Trev Alberts’ Top Ten – Week Two

By Kevin Kelley -

Trev Alberts, a college football analyst for Sprint Exclusive Entertainment, lists his college football Top 10 each week. After week one, Alberts lists the Georgia Bulldogs first for the second consecutive week. Listed below is his complete list and his comments on each team:

  1. Georgia – “Lose another defender in Owens, but still get enough done.”
  2. USC – “A dominating performance.”
  3. LSU – “It doesn’t seem to matter who’s at quarterback, does it? They still play great defense.”
  4. Florida – “Tebow didn’t have big passing numbers, but the running game was established.”
  5. Oklahoma – “Took care of business in week 1…..ran the ball, threw the ball extremely well.”
  6. Ohio State – “Bottom line, they got a nice win.”
  7. Auburn – “Another workman-like performance…..great defense….ran the ball pretty well.”
  8. Alabama – “That was a dominating performance here in Atlanta over the ACC favorite Clemson Tigers.”
  9. Missouri – “Another classic vs. Illinois……defense scares me a little bit.”
  10. West Virginia – “Villanova had way too many yards….I don’t know how long West Virginia will stay at number 10.”