Do you want a College Football Playoff? Wetzel Has a Plan

By Kevin Kelley -

Dan Wetzel, an award-winning sportswriter for and, has a great article where he details his plan for a college football playoff. Wetzel’s plan is a 16-team playoff, with all of the Conference Champions receiving a bid. The remaining 5 spots would be assigned by a selection committee, sort of like the current basis of the NCAA College Basketball Tournament.

We definitely feel a college football playoff should be initiated in the Football Bowl Subdivision. If not 16 teams, at least give us a 4-team playoff. Check out the article and let us know what you think!

Comments (8)

I love the idea of a playoff. No less than 8 teams though. 4 teams just doesn’t get it done. I’m with Dan though, I like 16 teams.

I agree, 4 teams doesn’t get it done. But I would accept 4 if it was a build-up to an eventual 8 or 16 team playoff.

I agree with Wetzel that the NCAA has got to stop letting other people decide what happens with it’s games. TV, and ESPN especially, makes all the decisions about what happens in college football, and it is getting to be ridiculous. I don’t buy the whole arguement that playoffs take away the importance of the regular season. A team would still have to have a pretty darn good record to get to the playoffs. Besides, how can you really evaluate a team like USC, for example, who’s conference is so weak? Make them play 4 straight games against the top teams in the land. Then if they come out on top, no one with sense can say that they aren’t the best.

Wetzel and I seem to be on the same page here. I agree with Wetzel so much, that I am blogging the remainder of this season as well as future season as if there is a playoff. I’ll be announcing the bracket on Sunday. Check out the site and leave a comment or two on what you think. I’d like to get a lot of participation going into the recruiting season, spring practices and really hit the ground running next season.