Texas A&M-Oregon football series canceled

By Brian Wilmer -

FOX Sports’ Bruce Feldman reports that the home-and-home series scheduled between Texas A&M and Oregon for 2018 and 2019 is now no longer.  Billy Liucci now reports that Oregon will be replaced with a “comparable” team.

The deal, completed five years ago, reportedly contained an out clause that allowed the Aggies to void the deal if they were to leave the Big 12.  With that having taken place, the games will now no longer be played.

Texas A&M now has no out-of-conference opponents scheduled for 2018, with a home game against UTSA and a trip to Rice on the 2019 slate.  Oregon will host Bowling Green in 2018 and Nevada in 2019.

More on this story will be made available as the schools confirm the changes.

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Isn’t this kind of matchup just what A&M needs in the playoff era? This is a bad call, especially if we see Michigan State make the playoffs this year (despite losing on the road to Oregon).

I can’t disagree at all. Even Virginia agreed to play Oregon. This definitely isn’t a good look for a team that has a reputation — right or wrong — as being somewhat soft lately.

Hope you don’t really think anyone with respectable influence thinks Michigan St is deserving of being in the playoff. They would have to win out and other teams would have to loose more than once for anything close to that happening. At this point Oregon isn’t deserving of a shot at the playoff. Right now there are three SEC teams that should be in it along with FSU. I would still take Georgia without Gurly, Auburn, and Alabama over Oregon and definitely over MSU and OSU. They really don’t pay direct attention to the ridiculous AP and USA Today rankings. Those are a joke and will continue to be as long as they use it. It’s just there to keep people happy and make them think their team is better than they are. The best rankings that mean the most by end of the year are the ESPN power rankings. People need to start watching those. Those give you a better perspective of the best teams in the nation. Keep trying John. Do some more research and take some advice.

True. And anyone with any common sense knows the SEC isn’t going to get 3 teams in. That’s why there is a committee to vote on this. If Michigan State wins out, they’ll get in. Same with Oregon. No conference will get more than 1 team in unless champions from other conferences have 2 or more losses.

Sorry man but the Big 10 doesn’t stand a chance at all of getting a team in the playoff. MSU is definitely not getting in so don’t go getting ur hopes up. Cause as I said where they are ranked currently is irrelevant or will be at end of yr. At this point the Big 12 won’t have a team in either. As of now the four best teams that would be voted in now if this were the end of the season would be FSU, Ole Miss, Miss St and Alabama. The next two left out will be Oregon and Georgia. Big 10 and Big 12 are no where in sight. Sorry but mark my words the SEC will get two teams in and could truly be deserving of more. The committee is well aware of the best teams and who they play and who they loose to.

Sorry man but the Big 10 have a better chance of getting 1 team in than the SEC does of getting 2. And really, only the champ would be deserving. ESPN doesn’t have influence over the playoff. A committee of now 12 people do. No 1 loss non-champion will get in ahead of a 1 loss conference champion unless that team is Notre Dame. And yore right, the committee is well aware. Which is why teams like Miss. St., Ole Miss have to win out. Neither played anyone on the road in non-conference play, a point of emphasis by the committee. Playing 4 non-conference cupcakes while also not winning your conference is basically a death sentence for the playoff.

Sorry man but wrong again. Not trying to hate but think about it. The Big 12 and the little 10 are going to be left out. I also think u have forgotten about ND. The committee is going to take into account everything they can with first being who u have beaten and who u have lost to. So if the Big 10 gets a team in which conf will be left out? Sorry but you haven’t thought about it enough. Alabama and Georgia and possibly Auburn are better than any other one loss teams. Let’s be realistic here or we mays well not be posting comments because they are meaningless. For the record you heard it from me first. The SEC will get two teams in along with FSU and Oregon, as long as Oregon wins out. But from what I have seen its quite possible they will loose again. With that being said on their best day I would say they are worthy of making the playoff and competing against the SEC. But if the SEC doesn’t get two teams in ND will be in.

