Texas AD: ‘We get to decide when we play (Texas A&M) again’

By Kevin Kelley -

Texas and Texas A&M didn’t play in football last season for the first time since 1915. But Texas athletics director DeLoss Dodds thinks they will face the Aggies eventually.

“I think we’ll play sometime,” Dodds said. “I don’t know when it will happen or how it will happen, but I’m sure it will happen.”

The Longhorns and Aggies have met 118 times, with Texas leading the overall series 76-37-5. In their last meeting on Nov. 24, 2011, Texas defeated Texas A&M 27-25.

Although Dodds says the two schools will eventually play again, it may not be any time soon.

“They left,” Dodds said. “They’re the ones that decided not to play us. We get to decide when we play again. I think that’s fair. If you did a survey of our fans about playing A&M, they don’t want to. It’s overwhelming. I know. I hear it. Our fans are important to us. I think there’s got to be a period where things get different. I think there’s too many hard feelings.”

Currently, Texas has a full non-conference schedule through the 2017 season. In 2018, the Horns have two non-conference games scheduled, at Maryland on Sept. 1 and home vs. USC on Sept. 15. So it still doesn’t seem likely that they will play in the near future, although existing football contracts could always be broken.

Texas A&M, on the other hand, has two openings in 2014 and several slots from 2015 into the future.

Back in January, Ryan Guillen, a Texas A&M alumnus and Democratic representative from House District 31 in Texas, introduced House Bill 778 which would require an annual football game between Texas and Texas A&M. The bill was referred to the House Committee on Higher Education on Feb. 18.

“I think the people of Texas want a game, and we’re trying to get them one,” Guillen said. We want to see Texas and Texas A&M play, too.

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Texas has a point because A&M did leave the conference.

at the same time, Texas always wants to make the rules, and run the show. not surprised. they will play again eventually…

Leaving the conference doesn’t mean anything at all. Texas could play the game but they won’t play. Here are some big time football games that are played every year despite the two teams being in different conferences.
(1) Florida(SEC) & FSU(ACC) – (2) Georgia(SEC) & Georgia Tech(ACC) –
and (3) Kentucky(SEC) & Louisville(BigEast). Ask yourself why Texas doesn’t want to play as these examples do above every year – I think that it is little bit of sour BBQ chicken?

you can add South Carolina(SEC) & Clemson(ACC) to the list being played every single year.

So why is UT-Austin running away and boo-hoo crying and not clearing some space to play the game? Cause you are sour little brats! I can see that and I don’t live in Texas and I don’t favor aTm. It is just obvious!

I see some bitter ags on here all b-hurt because they left the Big 12 losers and usually lost to Texas when they played head to head. That series record is 76-37-5, which means Texas won that game twice as many times as they lost. If I was an aggie fan, I would probably be b-hurt and jealous too and would long to play the Horns again. Then again, the ags were always jealous of UT and it shows. Well, its up to UT if they want to make room in their schedule to play a team that they usually beat. Frankly, I dont think the Horns see much of an upside to that game as Texas has already proved time and time again that they are a much better team and have a much better program. The ags just want the game because they didnt win in that series much, and so they feel like they have something to prove…Texas doesnt care much because they already proved they are better time and time again. Sorry ags, but you lost the honor and privilege of playing Texas when you left the Big 12, and you knew that was a consequence. You have nobody to blame for not being able to play Texas but yourselves.

All the horn fans are forgetting that tu for the 2 previous seasons was trying to go to the pac 12. This is the same team that wasn’t satisfied in the Southwest conference. Tryed to wreck the big 12. A&M was the team that put their foot down to save the big 12.

True dat….

I guess you didn’t realize that
A&M was 2-3 against Texas in the last 5 meeting (won in 2006)
8-12 over the last 20 meetings
12-13 over the last 25 meetings
and 15-15 over the last 30 meetings….

