Utah, Fresno State schedule 2014-15 Home-and-home Football Series

By Kevin Kelley -

Fresno State-UtahThe Utah Utes and the Fresno State Bulldogs have scheduled a home-and-home football series for 2014 and 2015.

Utah will host the first game of the series at Rice-Eccles Stadium in Salt Lake City on Sept. 6, 2014. The second and final game will be played at Bulldog Stadium in Fresno on Sept. 19, 2015.

Utah and Fresno State have met nine times since 1980, with the last matchup occurring in the 1999 Las Vegas Bowl. The Utes won that game 17-16 to take a 5-4 lead in the series.

The addition of Fresno State completes both the 2014 and 2015 non-conference schedules for Utah. In 2014, Utah hosts Idaho State (Aug. 28) and Fresno State (Sept. 6) and travels to Michigan (Sept. 20). In 2015, the Utes host Michigan (Sept. 3) and Utah State (Sept. 12) before traveling to Fresno State (Sept. 19).

Fresno State’s 2014 non-conference schedule also appears to be complete. The Bulldogs travel to USC (Aug. 30) and Utah (Sept. 6) and then host Nebraska (Sept. 13) and Idaho (date TBA). For the 2015 season, the only game besides Utah that is currently scheduled is at Ole Miss. That game was previously listed as Sept. 19, but Utah now occupies that date.

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So this is the games that Utah dropped their rivalry game with BYU for? What’s wrong with you Dr. Chris Hill.

I would rather play Skyline High School than BYU. Why does anyone want to play fascist BYU?
Every university should just ignore that “College” in Orovo.

Dr Hill did the right thing. You saw what happened to us this year, no bowl game. This trend will continue if we don’t dump teams like BYU, and Utah State. BYU is on ESPN every week, and the weeks they aren’t they are NBC or ABC.
Utah State is going to Win 10 games this year and already beat us. Hill did the right thing, we are the little brother in 2012 to USU and BYU. Dump those teams, schedule Fresno a MAC team and a 1AA. Get to 3-0 and hope we can go 3-6 in The PAC12 and get to the New Mexico or Sun Bowl to impress the recruits.
If Hill would have dumped USU and BYU this year the Utes could have gone 2-0 instead of 1-1 and that is the difference between in 2012 between bowling and not.

Fresno St. isn’t in the MAC but besides the point, its not really a pushover game either. But I do think Utah has too much talent for them.

I get the feeling he’s a BYU fan posing as a Utah fan. Need to make yourself feel better somehow after losing to you rival in the year they went 5-7 and you barely got bowl eligible.

I am a Utah Man Sir. Check my previous posts.
I have traveled to the Sugar and the Fiesta Bowls (Something your Cougars and Aggies) have never done.

But, we are not cut out for the PAC12 as currently constituted.
1) 2 seasons in the PAC 12, no winning seasons in the PAC12.
2) No victories over PAC 12 Teams with a winning record.

I would love for Utah to get to a BCS game, But I am a realist, this isn’t 2004, its 2012 and the only reason we go to Arizona these days is to get beat by 30 @ ASU.
We can get back to the BCS but we at least need to address items 1 & 2.

I just want to get to a bowl game. I never want to see the standings like this again.

USU 10-2
BYU 7-5
UTAH 5-7

Ridiculous, We were supposed to get to the Rose Bowl.

No disrespect intended, Fresno is a good team and would have beat us this year. I think we win at home in ’14 and lose against FSU on the road in ’15.
My ideal schedule is a 1AA Team, and a 1-11 AKRON and 1-11 UMASS.

We already have to watch BYU and USU play this bowl season While we stay at home and get no news coverage.

Maybe I am ticked because I see the team that worked us at home (Arizona) to knock us out of the bowl consideration getting beat by NEVADA by 21 in the first Quarter. Its ridiculous, let us go, we would have given our all against Nevada and we would have traveled better too!


Don’t get discouraged, The PAC 12 is tough. With that pool of talented players and coaches, I predict the Utes will play in the Rose Bowl twice in the next 4 years.
In fact, according to this website it looks like it will be in 2014 & 2016. As a UCLA season ticket holder, I am looking forward to it :)

Go Bruins!

Thanks Kevin. Did I see a mention of a 9/10 date for the 2016 BYU-Utah game in your tweet about this?

1. Fresno State is never a team to look past

2. Not playing your in-state rivals doesn’t always help recruiting. If BYU schedules USU and Boise every year, are the parents of a 4-star kid in Farmington going to be able to watch their kid more by going to BYU or Utah? You do loose leverage.

3. FCS schools are for chumps, and you should put yourselves above that.

4. Real teams ensure that there is at least one BCS school on their OOC schedule. Boise, BYU, Notre Dame and probably even Navy would be forgivable and count. But from what I remember, you’ve cancelled games with both Boise and BYU. Rescheduling would have been better for your program and just spreading them out

I don’t live in Utah, but think it is terrible that schools aren’t scheduling their traditional rivalry games. Utah has a winning tradition in football, but you are proving that it was only the case because your competition was absolutely inferior.

My comments were meant in general not just picking on you guys or blasting you schedule for any particular year.

“Utah has a winning tradition in football, but you are proving that it was only the case because your competition was absolutely inferior.”

Last time I checked my bumper sticker We are in the PAC 12 not BYU and Boise State.
We busted the BCS first and BEAT the Big East champ 35-7. We have had 2 top 5 finishes over the last 8 years.
Utah IS an Elite Program, inferior to no one.

The Big East champ was Pitt and they were 7-6 that year. Congrats I guess???
Must people (outside of the University of Utah Campus apparently) recognize Boise State as the TRUE BCS Busters for beating a legit, top 10 Oklahoma team.
Boise States motto is play anywhere anytime, Utah’s is “run away, everywhere from any opponent.”
Please check your last few games with us if there is any confusion.
If memory serves you have gotten shut out and scored 3 points in the other game. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

In 2008, we beat a 12-1 Alabama team that everyone was routing for. We were up 21-0 at the end of the first quarter. Utah can stand up to anyone, anytime.,

Hey Utah, you are in a major conference now. You are supposed to schedule teams like Fresno State in a single home game or a two-home-games-for-one-road-game. Be the big boy: look down at the little guys.

yeah, even when we beat BYU, we are so focused on that one game that we lose most of the rest. I’m tired of BYU dictating our year and our schedule. We need to have non conference games like Alabama plays. Montana State or Weber State….BYU is far far too good for us on a consistant basis…..so is Boise State…happy we cancelled them too. Utah State is getting too good lately. We’re lucky to win that one…last year lost it. Cancel USU too. Let’s just admit it, our only focus should be on PAC12 and a few gimmes. Then we could maybe get to .500 and save Whit his job…plus play a bowl game.