Actually I have, it’s you that hasn’t. Without help the Big 12 is out. Michigan St has to win out no matter what or it will be left out. Granted it still could, but only if that team is Notre Dame. Alabama, Georgia, and Auburn are not better than any other 1 loss team, especially Georgia. But you’re right, will be here all night. But you also heard it here first. No way will the SEC get 2 teams without other conference champs losing more than 1 game. Believing otherwise simply isn’t being realistic especially given the schedules of Georgia, Miss. St, and Ole Miss.

Patrick, Your words are marked but I feel like you are greatly mistaken with your overestimation of the SEC

Patrick Ryan – I marked your words as you requested and WOW were you ever wrong. Oregon – OSU for the title. Bama, Auburn, Miss, Miss St and LSU all went down in bowl games, so much for the SEC!

Ok You are right. I was wrong to a degree. At least I made a prediction. The Big12 ended up being better than anyone could have expected and OSU made a great run at the end of the season. However, the SEC, in my opinion is still the best conference no matter what their bowl record ended up being. Anyone and everyone that made a prediction was prolly off a little. This was a down year for the SEC. But don’t get ur hopes up they will be back very quickly. They didn’t have quality Qbs this season but at the same time I don’t think the PAC12 is all that great either. They got handed a gift with the bowl scheduling this season, with the teams they played and the location of where the bowls were played. The PAC12 still has only faced one SEC team in a bowl in the last Seven years and Oregon got beat by Auburn. Anyone who knows anything about college football knows that Oregon didn’t get FSUs best shot. The pressure whether self inflicted or not was too much to overcome for an entire season. Too bad for college football. But if Mariota leaves watch out for the PAC12 struggling next year, especially against quality opponents. Don’t get me wrong they will have the highest preseason rankings of any confernce deserving or not. Stanford scored a bad Maryland team at home. Arizona played the weakest BCS bowl team in Arizona and lost. Utah played CSU (not a P5 team) who also lost their coach in Nevada, basically a home game. ASU arguably the second best PAC12 team played the fifth best ACC team, supposedly the worst P5 team and almost got beat if it wasn’t for a returned kick with four minutes left. The list goes on and on. The SEC did struggle but that happens in college sports, it’s only a matter of time Til anything happens. I think the ACC may be the best conference in 2015. They will have the best Qbs of all the confernces next season. And Go Tigers baby. Dabo has beaten In his last three bowls- 3 national title holding coaches- Les Miles, Urban Myer at OSU who was 12-0 until they faced the Tigers & Bob Stoups who Clemson beat without Deshaun Watson (the college football qb of the future- a pocket passing qb who can run as well) as well as the first game without our offensive cordinator. And Clemson is one of 4 team the last four years to win at least 10 games. But hey. Glad u remembered me. Doing my job.

It’s great reading all these confident sec fan comments. It’s almost July 2015 now and the 2014 season is over and the sec did horrible. Missouri (big12 school) has owned that half of the conference since moving and overall they didn’t do well and had a losing record in bowl games. Who would have thought Ohio state would have pulled it off. Certainly not the sec fan arguing 3 sec teams should be in the playoffs lmfao

Even if three SEC teams deserved to be in the playoff they wouldn’t allow it. Just a few yrs ago the SEC had 6 teams end in the top ten. If u want to call this past season a down year for the sec feel free. Pretty damn good bad year for the sec if u ask me. Not that u are and I don’t really care if u listen to me or not. Most people’s minds are already set in stone, so what’s the point. But can’t wait for another year of college football to take off. Clemson is my team and our defense last year would have shut down both of those offenses, no doubt in my mind. Wish we would have played a higher ranked opponent in our bowl to prove how good we were. And we crushed a beyond underrated Oklahoma team with our backup qb. A Oklahoma team who had an amazing rushing attack with one of the best running backs in the nation. If our defense plays up to expectations and we don’t loose too many defensive players to injury, we will be the team to beat in the ACC and on our way to the playoffs. Go tigers baby. Dabo/Deshaun/TD

@ cats

not all of them
Auburn @ Kansas State
Tennessee @ Oklahoma
Arkansas @ Texas Tech
Alabama vs. WVU
LSU vs. Wisconsin
to name a few……..why the blanket statement when the Aggies cancel a series?