Unless you are referring to A&M’s bad streak in the early 2000’s, do the games from the 60’s, 50’s, and 40’s really translate to anything in modern time relevance? Hell even the games before the last 5 or 10 don’t really mean much because who bases anything on wins from leather helmet days when deciding if a series is worth anything anymore?

Question….. When’s the last time you got butthurt over something that happened in the 10’s-60’s? Now, count how many times you’ve been butthurt in the past decade… Point made. Check and Mate. True dat.

And beating/playing Alabama > Beating/playing Texas…… Which one of those would (did) have the biggest impact on A&M football. I’ll let you think about that one while you act like A&M is “butthurt” for leaving the Big12 and not playing Texas.

UT doesn’t want to play the Aggies b/c UT knows they would lose. The Aggies have offered multiple dates to play but UT has refused (yes, I know, UT is “booked”; you can easily buy yourself out of those bookings and they would easily make more money playing against the Aggies even in certain defeat).
I don’t blame UT: I would want to play the Aggies either since the Aggies are obviously better, and still rising, while UT is definitely falling, and still falling. It wouldn’t be a very good game for UT.

Nothing but great things came from A&M leaving. Longhorns denied the same offer because they thought they were strong enough on there own and now they are suffering from it. Of course they don’t want to play A&M. It would be embarrassing.

Texas A&M left the Big 12 conference and decided not to play the annual game against Texas Longhorns. It was their choice, I am sure if A&M wanted to make room on their slate for UT they would have, but I am sure that playing in the SEC conference has numerous teams at a different level, that A&M might want a game that is not as draining as the UT -vs- A&M. I saw one of those games back in the later 1970’s and early 1980’s and all I can say is “Wow” what a freaking game. Real passionate fans on both sides.

“draining?” Really? Did you really use that word and understand that we can read that? Have you seen any SEC games lately? I don’t think that they need to worry about UT-Austin anymore?

Atlanta Mafia,

I have seen numerous SEC games when I lived in Florida. Those fans are just a passionate about their teams as Texas fans are. You and I both know that rivalry games are very even when one team is having a down year, they always “Show Up” for the game ending for both teams no matter what their records are. I agree UT has been down over the past few years from their National Championship back in 2005 versus USC. Vince Young really showed up for that game and beat a better on paper USC team with an excellent coach in Keith Carroll. The games actually took place in January 2006 and UT won 41 – 38. WOW!!! Anyways, I guess with all the changing in the conferences, it was only a matter of time that old rivalry games ended and new ones start. I am not putting the Big 12 conference down, they are a really good conference with teams too, but the SEC has been the dominate conference since then with 7 national Championships in a row – ( Florida, LSU, Florida, Alabama, Alabama, Auburn, Alabama ). Yes, Texas lost to Alabama in one of the National Championship games, but remember, their QB went down in the game before leaving them exposed against an already superior Alabama Defensive team that didn’t need any favors. Anyway, UT back in 2005 had excellent team and coaching too, remember Mack Brown, Greg Davis, Gene Chizik who also won a Notional Championship with Auburn.

The ags think they want to play Texas, but if they really thought about it they wouldnt…which is probably why the school hasnt pushed for it more. After all. the series record is 76-37-5 so the ags lost a heck of a lot more than they won in that series, and getting beat up by the Horns wont help them any in the SEC.

Hello and welcome to 2012, true dat. 70% of Texas’ wins happened before 1970. When is the last time anyone today cared about anything relating to college football that wasn’t a part of the current decade? Is A&M’s NC in 1939 more relevant than Bama’s in 2012? Because that’s basically the same thing you’re boasting about. Just saying….

A&M has moved on from wanting to continue this series. It’s funny though, UT needs another big game on their schedule but Deloss Dumba$$ is such an arrogant prick he can’t see it. Besides, A&M/LSU will be played Thanksgiving weekend starting in 2014 anyway.

They moved on because they got tired of losing to the Horns! The record stands at 76-37-5, and the ags got beat a lot more than they won. Thats just the facts, and the ags fear the Horns.

