Utah State
  • 09/17 – at Nebraska


  • 09/09 – at Missouri
  • 09/16 – Oregon


  • 09/08 – Missouri

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Note: Utah State joins the MWC in 2013, so the three games will likely become conference games. That will depend on the MWC scheduling format.

read before you type….the article states that very fact!

Has Wyoming really played that many games against current Pac-12 schools? Nearly 700? I find that hard to believe. They used to play AZ, AZ St. and Utah, but nearly 700 games?

Wyoming got a home and home with the ducks and Mizzou? They must have a good schedule negogiator there now. Texas and Nebraska got 2 for 1’s with the cowboys. Anyways some nice games for the cowboys.

We’ll see if those games are actually played. But I agree, they picked up some good home-and-homes. Looks like big teams don’t mind playing there for one reason or another.

Ole Miss lost when they traveled to Wyo but I bet Mizzou and Oregon look at it as a road win

Wyoming needs to stop playing fcs opponents and get schools like mid american big east acc sun belt sec pac 12 teams on there schedule what does it help with the fcs opponents it doesnt help there recruiting status and i am a big fan of wyoming and there going to a playoff system next year and there might not be a mountain west confrence next year because of issues there having and with teams like syracuse and pittsburgh going to the acc i think it would be a huge factor if they down graded us it would hurt a lot but some good home on home games and some good away games wth mizzouri going to sec and texas a&m if there going to realign the division 1 schools then they should bring up fcs opponents it doesnt make since becasue 1 in other sports there considered division 1 but not college football. Looks like there having trouble issues with western athletic confrence and mountain west and san diego heading to big east next year when there on the west side doesnt make much since and where is boise state headed to big 12 or big east questions like that need to be answered and realigned