You can do the math. No conference players a lower percentage of ooc games against the P5 or on the road. The SEC West is far worse about this than the East. UGA plays a legit ooc though.

Haha. If you are going to say something stupid like that just go ahead and stop posting comments because they are ridiculous. The SEC doesn’t and hasn’t ever dodged competition. I am defending them being a Clemson and ACC fan as well, so this should mean something. Teams join the SEC so they can play the best. Why do you think A&M and Missouri are where they are now. They are getting better players specifically due to joining the SEC. They have had good years in the past prior to joining the SEC but seem to be continuing to get even better since joining the SEC. I may shy away from Oregon also if I had to play the best teams in the country every year also. On a regular basis there are five or six SEC teams that can beat every other team in the country. A year or two ago they had six teams end in the top ten and most of their losses came during inter conference match-ups. Some people need to quit being bias and look a little closer or you no one in their right mind is going to listen. So keep making pointless posts that no one pays attention to.

Yeah man a die hard college football fan. Grew up a coaches son. Parents went to Clemson. I was born there. Yeah man. They break our hearts every year also. We have the talent but just can’t put it together for an entire season. But who really can. We blew it last yr with our veteran team. And has a tough first half of the season with a young team especially on offense. We could be as good if not better than last yr with our defense but need Deshaun back. He takes us to another level. Happy to see us win some games with our D as opposed to winning with our O. Who’s ur team?


Pull your head out of your backside, The SEC are the biggest dodgers of OOC games. They play the least % of OOC vs P5’s at 20%. No other P5 plays less than 30%. Of the 11 P5’s that don’t play a P5 OOC in 2014, 4 of them in the SEC, the most of any conference. The supposed mighty SEC West has 3 teams alone that doesn’t play a P5. The SEC plays more FCS schools yearly than P5’s, The SEC plays the highest number and % of FCS schools OOC. Btw, one of the 4 Special Education Conference schools not playing a P5 is A&M, who hasn’t played a P5 OOC in 3 years and they just cancelled cancelled the Oregon series.

Schoup. Or whatever it is. Here’s the deal. I don’t know why you are calling me out. I totally agree with you that they should play nine conference games and I’m sure they r on their way to that. And if not they will be playing P5 and not just any P5’s, proven teams. Nick Saban has said himself he wants that. But prior to teams playing 12 games they played 11. They usually played two smaller schools and one other P5 a quality apponent. Sometimes they would play a in state school which is good for recruiting for the smaller schools and they receive quite a bit of money which gets put into the school. This will all help with contributing to improving smaller universities as well. Which is good for college football in general. And believe it or not there are some pretty respectable FCS schools. One of which was Georgia Southern who dominated for years when they were a FCS school. FBS teams shied away from them in previous years.

Back to the point. Now that it has gotten to 12 games and is soo extremely competitive with many teams in the hunt they will play better teams in the future. But let’s be sure to know they aren’t shying away from other teams. You have that backwards. Don’t care what statistics you throw my way. Watch the games and tell me they aren’t the best conference. The overall quality of football is better. Bigger tougher and faster. And on a regular basis five of the top ten teams in the nation are from the SEC and it has nothing to do with their out of confernce scheduling. It’s because they are the best. And watch out now that the state of Miss is back. And Florida has been down for a few yrs. The SEC top to Btm is the best conf. And again I’m not a sec fan I’m a Clemson fan. And we appreciate Muschamp for letting those two Qbs go. NC st and BC are thanking you now. Clemson says bring it on. Go tigers baby.

They already replaced Oregon with Clemson…. It doesn’t look like they are dodging competition with future games against Arizona State, home and homes with Notre Dame, UCLA, and now Clemson….