I hope to god that they don’t play each other again. I hate everything about the longhorns. Mainly the longhorn network.

What is funny about that is that UT wanted to do a network 4-5 years ago but did not think they could carry it on their own, so they went to A&M to see if they were interested in doing a joint network. A&M said no way, and UT dropped the idea. Then ESPN comes up and throws a ton of money at them for the Longhorn Network and A&M gets butthurt about it all. They could have been a part of it if they had been willing to work in the beginning. But I do love that everybody hates UT for the Longhorn Network, because if ESPN had tried to give your team $300 million dollars over 20 years you would have told them to turn it down…

Yep, Ray is right. The ags could have been in on the Big 12 network but they pulled out. Its their fault they werent involved, not UT’s. Same goes for not playing Texas: they could have kept the series alive if a&m hadnt bailed on the series by leaving the Big 12. Sad, but all 100% true.

Sad for who? Texas seems to be hurting much, much, much more than A&M is right now.

I think the Texas congress should worry about political matters relating to the State of Texas and not about sports, especially when it pertains to 2 schools that have won 1 national title combined in football in the last 43 years.

It is a big part of the economy that the two teams play. Florida has a law that the Gators and the Seminoles MUST play every year and the game be held in Tallahassee in the years that the legislature is in session.

I agree that the congress should not be concerned with such silly things when Texas education is one of the worst in the nation.

But you are absolutely wrong about national titles. UT has won 4 national championships (1963, 1969, 1970, and 2005) while a&m hasnt won a single one in that same time period.

atlanta_mafia, you are, as usual, less than informed. yes, Florida has a law that the 2 major state schools play every year. however, the legislature is in session every year, so if your statement is incorrect or the game would be played in the capitol every year. seeing as I live in Tallahassee, and work for the state of Florida, I can make this comment with some authority. the point made about rivalry games continuing between teams in different conferences is a valid one. even if there was no such law in florida, at this stage UF and FSU would still make room for each other on their shedules because the rivalry has turned out to be so good. DeLoss Dodd must be completely out of touch with his fans if he thinks that they don’t want UT to play A&M every year. He is too arrogant to seriously deal with.

UT-Austin (not to be confused with UT-Arlington, El Paso, San Antonio, Tyler, Martin, Brownsville, Pan Am or Dallas) and Texas A&M-College Station (not to be confuesd with Texas A&M-Galveston, Corpus Christi, Commerce, Texarkana or Kingsville) is a big game, but it is not the only big game lost to conference reallignment. Nebraska-Colorado, Nebraska-Oklahoma, Utah-BYU, Penn St-Maimi, Cincinati-Louisville (potential), West Virginia-Pitt, Arkansas-Texas A&M (now reunited), Missouri-Kansas, TCU-Texas Tech (now reunited). Just to name a few.

Don’t forget San Jose State- Fresno State….so looking forward to this rivalry getting rebooted!

As a BYU fan, I totally get where the Texas AD and fas are coming from. Utah thought they were too good for our rivalry and went on to become the cellar-dwellars of the PAC-12. My response? Good riddance. If Texas A&M really cared about the rivalry game between Texas, they wouldn’t have left the Big XII with such haste. I say, Texas, time to move on and establish a new rivalry.

So you’re saying A&M to the SEC was a bad move? And they should have stayed in the Big XII (10) to keep Texas happy? I wouldn’t be so quick to compare the BYU-Utah situation to this one.

am I missing something but didn’t they still play in 2011 and 2012 despite Utah’s move to the Pac-12?
I also seem to remember Utah winning both games!

I agree mostly, but Texas already has a big rivalry that was always bigger than the a&m rivalry, and thats the one with Oklahoma Sooners. The Texas-OU game has always been a much bigger game than the UT-a&m game…most because a&m never usually had a team that was worth worrying about.

