Top 10 Toughest 2013 College Football Schedules

By Kevin Kelley -

The job of a new head coach rebuilding a program is never easy. Having among the toughest schedules in the nation in your first year makes it even harder.

Four schools with first-year coaches top’s preseason strength of schedule rankings and another is at No. 8.

Among the criteria used to determine the rankings: Opponents’ won-lost record from the previous year, games against likely preseason Top 25 teams and location of the toughest games.


First-year coach Mark Stoops faces a tough task in rebuilding the Wildcats, and his initial season comes with a brutal schedule. Kentucky opens against Western Kentucky in Nashville in Bobby Petrino’s debut and two weeks later hosts bitter rival Louisville, last year’s Big East champion. The Southeastern Conference slate is even tougher with likely preseason Top 10 teams Alabama and Florida at home and Georgia and South Carolina on the road.


The Razorbacks and new head coach Bret Bielema open at home vs. Louisiana-Lafayette, winner of two consecutive bowl games, and later travel to Rutgers. The real test lies in what could be the toughest four-game stretch of the season vs. Texas A&M, at Florida, vs. South Carolina and at Alabama. The Hogs also travel to Ole Miss and close the regular season at LSU.


Purdue has one of the tougher non-conference schedules in 2013, beginning with the season opener at Cincinnati in Darrell Hazell’s debut for the Boilermakers. Two weeks later, Notre Dame visits, followed by a Northern Illinois team coming off a Bowl Championship Series bowl appearance, in late September. The Big Ten schedule is tough. The Boilermakers get Nebraska and Ohio State at home, but play at Michigan State, Penn State and Wisconsin.


Cal and new head coach Sonny Dykes open the season with three consecutive non-conference games. Two are against Big Ten teams – possible preseason Top 25 Northwestern and likely Top 5 Ohio State. The Pac-12 schedule begins with a trip to another possible Top 5 team in Oregon. The Golden Bears get Arizona, Oregon State and USC in Berkeley, but they have five conference games on the road, including at UCLA and Stanford.


For the first time in 10 years, the Gators travel to face the Miami Hurricanes. Arkansas and Vanderbilt visit The Swamp, but Florida’s toughest SEC games are on the road – at LSU, Georgia (at Jacksonville) and at South Carolina. A visit from Florida State looms in the season finale.


A visit from Tulsa and a trip to Notre Dame, the Sooners’ first since 1999, highlight OU’s non-conference schedule. The conference schedule is tough with Baylor, Kansas State, Oklahoma State and Texas (at the Cotton Bowl) on the road. TCU, Texas Tech and West Virginia highlight the home schedule.

7. LSU

LSU opens the season with a non-conference game against TCU at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas. In late September, the Tigers begin a tough five-game SEC stretch vs. Auburn, at Georgia, at Mississippi State, vs. Florida and at Ole Miss. The Tigers travel to face Alabama and close the season with back-to-back home games against Texas A&M and Arkansas. LSU does benefit by having an off week before the Alabama and Texas A&M games.


New head coach Butch Jones faces a tough three-game stretch early with Western Kentucky at home and likely preseason Top 10 teams Oregon and Florida back-to-back on the road. Another three-game gauntlet follows in early October vs. Georgia, vs. South Carolina (after an off week) and at Alabama. The Vols also host in-state rival Vanderbilt, which trounced them last season.


Missouri had a tough schedule in its first season in the SEC, and 2013 offers more of the same. Three of the Tigers’ toughest games are at home – Florida, South Carolina and Texas A&M – while Georgia, Ole Miss and Vanderbilt are on the road. A visit from Arkansas State in late September could be tricky.


A good Louisiana Tech team provides the biggest challenge on Kansas’ non-conference schedule. The Big 12 schedule is tough with Baylor, Kansas State, Oklahoma and West Virginia at home and Oklahoma State, TCU and Texas on the road.

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Arizona State has a tough schedule too that probably is the top 5 after the above top ten. Wisconsin and Notre Dame out of conference and Stanford, USC, UCLA, Washington, (state rival) Arizona and Oregon State. The 3 not so tough conference games are Colorado, Washington State (away) and Utah (away).

Exactly. ASU has a tougher schedule than Kansas, Missouri, and Tennessee. I’d say it’s a toss-up between LSU and ASU.

