Report: West Virginia may cancel 2012 game at Florida State

By Kevin Kelley -

West VirginiaThe West Virginia Mountaineers are in discussions to cancel their 2012 football game at Florida State, the Tallahassee Democrat has reported.

West Virginia is currently slated to face the Seminoles at Doak Campbell Stadium in Tallahassee on Sept. 8, 2012. FSU is scheduled to return the trip to Morgantown on Sept. 14, 2013.

Due to West Virginia’s move to the Big 12, the Mountaineers need to drop a non-conference game. The Big 12 plays a 9-game conference schedule which leaves their members three non-conference games per year.

If the FSU game is cancelled, the Mountaineers three non-conference games would be Marshall (Sept. 1), James Madison (Sept. 15; at FedEx Field) and Maryland (date TBA).

The Mountaineers are currently suing the Big East to leave the conference in 2012 rather than abide by the 27-month waiting period.

If the WU-FSU game or series is cancelled, WVU would owe Florida State $350,000 to $500,000 in buyout fees.

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Does FSU really want to face the same offfense that destroyed Clemson in front of a national audience. WVU is 3-0 in BCS bowl games. They have one three in the past 6 years with three different coaches. They have beat the ACC, Big 12, and SEC champs in each of those wins. What has FSU done lately? What has anybody outside the SEC done lately. People want better competition and then hate on a team when they go after it. You say WVU played in a weak conference and then mock them for going to one of the most competitive. Get a life people.

we beat yall 2 years ago in the gator bowl, and plus our defense ain’t like clemson’s we will not give up 70c points to no one bruh. we got dat rush defense!!!!

make no mistake- wvu is afraid of what playing and losing to fsu would do or they would keep the national ranking showdown and cancel one of their other 3 non conf gms… fact is- FSU has owned Wvu in previous meetings and wvu doesnt want the loss.

I agree somewhat with you we should keep the game, but I don’t agree that we would lose. I believe the players want to play this game but Oliver Luck is scared.

I understand why they would drop FSU if they get into big 12 next year but FSU is a joke at this point. Why not play them either way and beat that ass like would do anyway. I’m an sec guy and I would take wv any day of the week. FSU glory days are over, And btw any FSU fan thinks Auburn is scared to play you go fys. It was bobbys idea to buy out of the 98-99 games in the first place. Oh yea do some research, you think what paterno had going on was bad, just wait till what Bobby had going on blows up. FUFSU.

Weaglewwde, are you delusional ? The Noles went 9 and 4 with the youngest team in the ACC — West Virgina obvioulsly Fears the Spear

Go F… Yourself! FSU OWNES WV! Florida State had the number 1 recruiting class last year, and are well on their way of having another top recruiting class again this year. FSU is BACK! Just wait until next year. FSU will be a top 5 team next year. You can count on it!

@Eric #1 Recruiting class =/= fantastic season. FSU still ended up going 9-4 without even winning an ACC championship.

FSU is a joke? Are you serious? When was the last time West Virgina even played a competitive game against FSU. In 2009, they lost convincingly to the worst Seminole team of the last 30 years. In 2004 they lost to an FSU team that still hadn’t settled it’s QB controversy by the time the bowl game had come around. They also lost to FSU in the mid-80s, putting them at 0-3 for at least the last 3 decades (possibly all-time, I couldn’t find any other games between the two).

BTW, your “research” is incorrect. AFTER Tuberville weaseled his way out of the game, Bowden publicly admitted that the game wasn’t as big a deal as it would have been had Terry Bowden still been AU’s coach. But it was all on Auburn getting out of that game. As an “SEC guy”, you should know that, given all the hell Auburn caught from the rest of the conference for being scared to play an ACC team (and given recent poundings UVA and UNC had given them, and the subsequent ones they’d suffer at the hands of Georgia Tech, they were probably justified). You should also be aware, again as an “SEC guy” that the team that replaced AU on our schedule (Louisiana Tech) finished ranked well above Auburn and beat the hell out of the champions of your precious SEC that season.

Don’t try to make things up on a public forum. You only end up embarrassing yourself.

@Adam They also lost their starting QB, starting RB, 6 of their top 10 WRs, and 5 of their top 9 offensive linemen. So yes, facing more attrition than any other team in the country, they did lose 4 games by a combined 21 points.

While I agree with your basic point (recruiting rarely changes things immediately), I think it’s a bit shortsighted to think that FSU was just another 4 loss team last year.

ESAD Weagle! One “boy” gave you a fluke season and all the rest of your chest beating is just that “SEC SEC” coat-tail riding BS that you middle to bottom of the pack hicks can pull out of your arse to make yourselves “think” you’re relevant!

WVU should drop JMU and honor its game with FSU. JMU will always be there for a lay-up but FSU won’t be.

Fear the Spear? The team FSU beat in the lowly gator bowl was a totally differant squad than the animal thewy would face next year. I beg Luck to keep this game and route that spear straight up FSU’s behind. As bad as the ACC was this year, the spear didn’t even make the conference championship game. Go figure. The best the ACC had to offer had the mounties lifting off the pedal in the middle of the third quarter. FSU should pay WVU 1 million to keep from having to pull that spear out of their own arses.

Really hope WV joins us this year. Looking foward to seeing how they play against the big 12. Especially Texas, OU & OSU

I love listening to some of these WV fans…enjoy your win against Clemson but take it easy thinking you would crush us in Tallahassee. 3-0 in bowl games huh are Pat White and Steve Slaton suiting up since they accounted for 2 of those. Clint Trickett passed for 350 yds and dropped 30 in Death Valley on Clemson’s awful D and while we’re at it MD scored 45 on them and they won 2 games all year(depleted Miami and Towson) so don’t let one win over an awful D get you overly excited. Plus Clemson is known as the most Jekyll and Hyde team in the nation every year and they never show up for bowl games. I hope this matchup happens and we honor the road game in Morgantown. OOC games are what make CFB still exciting with all the conference realignment taking away rivalries.

And, no, I can’t give West Virgina as much grief as I gave Auburn. Auburn paid us to avoid playing us. Making the SEC the “Send ‘Em a Check” conference in 1999. But I’ll still give the Mounties SOME grief.

West va fans talk smack we beat your arse in a bowl game with same overrated qb you have which by the way majority of your players are from the continenet of FLORIDA because every school sucks without FLORIDA players! Secondly the s.e.c. has been getting owned by FSU we beat bama in 07 south carolina in bowl game and fu twice so sec get your facts straight! GO NOLES 2012 National Champions and screw all of you FSU haters!

“IF” FSU’s offensive line holds up, they will be an extremely hard team to beat next year. Their season will be based solely on their offensive line.

Hey, I personally hope that we do keep the game with FSU. I believe we could beat them in their house, although that’s not a given. I just think that if we want to become an elite program like some other schools, we need to play the big boys every chance we get! I say cancel any of the other games and bring on FSU!! Let’s go Mountaineers!

last minute stuff if you drop a game Drop James Madison. Duh. you can drop marshall that a rivarly game you cant drop Maryland that a rivarly game two. drop sorry JM game.

Some of my fellow FSU fans sure make me shake my head. I promise that most of us who actually attend the school don’t sound so ignorant. Good luck to WVU in their new schedge’. Looking forward to a seminole ACC championship game next year!