I keep reading all of this BS about TU fans not wanting to play “The Texas Aggies -ATM -or Texas. A&M. However, you’ll are under the giant misconception The Aggie Fans want to play a team that uses any trick or ref to win. Just ask Nebraska lol. Trust me I’m no fan of their coach. But finding a faux second to allow them to make everyone return to the field and kick for he 3 pts to win. Mack and DeLoss have too much power over that conference. It’s sure funny how you all forget to mention any other university that has moved to a different conference. TU stated they refused to EVER play A&M again ! We were willing to play to keep the tradition alive. However, DeLoss kept up the ugly behavior of we do not need them. Now some of the replacement teams from last year are already disillusioned ! Again no one is connecting the dots to the two in power at TU ! They have great power and abuse it with keeping other teams out of the lime light and away from the best schedules. The announcers talk about their team even when two other Big 12 teams are playing. So why is it just A&M you look at an pick on? Nothing on the Nebraska , Mizzo , etc.
Plus as far as The Aggies wanting to play ! That’s a false statement . There were t-shirts for sell from day one tell TU when The Aggies would be willing to play them again!!!! The shirts are still selling well. A&M didn’t run away from anyone or anything. Those in charge saw a wonderful opportunity for the university level of football to improve. Also to be able to continuously play with teams that go to the Nationalchampioship !
TU needs to get their coach to have the class of Nick Sabin when football issues occur. Mack Brown doesn’t accept any responsibility ! Rather 1. Blames his team to the media /. 2. Blames the entire coaching staff other that himself !! Where as Nick says the buck stops with me! Certainly each one of the group must meet their deadline or location to actually be to achieve optimum offense and defense. The coaches must work out the best plan of attack as well as protection. If any if those misses he over sees fail. Then it ultimately it his fault. But Mack Can’t take any ownership. But he can blame the team in public. 1. That’s wrong on any level. Any coach that behaves in that manor is wrong. First it makes him appear small and it makes the team feel little and worthless not to mention decreased sense of pride in all they have been trying to do .
So in total there isn’t a redeeming factor from these two! They say no they’re leaving so we’ll never play them to torture them a d make them look bad going into the SEC ! The media bought right in the game and still drags it up. They drag it up as if we don’t want to play.
Shame on all of you’ll saying they left so tough luck ! Your line of reasoning doesn’t hold water!! Over the years many have come and gone. Yet TU will play them. You’ll contend they are the better university ! What are they so afraid of ???
But please be aware as many or MORE Aggies have no desire to play the game!! It would we a ref joke anyway. Just like the last play when the ball was to the Aggie receiver. Only he couldn’t lift his arm! He was being held. The announcer said there will be a big flag on that. Then said NO flag ! TU was very very lucky. Sure with the ref watching !!! We’d have won game over!
The argument about the number of wins is important ! But not as important as the need to have fun rivarey ! Which we as both universities have lost (myself included )! Now we just seem to have an intense dislike for one another. It’s rolled over into our vision preventing us from generally being able to see the needs, pain or hurt our cruel words have hurt out in the media. If we ever stop and simply take reality without our on bias. Then we may find relashils might improve to the extent we will see both universities genuinely want to play one another. The the fans will support the game! Because it will be about more than revenue.

And Texas could have played A&M in the Cotton Bowl this year, and they chickened out on that. Texas just can’t stand having A&M’s success, their Heisman winner, and A&M’s glossy new stadium, slapped right in their face. Get Mack Brown to retire if you’re tired of taking crap.

As a Nebraska fan, I understand your hatred of Texas, since we basically ran you out of your own conference because you were tired of losing to us, even when we were worse than you (1st Big 12 Championship, 2010), but get your facts straight. Texas did not chicken out of the Cotton Bowl game, the Cotton Bowl picked Oklahoma instead of Texas, their choice, not ours. Texas A&M would have destroyed Texas if we had played, but it was not because we “chickened out”. An example of that would be leaving the conference you thought you were going to dominate and go to the B1G to get destroyed 70-31 by a lesser team. Sounds familiar…

You have no idea what you are talking about. Texas had no choice in what bowl game they were accepted to play in, so thats just nonsense and buffoonery. Also, kyle field (a&m stadium) is not “new”…its been around for a long time.