You’re laughable. The SEC will not be going to 9 games b/c they want the advantage of having more cream puffs OOC than other conferences. Please save the nonsense of them going to 9 games b/c that’s the same bull they are selling the last 2 years on why their teams cancelled several series in recent years. The simple fact is they want the statistical advantage of everybody else playing 9 while they play 8. If you understand stats you know it skews in their favor.They play the leastp5 OOC by far and always do. In fact if you look at future schedules it gets even worse as in 2015 they play 1 less than this year as a conference while every other conferences increased their number and those conferences wee already ahead of them by 4 or 5 P5’s OOC. Btw, you prove to be even more laughable to ignore stats b/c they disprove the nonsense your spouting how the SEC doesn’t dodge, they are word class dodgers as a whole.

You really are not bright. The SEC gets inflated ratings playing cream puffs than when they lose to each other they fool the ignorant that they are so good. Look at A&M the last 3 years no p5’s OOC, they went 4-4 in conference not beating a team in conf with a wining record and morons think they are good b/c they beat teams in conf that tallied 5 wins between them and played 4 cream puffs OOC. Miss and miss St play garbage OOC b/c they are historically cellar dwellers and need sh*t OOC to get to 6 wins and be bowl eligible, even with that scheduling gimmick they still can are only bowl eligible 50% of the time.

shoup…great explaining on your apart. seems as though most sec fans are very slow when it comes to real stats. they just want to beat their chests and swing from the rooftops over the glory of their espn contract that promotes them like a preferred brand of coca cola. its comical really. thanks for sharing!

Jennifer go ahead and stay out of the conversation. You’re a little late for this one. And I’m not a fan of the SEC. I am a fan of Clemson and the ACC. So listen up. The SEC is the best conference. They are the best because of who is In the SEC. Not because of who they play OOC. They don’t dodge competition. Who does Alabama dodge? Who does LSU dodge? Who does Georgia dodge. Who does Florida dodge? Who does SC dodge? Who does Tenn dodge? Who does Auburn dodge? Go ahead and let me know if they do but they don’t. And talk all you want about A&M. They don’t make up the SEC entirely. Just one team. And it does happen to be the last team added to the SEC. Pretty sure their schedule was set when they were in the Big12 still. I guess adding Clemson instead of Oregon means they are dodging competition.

patrick, patrick, patrick… they dodge like bats out of hell. alabama dodges michigan state and georgia dodged oregon, and texas am dodged usc last year, …it goes on and on. you dont see the bama boys traveling in home/home…only time was in 2009 and 2011 cuz the contract was already in motion before saban even got there. he refuses to put his girls on a plane and play in an opponents stadium. ever notice how sec teams buck out of back to back series always have to get their greed in. have their neutral sites. their pathectic 8 game schedule isn’t hard to plan. sit yo ass down – think the southern word is your trying to act lil too big for your britches’ son.

schoup is the only person on here besides thomas that has any knowledge about college football. bans need to be held accounted for by reducing penn state we tell the world that molesting young boys is okay and worth less than cheating on an exam..smdh. it’s disgraceful. they should have a sense of integrity and compassion for the dozens of young boys who’s lives were affected and want to carry the burden as they will only be doing so for just a mere fraction compared to those young men who will carry it all their lives. the greed is just sickening. they lose respect by putting that ahead of these young men who suffered. ban was reasonable and penn state should uphold for the sake of human decency.

That moment when the Aggies AD realized that this year’s win against South Carolina didn’t really mean as much as they thought, and suddenly started wondering if 2018 allowed enough time to get better…

Wow. What a joke again. Mays well call them little “sissy teams”. Finally a decent match up between two fairly good out of conference teams and they cancel it because they are satisfied with their weak schedules. And why wouldn’t they be satisfied. Both teams usually get high preseason rankings. Which directly influence the entire season. I can’t entirely blame A&M because they are in the SEC. Hands down, no questions asked, they are the best conference by far. PAC12 isn’t close. A joke. Don’t worry Clemson only plays two good SEC teams a yr, along with FSU every year and now ND also next year. We have one of the toughest schedules around. How about a little respect. For those of you that don’t know the SEC and PAC12 didn’t play in a bowl game last yr and rarely play against each other in the regular season. They can’t be considered the second best conference based solely on that in itself. Wow. Come on college football. You can do better than that if you want to get a little closer to equality. However other than maybe ND, Clemson and a few other schools here and there, the SEC will always have the toughest strength of schedule. But when Oregon gets the rankings they get I wouldn’t be upset about not playing a SEC team. Although I have faith in Oregon and due believe they are up for playing anyone; but Bowling Green and Nevada are not the same as South Carolina and Auburn or Georgia. Clemson wants to and does play the best out of conference games the can. The rest of the league needs to catch up.