Phil R, you really think that schedule is tougher than Tennessee’s??
There are only two schools who play 5 (FIVE!!) teams in the USA Today Top-10. And Tennessee is one of them. That’s right, Tennessee has to play exactly HALF of the top-10. What does Arizona State play? 2 of them?
ASU’s schedule *might* be hard, but tougher than Tennessee, not even close.

Phil R, Tennessee’s FIFTH hardest game is @ #10 Florida in the swamp. ASU’s SECOND hardest game is neutral site #11 Notre Dame. Do a little research before you claim to have a schedule harder than Tennessee’s, or even a top 10 worthy schedule. Tennessee’s 5th hardest game is harder than ASU’s 2nd hardest game. ASU’s 3rd toughest opponent is not even in the top 20.

If the Sec would think about the fact that they only have to move to teams to avoid the cross division issue, move Tennessee to the West so that Alabama has them in their division and move Auburn to the East and now Georgia has them in the East this way Alabama and Georgia can now play other cross division schools 2 a year and not have the permanent cross over games as the other schools it does not matter and now leaves the scheduling to face schools more often Georgia has not face Bama since 2008 and 2007 since in Tuscaloosa thats too long. Bama has not faced South Carolina in recent years however they did play Fla in 2011 the scheduling in that conference is not being done in fairness to all the schools if they did a round robin then I doubt Bama LSU or A&M Georgia FLorida or South Carolina would go undefeated in conference play. Glad to see them all ranked in top 10 this year shows how strong conference is year in and year out. Yes Tennessee has a very tough schedule and to go into the Swamp is very difficult to play and so is going to Bama PLus they have SC & Georgia at home this year

Dave, so then Alabama would not play Auburn in the Iron Bowl every year, just twice every 14 years? Tennessee would not play Florida every year, who is a bigger rival than Alabama. Doesn’t make sense.

The athletic directors coaches and presidents want to do away with the permanent rival games by moving these schools or something similiar would ease this problem the only athletic directors that are in favor of cross division are Tennessees and Georgia’s which when voted on they will not will in the ballot voting. LSU is especially against this and has been very outspoken on this matter however with the BIG 10 getting ready to make more additions soon which has been reported on ESPN talk radio and on BLeacher Report Predictions for 2013 for 2 more schools to go to 16 the SEC has no choice but to add two more and balance the entire schedule the presidents and directors have already stated that 14 is a very difficult number to schedule teams, I look for the 4 big conferences to pull away from the current FS form their own
NCAA and play against only each other in non conference games, this would create a 4 team of 4 divisions similar to the NFL and make scheduling easier they already have a model worked out for this as was reported in last media days for both conferences, I feel sorry for Louisville, Syracuse and Pitt as the ACC is going to picked apart and lose their marquee schools to these big conferences, and left with mostly nothing FL State is already looking to jump as is Clemson its been reported that VA & Ga Tech are going to the BIG 10 and that SEC is looking at 2 schools from SEC Va Tech & either NC State or NC/Duke SLive wants to have a better basketball conference and addition of NC market makes his new SEC TV market much better
ITS ALL ABOUT $$ NOW and the Big 10 and SEC rule NCAA football for the most part.
Yes Alabama/Auburn Tennessee/Florida would be hurt but look what happened to Kansas/Missour Texas/Texas A&M WVA/Pitt The SEC has a new plan that will make everyone happy that is why they are doing bridge schedules for 14 and 15 look for 2 more teams to start 16 season, Making the scheduling easier I have been in touch with Athletic Director of Sec school and he told me that they are seriously looking at 2 teams now for futher expansion to league.

The SEC doesn’t /HAVE/ to do anything. They’re the SEC.
They may /choose/ to do something, but they don’t have to do anything. Hell, they could kick two schools out and go back to 12 if they wanted to, and they’d be just fine. They’re the SEC.

true the SEC does not have to do anything however knowing Mike Slive hes not going to allow The BIG 10 to invade the south and become the biggest conference and the SEC sit back and not do anything as they will keep up and add more teams as well, The Big 10 and SEC’s own network & deals they are contracted will change the forever the college landscape and those two conferences will distance themselves from the other conferences. I look for them to them both to add teams and increase their conference games per season from 8 to 9 or 10 as the Big 10 has already indicated it is going to 10 eventually. The Big 10 is already getting ready to announce 2 more but waiting for current season to end and then surprise everyone with announcement which the SEC is fully already aware and is prepared to follow suit as well.
The carousel keeps turning and changing.