No, a&m are the ones who decided to end the series with Texas when they left the Big 12. They knew that was part of the deal but they left anyway. So the ags have nobody to blame for the end of the series but themselves. Heck, Texas had a bigger rival in OU anyway, as OU was always a much tougher team than a&m ever was.

One last thing: a&m will always be the loser in the head to head series: 76-37-5!! Read it and weep.

I’m an Arkansas fan and I’m not surprised. UT wouldn’t schedule us for over a decade after we left (and we had a great rivalry back then). It also refuses to play Houston and now is refusing to play A&M. This is nothing new for the Longhorns. They get mad if people don’t do what UT wants.

And A&M didn’t decide to not play UT anymore. That’s a lie by Dodds (who is well known for that). A&M said over and over that it still wanted to play. It was UT that said no. It’s UT that decided to not play A&M.

Whatever. Texas owned a&m when they played, and the series record stands at a very lopsided 76-37-5. Texas proved they are the better team and that stood the test of time.

As a Kansas fan, the Missouri Kansas rivalry (which was yet again broken up do to money and conference realignment) was one of the best there was.. LHN brings up a lot of jealousy to most local Nebraska and MIZZOU fans aswell..I do miss the Texas- Texas A&M though

Also adding in, KU which was left behind in BIg 12 due to MU bolting for SEC. ( same concept as UT, TAMU.) KU which was victim of this doesn’t want to play MU in the near time future….

WHY? Mizzou bettered themselves. If the Big 10 offered the jayhawks they would leave today. Clemson and South Carolina play, Ga Tech and Uga play. Conferences do not stop those great games. If the Border War is really great then it should be played.

I propose a Big 12/SEC merger. It would be called “The South League” and they’d divide into two conferences – The Southwest Conference and the Southeast Conference and each conference could would have two 6 team divisions.

If you would all (SEC & Big12) leave the NCAA then I agree with the proposal?

Texas started this whole jumping trend when they said they were going to the PAC 10,12 you pick a number. It snowballed from there with Schools jumping fron one conf. to another. Texas is overrated let them sit and good for A&M making the most of what they had.

Actually, Nebraska started it because they were feeling left out and tired of Texas and Oklahoma dominating the conference and they couldn’t deal with that. They need to get used to it, they are quickly turning into the Army/Navy of the second half of the last century, when they became irrelevant and the country moved on from them.

Whatever! Thats an incredible rationalization, but its wrong. Texas didnt start anything and a&m was the ones who left the Big 12. a&m made their bed and now they have to lie in it…so no Texas game for them. That was a&m’s choice, not Texas’

Texas said it was a joint deal that A&M would have to go along and the SEC said no they only wanted one team. That loyalty was repaid with the Aggies shuffling off to greener pastures where they thought they would get better results than they had in the Big 12. Maybe they will, but either way UT will no longer be there to blame.
Quit crying about the rivalry lost and move on. The Aggies, like Texas, can’t have everything they want! There is a saying in Texas, don’t let the screen door hit you ………

BTW – That Longhorn tattoo on Manziel is awesome!

I am a BYU fan and losing a big time rivalry sucks (though BYU-Utah could be temporary) because its a game you look forward to all you, and has more energy invested from fans and players than any other game.

That series record is 76-37-5, which means Texas won that game twice as many times as they lost. Thats because Texas was usually the better team, and thats just the way it is.

The ags were always jealous of the superiority of UT and it shows. Texas won 4 national titles since 1963 and a&m had none in that time period (only one “real” national championship for a&m, and that was way back in 1939). If I was an a&m fan, I would want to make up for that embarrassing record against UT as well, so I dont blame them for having something to prove.