Just a CFB fan in general. Clemson breaks my heart every year. I get my hopes up in their games, make me need a BP med or something! Respect.

Then you haven’t been watching or simply not paying attention. The SEC isn’t hands down better. If that were true, they’d never lose a non-conference game or a bowl game, yet do so every year while also scheduling extremely weak in non-confrence play on an annual basis. But the new playoff format is already helping to eliminate that since the committee is putting much more weight on the non-conference schedule and with conference presidents making the schools avoid FCS teams and schedule tougher.

the pac 12 is definitely more competative. they play a 9 game and aren’t busy on nov 22 second to last saturday on byes and playing fcs schools at home to gain an advantage in rankings. they travel and play like big boys. only after pac went to 9 game in 2006 did the sec even start to look good. ur welcome for your 108 cupcakes since then and the collusive 2008 espn contract..cuz as soon as the ink dried sec teams magically got the golden spoons and tons of hype and the polls went completely out of the control…seriously the preseason polls stacked the deck so statistically 90% an sec team would get to the title of ‘ranked’ conference play. espn pumps its products to protect it’s investment $$$$. but the smoke and mirrors are over. ooc games matter, late season cupcakes will matter :) …bye bye sec …lol

Soup. Aka (Schoup)

You see the rankings yet? Haha LMAO right now. 3 sec teams in the playoff of the season ended now. Evidently ur bias is influencing your knowledge of the game. Sorry your ducks got left out. I think they will make into playoff by the end of the season but as of now at least they realize they don’t deserve it at this point in the season. SEC will get at least two teams in. Don’t forget about Georgia yall.
Who was saying the Big 12 and Big 10 would each get a team in. Again sorry.

A&M wanted to flip the home games with Oregon but Oregon didn’t want to do that because they’d only have 5 home games in ’19 which is what a&m is trying to avoid in ’18.

Thanks for the clarification. Needed. Some people just don’t have a clue or just don’t want to have a clue.

You do know that since the cowards of the SEC play 8 games, which is asinine with 14 teams instead of 9 they have a ton of schedule flexibility as they start with 4 home and 4 away in conference. Conferences with 9 games B12, P12, B10(2016) home and away dates OOC matter more b/c they have conference years of 4 and then 5 home game. Thus they need 3 home games in the year they have 4 conf homes to get to 7. A&M doesn’t have to worry about that b/c even playing an away they still have 7 homes using the other 3 OOC. All p5’s want 7 homes a year. A&M bailed b/c they wanted out and will surely replace the game with a bad mid major or a bottom dweller P5 . A&M have shown they schedule garbage OOC by design b/c they expect to be a bottom team in the SEC and like Miss, Miss St, they schedule 4 cream puffs OOC if they can and hope to win 2 games in conference to be bowl eligible. Btw, even doing that Miss and MIss St are bowl eligible about 50 % of the time over the last 25 years. Neither A&M, Miss, MIss St should have ever been considered for the playoff before the season started b/c none of them play a P5 OOC.

Do you have a link to that? Because according to Texas A&M’s own website and even this one, they still have 3 open dates, now 4 in 2018 and 2 more in 2019.

Well it looks like the only OOC game TAMU had scheduled for 2018 at this time was the OOC game at Oregon. TAMU would have the SEC game with Arkansas in Arlington through 2024. series

Now that is a blank slate. It would seem from what you are Saying in 2018 TAMU wants to have 4 OOC games at home. That sounds weak pretty weak as an excuse. Line up the cupcakes.

