Texas and Texas A&M unlikely to play Football Game until at least 2019

By Kevin Kelley -

The Texas Longhorns and Texas A&M Aggies are unlikely to meet in football until at least 2019, USAToday.com has reported.

Texas A&M has talked to Texas about future games, but the Longhorns have told them that their non-conference schedule is filled through the 2018 season.

Currently, Texas only has two non-conference games scheduled for the 2018 season, at Maryland on Sept. 1 and home vs. USC on Sept. 15. The Longhorns likely either have a verbal agreement for a third game or don’t want to play three BCS non-conference opponents in the same season.

The Longhorns and Aggies have met 117 times and have played every year since 1915. Texas leads the overall series 75-37-5.

Statesman.com also reports that Texas A&M “…has received no overtures from any in-state schools about playing future football games.” A&M President R. Bowen Loftin also told the paper that the Aggies probably won’t play “…any other Big 12 schools in football on a regular basis.”

Regarding the annual game against Arkansas at Cowboys Stadium, Loftin said that Texas A&M has “…no problem continuing the game there.”

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What a shame – all for revenue $$. A&M will lose on this. What about the Lonestar Showdown where both men’s and women’s sports go head to head every year? What about in-State rivalry? What about the rivalry in growing up knowing you are going to compete with your old high school buddies? What does A&M care about Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee schools?

It does not make sense.

its about being equals not having to placate the sycophants in austin. the SEC is equal. Vandy stands on the same ground as Alabama,Auburn,LSU etc.Thats why they care and they’ll make more money in The SEC.

A&M has left the nest. It isn’t about the big sports. It is about kids getting good educations and the memories they carry because it – a lot of it in sports. I remember a few years back when the Aggie women’s swim team was competing in the Big 12 tournament. After three days of competition, all of the heats and all of the races, A&M beat Texas by “1 point” – one point. That is what it is about. Texas hates to lose but what a fight and the Aggs deserved it. I am sure there were Texans against Texans who went to the same High School and will carry that memory for the rest of their lives. That isn’t going to happen any more…
What are you going to do when Bama or LSU get their own network..? I know what will happen. Texas will play Texas teams and the Aggies… won’t. See you in eight years, maybe.

Just for the record, the SEC is not equal in revenue sharing. Florida schools including University of Florida share revenue from the Sunshine Network that is not included in the SEC deal. There is not equal revenue sharing on Tier 3 rights. Only Tier 1 and 2 rights. Schools can make as much money as their brand will allow them too. UT was the highest grossing school long before the LHN was created. So to keep crying and whining about the LHN just proves that Aggs live in the land of make up whatever sounds best for running away from big brother. UT did not create this issue, aggie did by crying and running off because they have idiots like Rick Perry pulling strings. Plus Loftin is a comlete tool. Aggie would have made the same amount by staying in the Big 12 with Tier 1 and 2 rights as they will in the SEC. They just do not have creative enough BOR to make more for the University. Now they will struggle with recruiting and Tier 3 profits for Out of COnference scheduling. Texas schools will punish them for at least the next 5-6 years.

Chickens? Who is afraid of A&M, seriously? Is A&M even eligible for a bowl game? If so, let me guess Toilet Bowl.

A&M left the Big12 because they were tired of being in the shadow of Texas and more importantly, the Longhorn network. Now they want to continue playing every Thanksgiving, give me a break make your mind up. Texas consider their rivalry to be Oklahoma and not A&M, thats the game with true meaning. Look at this season and A&M is who we thought they were. I’m not a Texas, A&M, or Oklahoma fan, just a college football fan.

The SEC, the super conference, winner of the last 5 national championships wanted Texas A&M and not Texas. Enough said.

There is no possible way you actually believe that. Any conference would love to have Texas over ATM. Just look at last year when Texas was considering the PAC 12. The entire big 12 was ready to collapse if Texas left. You are just another narrow minded, irrevelant aggie who thinks ATM is bigger than they are

Lol I think Texas is just butt hurt because the Aggies are moving on to bigger and better things. Ending a 117 year tradition because the Longhorns didn’t want to fit them into their schedule is mind boggling. It’s not all about being in the same conferance. It’s about heritage, culture and tradition, which obviously their university didn’t care about. Thanks for ruining the best tradition. Texas A&M University will play the best teams in the nation, only to progress, get better & none the less get better recruitment from all around the United States. To be honest, after Texas Universities reaction to us moving on, I could care less to play them again. Have fun being stuck where your at.

@ Brandon, you need to educate yourself on college football conferences and with college in general. Your entire statement is almost complete B.S. Let’s be clear, The SEC offered TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY membership, not Texas. Let’s be clear, Texas applied for membership in the SEC after A&M expressed interest, only to be told NO. Who is living with a little brother complex in this situation. The SEC is equal revenue sharing, no one gives a second thought to Tier 3 rights, because they encompass apparel and brand rights, MERCHANDISE… of course Vanderbilt will not make as much as LSU or Alabama, and neither will Texas A&M… but that’s OK, because the revenue sharing for the Tier 1-2 rights is MORE than A&M was making in the Big 12-2.