Well, its up to UT if they want to make room in their schedule to play a team that they usually beat. Frankly, I dont think the Horns see much of an upside to that game as Texas has already proved time and time again that they are a much better team and have a much better program. The ags just want the game because they didnt win in that series much, and so they feel like they have something to prove…Texas doesnt care much because they already proved they are better and that stood the test of time.

Sorry ags, but you lost the honor and privilege of playing Texas when you left the Big 12, and you knew that was a consequence. You have nobody to blame for not being able to play Texas but yourselves.

a small little history lesson for all doubters.

back in 1990, when the SEC was looking to expand, they approached Texas before Arkansas and South Carolina, offered Texas full membership starting in 1992, but UT wanted A&M included, and the SEC at that time said no, so UT turned down the invite…The SEC then invited Arkansas and south Carolina, forming the 12 team juggernaut that the league eventually became.

in 1994, the Southwest conference, a one state alignment featuring Texas, A&M, Texas Tech, Baylor, TCU, Houston, SMU and Rice were on their last legs and didnt have the national appeal to get the big tv money that were then being paid to the SEC, Big 10, Big East and Pac10…the SWC formed a merger with the big 8, with all of the big 8 schools merging with Texas, A&M, Texas Tech and TCU….yeah, TCU was part of the original deal, but the then Governer of Texas, the late Ann Richards, a Baylor alum, and the lieutenant governer, also a baylor alum, threw a hissy fit and said they would block funding if Baylor wasnt included….so Baylor goes in and TCU, Houston, SMU and Rice are left in the wilderness to fend for themselves. TCU joins the WAC and SMU, Houston, and Rice join with Cincinnati, Louisville, South Florida, Tulsa, Tulane, Memphis, UTEP, Southern Miss,
and UAB to create Conference USA in 1996.

fast foward to 2010…all kinds of rumors start up about realignment, some true, but most of them false…what was true was the big 12 was on the verge of collaspe…the big 12 AD was way too friendly with the Texas AD, and Nebraska and Colorado, both former big 8 members decided to get out..Nebraska, who was always jealous of Texas, and highly upset that their rivalry with Oklahoma was broken up, went to the big 10…CU went to the pac 12….

the remaining 10 teams all made a pact to stay together…to appease the biggest players, the smaller schools allowed Texas, OU and Texas A&M to get $20-$22M per year in tv money while Kansas, K-State, Baylor, Iowa St, Texas Tech, Oklahoma St, and Missouri would accept anywhere from $14m-17m per season.

that was also the year that ESPN offered UT $300M for the longhorn network, and that just enraged A&M, who had turned down the opporutnity for a joint venture in 2009 because they didnt think it was going to earn any money…so A&M started shopping themselves to the SEC, which was looking to expand their footprint either west or north…..A&M accepted the SEC’s offer in 2010 to join for the 2012 season….thus the big 12 was down to 9 teams, and rumors had UT, OU, OSU and Texas Tech all heading to the pac 12 to form a 16 team super conference….Missouri, who said they were in aliance with the big 12, scored their own deal to to join the sec too in 2012, and that left the big 12 with 8 schools….TCU, who was part of the original deal in ’96 only to be outed by politics was invited and so was West Virginia, who left the dying big east.

as for the Texas/A&M game, that was a lot of history lost…so was the A&M/Baylor and A&M/Tech games….A&M wanted to play, but the directive came from Deloss Dodds, AD at Texas to all of his athlethic coaches not to schedule A&M in any sport….so not only will UT not play A&M in football, but basketball, baseball, tennis, volleyball, soccer, softball or joint track meets or swim meets….Baylor and Texas Tech joined UT’s unwritten blockade of Texas A&M…

Louisville and Kentucky played each other three times, and twice in the ncaa tournament from 1922-1983. Auburn and Alabama skipped playing from 1908-1947..hopefully, this series will resume in due time, but for now, UT isnt obligated to cancel any of their non conference games for A&M….