TAM now has ZERO non-conference games scheduled for 2018 and two non-conference games in 2019, against Rice and San Antonio. So how was the home-and-home series with Oregon an impediment to the Aggies schedule?

Ever since Hyman took over for Byrne as TAM AD he’s been working to cancel the Oregon series. As associate AD let that slip but Hyman has been giving out reports stating that he was fully committed to playing the Ducks. We now know that was bogus.

Like Georgia, like Kansas State, Texas A&M cancels a home-and-home series with Oregon. And spins the reasons to support doing so.

At any rate Oregon has a series scheduled with Nebraska and Ohio State, and a visit to Michigan State.

In even years A&M only has 3 conf games at home. Why not accuse Oregon of weak sauce for not wanting only 5 home games at Autzen?

Clemson on its best day can’t be compared to Oregon. A&M wussed out,plain SEC simple. And I think Auburn will win out in the SEC and be in the playoff.

Clemson on its best day has as good a chance to beat Oregon as Oregon does of them. Maybe four or five years ago you could say that but not now. I believe we finished ahead of them last year and right behind them the year before. And watch out for #4 Deshaun Watson. He’s the real deal. Will win the Heisman in a yr or two. Calling it now. Unfortunately this year, because we don’t shy away from competition, opened up with two tough games against top ten teams with a brand new qb. When we get him back we will play with anyone on their best day. WE TOO DEEP. With all the players we’ve lost throughout the season guys keep stepping up. We are one of the few teams in the nation that can match Oregons speed. However our defense is why we would win. As long as Cole can get us thru the next few games. It will then turn into The Deshaun Show. A playmaker like Jameis on the field but a classy young man off. By the end of the season we will be as good as anyone with possibly the best defense in the nation. Since we won’t be in the playoff this yr. Hope we get a worthy apponent as we usually do. And we’ll prove once again after everyone writes us off. That we are one of the best teams in the nation. Be happy to face Oregon D. Doesn’t seem they play much D in the PAC 12. As you may have noticed in the BC vs USC game and the Virginia vs UCLA game. UCLA a favorite to win the PAC12 couldn’t score a td against a 2-10 team the yr before. Go Tigers Baby. Well play anyone. And play with anyone. Write it down and see what will continue to happen.

clemson is still building…that’s why the smart clemson fans i know cheering for the ducks right now…they can appreciate the stronger team that is winning. our starters on both sides of the ball will be healed soon enough. take notes on rest of season how improve offense cuz ur gonna need it to beat fsu next year.

With the SEC playing only eight conference games why is not the conference schedule set-up for four home games and four road games every season?

Why not have home to home series with teams from the AAC, C-USA, Army, Navy,
Mid-American Conference, Mountain West Conference, Sun Belt Conference.

The ACC has to continue to bulk up their non-conference schedule as the conference is so weak.

So look for more SEC-ACC matchups.

The P12-B1G should implement their previous plan to increase scheduling each other.

TAM-Ark at Cowboy Stadium is a neutral site game…Ha Ha.

Like the LSU-Oregon game was a neutral site game. NOT.

They are money games for sure, but not neutral site games.

The Aggies previously cancelled the series with USC so the Ducks saw this cancellation coming.

I suspect Oregon has been in conversation with Wisconsin and Minnesota (and BYU). Fine by me.

Good to see the B1G and the P12 play a 9-game conference schedule AND a conference championship game.

A&M vs Arkansas & LSU vs Oregon was/are neutral site games, they were not home games for either team, unless say LSU plays all their games at Dallas now. All games are money games as well, home n home, neutral site, one & done & bowl games. If they did not make money there would be no games at all.

If the Irish are up to two trips to the west coast each season, with some voodoo scheduling magic, maybe an Oregon-Notre Dame series in 2018-19?

That would be an intriguing matchup. But I think it’s unlikely. It would mean ND taking on Oregon and Georgia in the same year, along with the usual lineup of Stanford, SC, etc.

