USC, Notre Dame Extend Football Series Through 2023

By Kevin Kelley -

The USC Trojans and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish have extended their yearly football series through the 2023 season, USC has announced.

In even-numbered years, USC will continue to host the Fighting Irish in Los Angeles on Thanksgiving weekend. In odd-numbered years, the two schools will meet in South Bend in mid-October.

“Not only are we pleased to be able to extend our storied series with Notre Dame, but we were able to keep the game on the traditional dates of Thanksgiving weekend in Los Angeles and mid-October in South Bend,” said USC athletic director Pat Haden.

USC and Notre Dame have met 83 times since 1926. The Fighting Irish lead the overall series 44-34-5 and beat the Trojans 22-13 last season.

Listed below are the dates for each USC-Notre Dame game through 2023. The games at Notre Dame are usually played the third Saturday in October, but not always.

  • 2013 – Oct. 19 (at Notre Dame)
  • 2014 – Nov. 29 (at USC)
  • 2015 – Oct. 17 (at Notre Dame)
  • 2016 – Nov. 26 (at USC)
  • 2017 – Mid-Oct. (at Notre Dame)
  • 2018 – Nov. 24 (at USC)
  • 2019 – Mid-Oct. (at Notre Dame)
  • 2020 – Nov. 28 (at USC)
  • 2021 – Mid-Oct. (at Notre Dame)
  • 2022 – Nov. 26 (at USC)
  • 2023 – Mid-Oct. (at Notre Dame)

USC Schedules Additional Future Games

USC also announced today that they have added two home games to their 2015 football schedule. The Trojans will host Arkansas State on Sept. 5, 2015 and Idaho on Sept. 12, 2015.

In addition, New Mexico will travel to Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum on Sept. 3, 2016. The game will be the first ever meeting between the two schools.

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Comments (9)

I expect that Stanford will also fill out the other half of ND’s schedule/ In years USC doesnt come to South Bend; Stanford will and in years when ND doesnt travel to Southern Cal, they will continue to spend Thanksgiving Saturday in Palo Alto.

Thank you for continuing the number one college football rivalry. The season would not be complete without this legendary matchup.

On behalf of all the fans of Ohio State or Michigan; all the fans of Auburn or Alabama; all the fans of Florida and Florida State; all the fans of Oklahoma and OkState; and all the fans of Stanford and Cal all I can say is “yeah, right”.

The fact is that ND isnt even the biggest rival on the USC schedule. UCLA is, So let’s not get carried away with the hyperbole.

It is clear, Bill, you’re not an SC fan…for the number ONE game of the year is ALWAYS Notre Dame, much to the chagrin of Bruin fans…. with UCLA in at number ONE.2….but that is not to take away from any other of the great rivalries for they too help make college football what it can be…. nor from UCLA…. The Regional Rivalry is what gives SC-Irish it’s extra boast…

In my world usc vs ND is the number one rivalry in college football. Hate SC with a passion

I agree one of the biggest rivalries in all of college football. More so than UCLA even. The 2005 ND SC game? You don’t see that kind of intensity outside of rivalries like this. Go Trojans.

Obviously Bill is a newcomer to the Trojan family. Notre Dame is, and always will be, our number 1 rivalry. UCLA is but a mere second….

Who would even consider NOT having this annual legendary game? The USC vs. ND game is what the entire football season is all about.

Whoever is in temporary control of scheduling needs to wake up and make sure this historic series continues through, say, 2056, and renew, again, in 2057 for another century! This series is the equivalent of the Oxford vs. Cambridge series dating centuries. However, on this side of the pond we have “educator” who are simply too stupid to know they’re stupid. This is a must have series.