The bottom line is that Texas A&M made a move to make their University more prominent on the national stage, Conferences are more than just football, it is ALL sports and educational as well. Texas A&M competes very well in other sports, i.e. always making it to the top 16 in Basketball, competed for the National Championship in baseball last year, has won the National Championship for Track and Field for BOTH MEN AND WOMEN’S teams for the LAST 3 YEARS. Texas A&M is the best academic institution in the state of Texas, 28th in the nation and 58th in the WORLD according to the NY times; The University of Texas falls at 2,53, and 78 respectively on that same list. Only The Univ. of Texas views itself as better, the rest of the country views Texas A&M University as the stronger overall institution, just like the SEC did.

Before you decide to post erroneous comments on boards like this, get your facts straight and educate yourself. Oh yeah, and do you seriously believe that A&M will not get stronger recruits being in the SEC?!? If so, you seriously have NO IDEA about college sports in general or the impacts of conference on recruiting. The SEC has always and will always recruit better than ANY other conference in the nation, no contest.

Can you prove this? I want to see somewhere online or if I pick something up and read it… because last time I check Texas wanted to stay in the Big 12

I agree w/Mark…..No reason this series cannot continue as an out of conference game, the last Saturday in November………see Fla./FSU; UGa/Ga.Tech; Clemson/S. Carolina…….Mack Brown thinks it’s illegal to play non-conf. games in november.

Let’s see – the US News and World Report places Texas as better than ATM for MANY years as a University. The Lone Star Showdown which pits ATM athletes against Texas in all sports, has shown ATM to beat Texas in only 2 of the last 7 years. As a whole the vast number of the better recruits come from three states: Texas, California and Florida. Look at Oklahoma, over 50% Texans. Oklahoma State, over 70% Texans. Why are Texans going to play for ATM if they are not going to play other Texans – to get into the NFL? Not from ATM? Hell they can’t even keep a coach!! And isn’t it going to be great for your fans to travel to UF or UG or S. Carolina to go to games? They used to be able to go to Austin, Tech, Waco, even as far Oklahoma. Now try to go 1300 miles for a conference game. Stupid Aggies!

As an Aggie I can assure all Texas fans that this is pure 100% bs conducted by the board of regents. no one in our school believes this is right and are quite frankly pissed as hell and that talking heads who want to fill their pockets up rather than do what is best for both schools. I for one wish that our rivalry could continue and hope that in the future there can be someone in our school with the authority to have the balls to stand up and announce that this

All of this is pointless. It’s not up to the coaches, players, athletic director it’s ups to the head of the school to decide if they play or not. Both the SEC and the Big 12 conference commishiners have agreed to play the game at the time it’s has always been play A&M still has 2 non conference games to be scheduled and the longhorns have one. Personally I think it’s pretty crummy of Texas to deny the aggies request to play them at the end of the year. It’s tradition the kids on each team have grown up in the same state som in the same city and some in the same school it’s not right to take that away from the student-athletes. That’s what Texas football is all about not the texans and cowboys or any high school state championship but everyone in Texas knows when Texas plays A&M. Who cares what the head of school does… Nobody. Give this to the fans the players the coaches the parents and most of all give it to the state of Texas. I’m an aggie fan yes but I’m not defending either side I’m looking at it from the view point of a Texas football fans standpoint.

As a TAMU grad, this makes me very sad. I come from a mixed marriage and family. My Dad, Father-in-law, wife, sister and brother-in-laws all went to t.u., My Father-in-law played basketball for t.u. One of my brothers is a t-shirt fan for t.u.

Another one of my brothers graduated from TAMU, one of my Grandfathers went to TAMU (WWII took him out) and I have an Uncle who is the head of one of the colleges at TAMU. Heck, I am even related to Darryl Royal through marriage.

I cannot believe this game will be canceled till 20XX. This is a disgrace!!! As was mentioned earlier there are plenty of rivals that are played out of conference.

It can be done. Red McCombs (we all know who that is) says the game will be played soon. I think he as more pull that that fool De-Loss has. In addition, Rick Perry (TAMU) and David Dewhurst (t.u.) may have a say in this. Plus all of the legislators on both sides of the fence.

There is toooooo much money to be made in this game. The only problem is that t.u. does not want to get their @$$ kicked by a non-conferencs team late in the season.

One last thing. I keep hearing that TAMU will have to change their fight song, as it has references to t.u. in it. Well t.u. will have to do the same. TAMU put t.u. in their fight song in response to the t.u. “fight” song. Look it up!!!

Gig’em Aggies!!