Georgia has at least the 3 top hardest schedule some top teams have it easy like Clemson and Alabama

Are you kidding me.. ASU barely won on technicality over Wisconsin got Jack stop by Stanford lost to Notre Dame …..Washington Washington State Oregon State Colorado Utah Arizona are no competition. UCLA and USC i are not that good. Come on man I Live in Arizona and I like ASU but let’s get real

Personally I think ASU has a very tough schedule but Colorado has one of the hardest. I mean they have 4 easy games to open the season but then the have Oregon asu and Arizona in a row the Oregon state in Oregon followed by more games they can’t win

Where is Boise state with their 0-12 Southern Miss, UT-Martin and juggernauts Wyoming and New Mexico? A schedule really worthy of consideration!

Boise vs Bugeaters failed because Nebraska insisted Boise play in Lincoln twice, with only one game in Boise. So Boise jacked up their price – not unreasonable. NU didn’t want to play BSU. Their offer is like that typically made to a “Directional” team, not one equal to or better than them.

Wow, second post on two different threads about Boise St. Now, I agree that they are overrated and would not stand up to a stiff ACC schedule, let alone SEC, but your hatred is over the top and mostly just sour grapes coming from an Idaho fan. How is your non-conference schedule? Florida St, good, Ole Miss, not bad, Washington St, okay, Northern Illinois, Fresno St, Temple, could be worse, Arkansas St, North Texas, Texas St, Old Dominion, Wyoming, New Mexico St in the Unwanted Bowl, those will pack the fans in. The only difference between your schedules is that they will win most of their games, as opposed to Idaho. I’m sure you guys are just going to tear up the Sunbelt next year, though…

6 of the 10 are from The SEC. I guess that says a lot. Play a tough game or two non conference and a killer conference schedule.
Geaux Tigers

There is a reason Kentucky is usually at the top of these lists.
They are the only SEC team that never gets the luxury of playing Kentucky.

alabama has the easiest schedule this year way to go sec champ…win again then 2013

That’s a valid point Clay. Not too many teams can claim 3 top-10 teams (Bama, A&M, and South Carolina) plus two more in the top-15 LSU and OK State. I would have thought a resume like that was worthy of top-10 toughest schedule. I think the author put too much emphasis on the combined W/L record of the opponents in stead of weighting top-10 opponents on the schedule. Perhaps Miss State’s other 7 opponents had terrible enough records to bring down their combined W/L record?

you are right tough schedule why some of the sec schools have patsy schedules year in year out and the rest tough is not clear, but that all is about to change with 9 game schedule in conference in 2016 and just heard that the BIG 10 is bringing on 2 more teams before end of 2013 Georgia Tech and VA, which means SEC will not be far behind with either NC State, VA TEch or NC & Duke which would help their basketball sports but MS does have it tough too.
They had Jim Delaney on ESPN talk radio and they asked him about expansion and he would not say no to it and then they threw out those 2 schools and he said no comment at this time announcement will be coming in several months on this issue WHICH MEANS MORE TEAMS TO BIG 10 AND SEC WILL FOLLOW SUIT SO ACC IS GOING TO BE ROBBING AAC CONF AND BIG 12 OR FLA STATE AND CLEMSON WOULD BOLT FOR BIG 12 TO MAKE THAT 12 TEAMS AND THE ACC GOES DOWN TO A LOWER CONF. STAY TUNED ITS NOT OVER

I hope so, the Big 4 need to cherry pick the best out of the ACC, and then the NEW NCAA subdivision will start.

Has anyone seen the preseason polls, Tennessee plays 5 of the top 10. Eighth place, I think much higher!

Anthony, I agree 100%. We already know this article came out before the poll was released, but additionally it’s clear the author used almost exclusively what /LAST/ years Wins/Losses record was of the opponents vs what they’re ranked /THIS/ year. I would make a case that not only should Tennessee’s schedule be ranked tougher than 8th, but that it is actually the #1 hardest with Kentucky being right behind at 2nd hardest.
They both play 5 of the preseason top-10, but it’s not the exact same 5 teams.
4 are the same, so those 4 are a wash. (Both play Alabama, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida). The difference is Kentucky get’s to HOST Louisville at home, while Tennessee has to get on a plane and fly all the way to the Pacific Northwest.
I hope we could all agree that @#3 Oregon trumps hosting #9 Louisville.
Otherwise they’re schedules are largely identical. Heck, they even both play Western Kentucky out of conference. Plus Missouri, Vanderbilt

Correct, but you also have to look at the totality of the schedule.