Hook em baby!!!

You forgot about texas trying to go to the pac 12. And living in SEC country during first expansion, I think I remember tu and A&M being invited. But the horns do no wrong. As long as it benefits them.

You remember incorrectly. Texas said it was a joint deal that A&M would have to go along and the SEC said no they only wanted one team. That loyalty was repaid with the Aggies shuffling off to greener pastures where they thought they would get better results than they had in the Big 12. Maybe they will, but either way UT will no longer be there to blame.
Quit crying about the rivalry you left and move on. You Aggies, like Texas, can’t have everything you want! There is a saying in Texas, don’t let the screen door hit you ……….

i wud love to see them play it’s tradition. A&M vs Horns erry thanksgiving but since they left the big 12 maybe jealous of the paper the Horns make. who needs them when you cant beat the champs in their own backyard Bama & smash the Sooners in cotton bowl. sitting pretty in thee SEC. ik A&M cud compete but mizzou well thats a different story.

You t-sips are complete idiots! I do not care a bit about your past glory. Presently, A&M is the hot school in the best conference with the potential championship contenders for a football team. The wonderful thing is on the field time will tell if A&M is just the flavor of the month or the real deal, but it’s better to be where we are then your current place in the ditch… a bunch of has beens (thank Mack for that) holding on to the past victories and records. Pathetic debating points. My bet is A&M keeps rolling while t.u. keeps dining on crow. Choke on it and enjoy your silly little network, conference, and OU rivalry. Who cares! Go keep Austin weird or something while A&M’s stock keeps rising. Gig ’em!

Yeah, and don’t miss your animal husbandry class over there in Aggieland.

At Texas A&M, when they find a student engaged in some unnatural perversion, they cut off his middle finger; when it happens again, they cut off his ring finger. If it happens a third time, then they send him up to Austin to a place called “a texas university,” where they are forced to attend all the football games and display the proof of their actions.

The Aggies play in the best conference in the world. They are now getting the recruits because of their sucsess in the SEC. The big 12 is not good at all in football. Hey I can understand why UT does not want to play us since we have the Heisman winner for at least 2 more years. They might be waiting for him to leave but guess what the Aggies have top recruits waiting for their turn. I can not wait to play UT again even in Austin. We will win by double digits wherever the game is at. We are not a one person team and we are getting the best recruits in the world and are ready to play at any stadium against the Longhorns.

DeLoss Dodd is a moral coward. He ruins the Big 12 conference by making a money grab with the Longhorn network, then punishes one of his best rivalaries when they are forced to look out for their own financial interests in the wake of his greed (the coaches at UT didn’t ask for this network, they are all students of their repsective games and are likely aghast at losing 100+ year rivals). DeLoss Dodd is to much of a spoiled brat to make things right by his coaches, his fans, and his players who are at UT to be a part the tradition as much as getting the exposure.

A&M and Texas will play again the day Deloser Dodds retires (or gets fired) as AD at Texas. He is the sole reason they are not playing; not just in football but in any other sport. He refuses to even allow any of his coaches to discuss scheduling A&M in any sport; even basketball or baseball.

Last Spring, Texas and A&M both sent their women’s softball teams to Hawaii to play in the tournament sponsored by UH here in Honolulu. The two teams won their respective brackets and were slated to play in the championship game, but Texas was not allowed to play A&M, basically leaving the tournament without a champion.

A&M chose to move to a better conference, they did not choose to stop playing Texas; that was entirely Dodds’ idea. A&M would love to play Texas in baseball on a Tuesday or in basketball in a non-conference game, but Texas refuses. Even in women’s sports. And it is all due to one man’s hurt feelings and childish attitude.

Sad to say but it’s Texas’ arrogance that has created a much bigger problem than playing a single game. In two years Nebraska, Colorado, Missouri and A&M left the Big 12…coincidence? I don’t think so!