Oklahoma State could move either the Central Michigan or South Alabama game and schedule Oregon 2018-19. My money is on that happening.

tis is in regard to some comment’s that were being made about ooc games all most all p12 ooc games are played in there first two games ex.stan /sc vs nd what the hell is with the sec playing patsies in week 8 ala vs chatanuga geo. playing some other pansy give me a break sec playing H.S. caliber app. in week 7 -8 that crap need’s to stop playem in wk two or three because they schedule conf game out the gate not week 8 that’s bs

Nawlins… Either you are trolling or not following CFB close enough.

Tulane has two P5 opponents scheduled for both 2018 and 2019 already. Oregon needs a P5 opponent. And it’s plastered all over this site that TAM had already announced scheduling Clemson.

john thomas …thank you for voicing reason and common sense. i know its difficult for some people to stop drinking the hyped up koolaid made by espn. what you have said and been saying is absolutely correct. #goducks

MicahandMe… You’re rooting heavily for a UO-PSU series.

With only three non-conference games is Penn St willing to play two OOC P5 programs each season?

as a uo fan i’m not for penn state matchup. as far as im concerned that team still needs serve out their time for what happened. its not right pay off ncaa officials and get a jail free card. we see teams serving max time for recruiting, cheating and textbooks and its absolutely disturbing to give the nod that molesting young boys isn’t worthy of carrying out full penalties. so no thanks. call up the sec again and strike a dirty deal with them im sure they would be more than happy to profit of your lifted penalties.

Jennifer it’s you again. There were many ways of punishing those who were involved or made a choice to ignore what happened. And none of the players had anything to do with that. That’s the problem with America. We think there is always someone to blame and to punish and then they go and punish people who had nothing to do with it. Glad it was lifted it should have been. And for those players and coaches who stuck with it. Have to give them respect. Got punished for nothing they were involved with. Ask your significant other for a little advice and stay away from Schoup he’s bad news. Haha

Jennifer….you were not very good reporting TV news and you’re not very good showing off your Duck colors, Actually quite the embarrassment.

Penn St-Oregon would be a quality series.

ricky…quite the contrary…real duck fans aren’t impressed with pay offs…and the penn state would not be a good series…especially since they already are doing msu, nebraska and ohio state need an acc or another sec matchup to keep the sparks flying.

At the end of the day it’s all about greed. The SEC, especially the west division, is squeezing out every penny they can by avoiding travel costs of going to the west coast and cushioning their records with all these G5 and FCS games not to mention the neutral site games that Alabama is now becoming notorious for to give a further edge for it increases the odds of them coming out with a win and make a good revenue on over priced tickets. Just think about what would happen if the SEC big dogs of the west scheduled more home and home series with P5 competition and better G5 opponents. They’d look more like the east division, which no one gets excited about these days unless you’re talking about Georgia and speaking of Georgia, they still have work to do this season so don’t get too excited about them just yet and same with Alabama.

“not to mention the neutral site games that Alabama is now becoming notorious for to give a further edge for it increases the odds of them coming out with a win and make a good revenue on over priced tickets.” Ones opinion, as of right now neutral site games work, if they did not then there would be none. Neutral site games benefit both teams that participate in them, not just Alabama. Over priced tickets, well, depends on where you get the tickets from & there are a lot of over priced tickets for any big game, home n home as well. Edge for winning, Bama is a great team that beats other great or really good teams on a neutral field. I bet if Bama loses one of these the 1st thing out of somebodies mouth will be “look, Bama is overrated, they lost”. Every conference has greed behind them, please just don’t think the “SEC West” is the only one. If conferences did not make money then there would be no conferences, not sure what there would be, all teams for themselves I guess. If the teams could survive by not receiving any funds at all.

Oh I know it’s not just the SEC nor did I say it was just them. As far as neutral site games are concerned I think they should be followed by a home and home series but to just be booking neutral site games against other P5 opponents degrades the spirit of college football but I guess that is just my opinion.

I respect your opinion & having neutral site game followed by home n home does not sound bad at all. I can see both sides of the neutral site game, you say they degrades the spirit, I say they add excitement, there are pros & cons to it.