Also this article was actually written a few months ago for the USA TODAY Sports magazine and only recently posted on the site.

Hi Kevin,
Not trying to be critical of the article, it’s clear you did a lot of work for it. I can’t say I would have done any better had I done 3 weeks of homework/study on it before writing it in the spring or early summer. But now, as we sit here in early August, we have access to more information, more opinions and more view points from people in the know (using the USA Today coaches poll for example, but not *just* that). Given this new information, I think it’s clear, even looking at the totallity of the schedule, it should be #1 Tennessee, #2 Kentucky.
Everybody has some cupcakes on the schedule, but how tough is the meat & potatoes of your schedule. That’s what should be weighted the most when looking at the difficulty of a schedule. Because what’s really the difference between one teams Western Carolina opponent and another teams New Mexico State opponent? Not much, but when Tennessee and Kentucky’s 5TH HARDEST opponent is miles harder than most other teams 3RD hardest opponent, that ought to speak volumes.
#3 hardest probably Arkansas
#4 hardest probably Purdue

these “rankings” are inane. every SEC team on that list is playing 3/4ths of its schedule against other SEC teams, and last year these SEC teams played 1/4 of their schedule against the absolute dregs of college football — often against division II schools.

not his year they were told to beef up schedules for next years playoff and most of the teams cancelled games with weaker opponents and added better Div 1 schools were told to by commissioner of SEC

This is to both “m christopher” AND “Dave”

First for m christopher: Tell me which conference has teams that DON’T play 3/4ths of its schedule against other conference opponents? And you’re exaggerating just a bit, no team in the SEC plays a Div-II school, but granted, nearly every single one of them does play one school from Div-1aa, and that’s a shame.

Second for Dave: I could be wrong, but I believe you are referring to the B1G Conference, they are the ones that have outlawed Div-1aa opponents by the 2015 schedule. The SEC has made no such stance, only to also “try and add 1 tougher opponent to their schedule”. So for instance Florida will keep FSU on their schedule, but will still also likely keep a Furman or The Citadel type school on their schedule too. Alabama will likely keep playing their season opening game against the likes of a Clemson, V-Tech, Michigan, Wisconsin etc…. but also keep a Northwestern Polytechnical Dental School on the schedule as well.
It’s a shame. I really don’t care if the SEC stays at 8 games or 9, but if they stay at 8, I really hope they get the Div-1aa opponents off the schedules.

the SEC has already got a 9 and 10 game conference schedule in place right now looks like 9 for now they have to do this as all the other conferences went to 9 yes the BIG 10 did enforce that rule and now the SEC is going to follow suit this most likely will be the last year the SEC plays weaker schools or patsys to buff up the win column as it will do nothing for the schedule when we go to playoff system. The BIG 12 has been advised by NCAA that in order for those schools to be considered for playoffs they must go to 12 teams and have conference playoff THE BIG 12 HAD ASKED THE NCAA FOR A PROVISION TO ALLOW THEM TO HAVE A CHAMPIONSHIP GAME WITH 10 TEAMS THE NCAA SAID NO AND TOLD THEM RECENTLY AS OF JUNE 2013 THEY MUST MOVE TO 12 NOW THE QUESTION REMAINS WHO ARE THEY ADDING LOOKOUT ACC ROBBERY TIME AGAIN MY GUESS IS CLEMSON FLA STATE OR GO WEST AND ADD AIRFORCE AND ANOTHER WEST TEAM BUT THEY NEED TO GET TEAMS THAT ARE CLOSER TO WVA AND THAT IS WHERE THEY WILL GO SO THAT DIVISION IS MORE EASTERN OR MIDEAST.