You’re right, that was no coincidence, they all sucked hind t#t for so long, I don’t blame them for leaving. There is only so long you can lose and be okay with it. I don’t blame ATM for leaving if you never have a chance to win. Even the last good-bye game! See ya….

I think texas and texas a&m should play each other every year no matter what and I am not butthurt about texas a&m losing to texas in 2011.

I could say a dozen things about previous comments, but everyone has an opinion. The truth is that had A&M won its last gave against t.u., Mike Sherman might still be coaching at A&M in 2012, regardless of the 5 second half losses he orchestrated. That would not have been a good outcome for A&M. Sherman was good for the program overall, but Kevin Sumlin is a fresh face with fresh ideas, and that is exactly what a traditionally rigid university like A&M needed. I know, I have a degree from A&M. Without Sumlin, A&M doesn’t have its 2012 SEC success, and certainly not a Heisman Trophy winner in the locker room. Of that I have no doubt.
A&M and t.u. sitting it out a couple years only adds to the anticipation of a future game for the fan bases. And you can bet your butt both groups want that game to happen, regardless of what Dodd says. We Texans are as prideful as they come, and we love a chance to rub it in each others’ faces. Tough to brag when you haven’t played in a long while. The next time they play, it will be a great game, have national media attention, and will be great to watch. Whether its in 5 years or 10, it will rekindle a spirit in both fan bases and start something anew that hasn’t been felt in some time. There is no sense in fighting about how the breakup happened. Each school has a chance to mold its identity away from the other, thats a good thing, especially for A&M. They’ll meet again once the mood swings in a few years, then they they’ll put the game back together, in football and other sports.

I’m a big Texas fan, but I don’t blame A&M for leaving the Big 12, if I was them I would have too. The move to the SEC has been very good for them, and they have done very well. Much better than Texas last year. I blame Dodds for this, if he hasn’t acted like a arrogant prick the Big 12 would not have broke up in the first place. I do think A&M and Texas will play again, anf that will be a great thing for the state of Texas. HOOK EM HORNS!!!!!!!!!!

We all know why A&M left and it was a great decision for the future of the organization. Long before they did though they offered to leave a game open for Texas to keep the tradition going the first year they were in the SEC. Texas refused saying they already had their schedule set. Not true. It’s a good thing they didn’t play though because we all know after being totally butt slapped by Oklahoma the last thing they needed was to have Johnny’s cleat marks all over them on primetime TV. That would have for sure been Mack’s bus ticket out of town. I do miss the tradition. They were always great games. Maybe someday when A&M isn’t playing such awesome football the Longhorns will ask them back. No hard feelings guys. In some strange way, we will always be brothers.

Of COURSE the Longhorn faithful don’t want to play the Aggies of today…they don’t want to be embarrassed on national tv. The Longhorns prefer to schedule nonconference games they are sure they can win.

Sad thing is if A&M would have stayed in the Big 12,there is a good chance they would be reigning National Champs.Same thing this year. Ags possibly screwed themselves out of 2 National Titles. Next year Manziel will be gone,with Sumlin soon to follow.A&M will go back to being their mediocre selves.Meanwhile UT will wise up and detach themselves from the old guard.Texas will hire the best of the best,and order will be restored.

Only sad item of note is the current state of the shorthorn program. Your comments Blake are more like a prayer…not that I blame you. It’s the only thing you could possibly hope for or say at this point. Oh how the “mighty” have fallen. Unless you change your conference to the SEC, you will be looking up to A&M for quite some time. Your Regents acting like Saban would be interested was hysterical. So much for the best of the best sip.

The sad thing about all this CRAP yall are talking about is that college football has become about one thing MONEY !!!! I love the rivalry & trash talk between schools, fans, but its come down to the $$$$ that turns the wheel.

It’s not the texas fans , or texas coaches , or texas alumni , but Dodds and $$$$ that has
everything at it’s current state. Though records , as old as they may be , do speak for themselves , it’s politics that’s really the issues here.