It does add to the excitement, however, I would hate for it to be a replacement to good old series between big named college teams. It just seems to be heading in that direction with schools like Alabama but I hope I’m wrong. You are right about the fact that there are pros and cons to it, I believe that goes without saying but now a days most things require clarification and I tend to say or wright things believing people would have a broader understanding.

Some quick facts:

The SEC has a 14-13 head-to-head record over the Pac-12 since 2000. The SEC was favored in 15 of those games.

Oregon’s record since 2002 against SEC teams is 4-2. They won all four games home and home with Miss St. and Tenn. The two games they lost: Auburn (2010), national championship by a field goal. LSU (2011), their only solid defeat, played 2,000 miles from Eugene, 400 miles from Baton Rouge.

The SEC brags a lot, and rightfully so. But they leave their bidding’s to come west to their second tier teams and even some of those (you know who you are Aggies), you know what will happen if you come to Eugene. Until the SEC either goes to nine conference games or play legit non-conference opponents, their records will always be artificially inflated.

Ps., I am a graduate of Texas A&M and you dishonor my diploma by showing your cowardice. Don’t dare call me asking to contribute money to your alumni fund.

@patrickryan As you know, only Alabama is the only SEC team that got in the playoffs, not 2 or 3 like you predicted. And ‘amazing’ Alabama lost to Ohio St in the playoffs who are a big 10 team, who u said wouldn’t even get in the playoffs. I’m an Oregon fan, and they are certainly better than Alabama. And apparently Big Ten beat sEC with Alabama losing. Sec is not the best conference, the PAC-12 is!

Very true they didn’t get two teams in. I was wrong and will admit that. Doesn’t change my opinion that the sec is still the best conference. Oregon is probably the best team, unfortunate they didn’t get FSUs best shot. Without a few fumbles, mistakes made by themselves not by pressure put on them by Oregon, they both would have scored fifty and had 700 yrds of offense. I was at the Rose bowl and watched it again. Oregon got every call and with the pressure that amounts with 29-0 record it was just a little too much. And by the way the PAC12 has only played the sec in a bowl once in the last seven years and they got beat. PAC12 had by far the easiest bowl schedule; both with the teams they played and with the location of the bowls. Just a few more things to think about, cause bowl record doesn’t mean anything. Everyone say the ACC is one of the weakest P5s but yet they got 11 bowl teams. You can’t Take just bowl records Especially when they r filling bowls with bad teams that shouldn’t be ther. And the big10 got lucky in my opinion beating Wisconsin the way they did. And the year before Clemson and FSU beat the two top teams in the nation. But will be pulling for Oregon they r legit and Crazy how quick they run their offense. They just make it look easy. OSU will tackle in the open field And Oregons d isn’t very good so OSU will definitely score points. And remember with the playoff system the two best most consistent teams won’t always end up in the championship game. The hottest team will. Turning into the NFL which I don’t want to see. 42 28 Oregon.


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All good man. I think they are all pretty equal at the top personally. This year proved that sec isn’t the best conference every year or at least that they don’t have the number one ranked team at the end of the season. Hope that Oregon wins, I think they will. Or else it will be a long time until the PAC12 is on the top again especially if Mariota leaves. And my guess is Jameis will come back and Clemson, my team will have the BEST Qb in te nation next year depending on whether Jameis leaves or not. NFL scouts have him rated as a top three pocket passer next year and he can run. Not to mention all the depth Clemson has coming back at offense. Go Tigers Baby. I just hope the national championship is a good one. OSU better watch out. Oregon is deadly this year, unlike any other year.

Sec struggled because they didn’t have Qbs this year. All the Qbs next year r in the ACC. Watch out 2015 for ACC.

no excuses!! OHIO STATE was down to their *****3rd string QB***** and STILL WON?!?! if your team is GREAT enough, a decent QB can still win the game for you.

Patrick you’re wrong alright. you said the SEC is the best because of who is in the conference. But you don’t get that the teams in the SEC look better because they only play 8 conference games instead of nine. What if any other power conference played 8 games? They would look really good too.