OK, Dave, now you’re just making stuff up. The NCAA did not, and could not tell the Big XII that to be considered for a playoff they had to go to a 12 team conference membership. The playoff isn’t even being handled by the NCAA, nor do the real people who are putting on the playoff care how many teams are in a conference. You did get one part right though, the Big XII did ask for a Big XII title game with just 10 teams in the conference and were turned down by the NCAA.
Other than that, your most recent post is full of fiction.
I said it earlier, and I’ll say it again, the SEC doesn’t have to do anything it doesn’t want to do. IF they wanted to drop to a 7 game conference schedule, they could, and there’s nothing anybody could do to stop them (not that they would do this, but they can). The SEC may or may not go to a 9 game slate, but if they do, it will be because they think it’s what’s best for the conference and their member institutions, certainly not because of anything the B1G or Pac-12 or anybody else is doing. Furthermore, as much as I wish one of your statements was actually true (the one about this being the last year with patsy’s on the schedule). *ALL* indications coming out of the SEC media days were that *IF* they went to a 9 game schedule there would be even *MORE* creampuffs on the schedules, not less. To make room for the 9th conference game, something close to 13 out of 14 Athletic Directors said they’d have to quit scheduling teams like Penn State, Texas, Florida State, Clemson etc…and more teams like William & Mary and Pepperdine and Pacific.
Personally, I’d rather see them stick to an 8 game conference schedule and beef up the out of conference schedule while eliminating the Div-1aa opponents vs going to a 9 game conference schedule that meant dropping the FSU/Clemson/Georgia Tech games and still included teams like Wofford, The Citadel, and Opelika High School.

The conferences decide on championship games for their respective conference however it all goes through the NCAA for final approval as one of my school alumni is now athletic director at SEC school now. He informed me that for any conference to make the playoffs and he was inferring the bigger conferences that a playoff championship game in a conference carries more notice than ones without it gives them that 13th game and extra push and also allows the winner of that championship to be considered over others without one as the SEC has demonstrated in past years of course the winner has to have an excellent overall record but most of time they do. The BIG 12 is hurting themselves without it and with the TV revenue now at play with the BIG 10 network and the SEC network ( i am not counting the longhorn network as its tied to Texas) the TV networks will play heavily in that and the NCAA would like the major conferences to have that extra game as its more revenue for all concerned I should have said they wanted the larger conferences to do that not order them too my mistake there, but BIG 12 was denied that in part as the BIG 10 and SEC told NCAA that if they have to have 12 so does any other conference to have that extra game and hold championship game Heck even the new AAC is going to have one in 2015 I cannot see the BIG 12 not holding one it will hurt them in long run and some of those schools then would look elsewhere for membership as they are still not too happy with Texas and the network they established. Their is still bad blood there. It could cost that conference teams in long run will have to see how that plays out I honestly think that the SEC and Big 10 and Pac 12 will be the top 3 eventually the ACC will be robbed by both Big 10 and SEC and Big 12 by Pac 12 and your Kansas States, Iowa State, Baylor, will be left in dust as bigger schools in that conference may go to some other conference it almost happened last year or year before. It very well may occur again.
I think the BIG 10 controls the carousel and the all word leaking out from them and ESPN radio and Bleacher reports few weeks back that end of 2013 they make another announcement to add at least 2 maybe 4 teams that will start the mess again all over. Delaney has not denied that report he avoids it for now.

Sorry yes they need to change the SEC schedules to get rid of creampuffs and go to more balanced and competitive teams to make it look good for all the teams not just one or two there

florida is going have alsome year go to the top and bet
alabama and the champs

UK’s schedule over Tennessee is an obvious falsehood. Oregon (away) > Louisville (home) and travelling to Bama and Florida > UGA and SC.

agreed Ky’s schedule is tough but they have bama and fla at home this year and GA and SC away plus tennessee and vanderbilt so no easy task in conference plus ooc with oregon and louisville this year very tough schedule

has any one noticed/Alabama is not even mentioned in the conversation/playing a tough schedule/why do they even deserve to play for a national championship/by sept 14th john football ay be inegtble?? bisaacs

not seen one as of yet and to comment on Alabama if they win out and go undefeated they def will go to championship no questions there as they were champs last year and year before even if one loss they may go, THE SEC HAS ALOT OF PULL TRUST ME ON THIS, yes johnny football may be ineligible then or will play and then have to forfeit all games in was in that woudl sting bigtime but I blame A&M for that as they knew all along he was doing something and swept this mess under carpet

