Washington State moves BYU football game to 2019

By Kevin Kelley -
BYU-Washington State
Washington State has moved BYU to 2019. Jake Roth-US PRESSWIRE

Washington State has moved their 2013 football game against BYU to the 2019 season, WSU Director of Athletics Bill Moos announced today. The new date is now Sept. 14, 2019.

“At our request BYU has agreed to move our 2013 game to the 2019 season,” Moos said. “This move will provide greater balance to our future schedules.”

Washington State and BYU finalized a 2012-13 home-and-home football series last December, and the first game was played in Provo back on Aug. 30. BYU crushed Washington State 30-6.

With BYU off the schedule in 2013, Washington State has added a home contest against Southern Utah for Sept. 14. The move completes WSU’s non-conference schedule, which features a season-opener at Auburn on Aug. 31 and a visit from Idaho on Sept. 21.

Reading between the lines of Moos statement, it’s obvious that Washington State made the move to lighten their non-conference schedule for next season. The Cougars are currently in their first season under head coach Mike Leach and are experiencing some growing pains (2-7 overall, 0-6 in the Pac-12).

Meanwhile, BYU replaced the postponed Washington State contest with Virginia. The Cougars announced yesterday that they will travel to Virginia on Aug. 31, 2013 and will host the Cavaliers on Sept. 20, 2014.

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The only drag about this for BYU is that the (BYU) Cougars, needing games in the real short-term in 2012, rescheduled Georgia Tech dates within 2012, inserting a no-buyout out-clause for GT in the rewrite.

So 2 GT games were put at risk to enable 2 WSU games, one of which is now postponed. And GT opted out for 2014 and 2017.

But the Virginia series was enabled.

They should ask Idaho and New Mexico State for scheduling agreement, and they have 8 Hawaii games to place.

The difference between BYU and New Mexico State, Idaho is that BYU is independent by choice. They are proving that they can put schedules together without having to approach the worst and most desperate football programs in the country. I will be surprised if BYU continues to play those schools moving forward.

BYU is to Idaho and NMSU in 2013 as Notre Dame was to BYU in 2011. You give the unwanted a lifeline and hope they can get strong and be on level ground down the road, while taking 2 for 1s in the interim.

@dbrunstheworld – You do realize that BYU does not play Idaho or NMSU in 2013, right? They don’t want to, or need to.

I’m not a BYU fan I’m a frog fan, but I’d really like to see BYU and the big 12 work something out. I think adding BYU would be great for the conference.