Dave why would you move Tennessee to West & Auburn to East? That’s ridiculous! Auburn is a timezone behind Knoxville so Auburn is by far better west squad. There are some teams that could be moved. Hell Vandy is farther West than Tenn. I the round robin part wouldn’t be bad except with a 12 team conference can’t do that unless your not planning on any non conference games. No matter how you split it someone’s going to say its not fair. Bama hasn’t played S.C in a few years. Didnt they play 2011 at South Carolina when Superior was playing and benching that Garcia kid every other game just before he finally kicked him off the team? Regardless someone’s always going to complain cant make everyone happy! Hell SEC is by far best conference in Nation. 5 out of 12 teams have won BCS National Champ. Since 1998 & some teams have multiple National titles. Plus it takes putting 2 different SEC teams in title game before the SEC ever lost. So I still say SEC undefeated in BCS Championship.

The Tennessee move was one that was discussed at the last meetings they had and Auburn to the east which would eliminate two crossover permanent rival games as they Tennessee would be with Alabama and Auburn with Georgia the only problem is the Iron Bowl Ala & Auburn then would have to be crossover, I agree on the distance but look at Missouri in the east not geograhpically correct either, they are working on some other ideas and I look for things to balance out somewhat in 15 and beyond. Yes SC hosted Bama in 11 but GA has not played Bama since 08 and has not been to Bama since 07 so where is the logic there that now makes with release of 14 schedule 6+ years now and heard that in 15 they have one of the Miss schools again so something not right on that end at all. That is not fair to Fla SC Kentucky Vanderbilt as Missouri played them in 12 and Vandy had them in 10 Fla had them in 11 as well but hosted them. Kentucky has them this year in Lexington. But where is GA here 08 is too long a time to not play them. The AD’s need to wake up here as GA getting an easy West break since then. They did play them in Championship game last year 12 but not on regular season schedule they would have had them this year at Bama had the SEC not gone to 14 teams.

ASU may not have a tougher schedule than Tenneessee, but close. Ghost needs to look at the rankings and get this…. Starting just the 2nd game ASU plays Notre Dame (neutral site is like away game), Wisconsin, Stanford, & USC —-back to back to back to back !!!!! with three games away. ALL FOUR TEAMS ARE TOP 20 !!! Then UCLA, Arizona, Washington and so on. West Cost Schools get no respect from the media because east cost goes to bed early.

I’ll give you Stanford. That’s a very legit team. Very legit. After Stanford though, it’s a series of ‘just’ good teams, not great. UCLA and Washington have both shown they are better than their preseason rankings would have suggested, but that balances out Notre Dame and USC not being any where close to as good as their preseason placings. So that’s a wash.
Let’s lay these two teams out, side-by-side
Team Tennessee vs Arizona State
1st hardest #1 Alabama #5 Stanford
2nd hardest #2 Oregon #11 UCLA
3rd hardest #7 Georgia #16 Washington
4th hardest #14 S.Carolina ur Notre Dame
5th hardest #17 Florida ur Wisconsin
6th hardest #25 Missouri ur Arizona
7th hardest ur Auburn ur Utah
8th hardest

I was going to go further than top-7, but at some point it really doesn’t matter how tough your 8th, 9th, 10th toughest opponents are, bad is bad is bad. This was taken from the AP Poll as of 10/10/13. Consider yourself lucky I used the AP and not the coaches poll. The coaches poll consistently ranks SEC teams lower and Pac-12 schools higher (UCLA 13 vs 11, South Carolina 12 vs 14, Washington 19 vs 16) I’m not saying one poll is more right or wrong than the other, I’m just saying I didn’t cherry pick the poll that benefited my view point. I picked the poll that helped your case more than mine.

If the SEC could play all out of conference games with schedules similar to USC, VT, Ohio State etc. You could have a possible 4-7 undefeated SEC teams year end and year out.

Name 1 NCAA a team outside of the SEC that can lose most of its defense and 11 underclassman to the NFL draft from 2012 and still be ranked #10 six weeks into the season?

Cajun Bob
The SEC has the toughest schedule. If you wanna
stop all these undefeated teams popping
up, just schedule them at least 3 SEC teams
then you would stop all that. Only bad thing
is you would have a lot of SEC teams
undefeated. Lol

This was done BEFORE THE SEASON STARTED. USELESS !!! Miss State ended regular season with the toughest.<PERIOD!