Tennessee adds seven home games to future football schedules

By Kevin Kelley -

The Tennessee Volunteers have added the seven homes games to their future football schedules, the school announced on Tuesday.

The seven games added will all be played at Neyland Stadium in Knoxville. Each opponent is listed below along with the date and guarantee amount:

  • UTEP – Sept. 15, 2018 ($1.4 million)
  • Chattanooga – Sept. 14, 2019 ($500,000)
  • UAB – Nov. 2, 2019 ($1.55 million)
  • Charlotte – Sept. 5, 2020 ($1.3 million)
  • Bowling Green – Sept. 4, 2021 ($1.5 million)
  • Ball State – Sept. 3, 2022 ($1.5 million)
  • Army – Sept. 17, 2022 ($1.4 million)

The Tennessee Volunteers are 2-0 all-time v. UTEP, 38-2-2 vs. Chattanooga, 4-0 vs. UAB, 1-0 vs. Bowling Green, and 5-2-1 vs. Army. Tennessee has never faced Charlotte or Ball State on the gridiron.

The addition of UTEP in 2018 completes the non-conference schedule for the Volunteers for that season. Tennessee is scheduled to open the season against West Virginia in Charlotte on Sept. 1. The Vols later host ETSU on Sept. 8 and Charlotte on Nov. 3.

Tennessee needs one more game in 2019, three in 2020, and one each in 2021 and 2022 to complete their non-conference schedules those seasons.

With the addition of Chattanooga, Tennessee is now scheduled to face an FCS opponent each season through 2019. The Vols host Tennessee Tech in 2016, Indiana State in 2017, ETSU in 2018, and the Mocs in 2019.

With the new SEC strength of schedule mandate, the Vols need to schedule one Power Five program in 2019 and 2020. Tennessee is already scheduled to face Pitt in a home-and-home series in 2021 and 2022.

Tennessee Football Schedules

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Another weak SEC OCC schedule-but then what did you expect? It is not like they they are going to be in the national title hunt for the several years.

You are so right. They should be more like Ohio State and schedule schools like Army, Bowling Green, Tulsa, Florida Atlantic,and Tulane. I mean you couple those with that Big Ten schedule of Purdue, Indiana, and Illinois and you have a real contender!

SEC hate is old. The big difference today is that it is even more pathetic.

The SEC has the disgrace known as the SEC East (Vandy, Kentucky, South Carolina, Florida, Missouri). And in the SEC West, you have the most overrated football team in college football (Arkansas). Plus, Auburn is in shambles. So to recap, the SEC’s only teams are really Alabama, LSU, Alabama, LSU, and underachieving Georgia.

Again, you think state law requires Georgia to play Georgia Tech.

Everything you have to say is invalid.

All you do is whine. And all the SEC does is win. It’s a pattern. And it will continue this year as well. The SEC will win, you will whine and the world goes on. I mean, seriously, it’s 2016. We have the Internet. There really is no reason for you to remain so ignorant. You have had every chance to educate yourself and you have failed.

It must suck going through life like that. But I guess you are too dumb to even realize it.


While you call out the easier games that OSU schedules, you failed to mention the tough ones. To try and get your bias out of this argument on schedule here is a true look at OSU’s schedule vs. Tennessee OOC over the next few years:

OSU -16: BG, Tulsa, at Oklahoma OSU – 17: Oklahoma, Army, UNLV
Tenn – 16: App St, VT (n), Ohio, Tenn Tech Tenn – 17: GT (n), Ind. St, UMass, S. Miss
OSU – 18: Oregon St, at TCU, Tulane OSU – 19: Florida Atl, TCU, Cincinnati
Tenn – 18: WV (n), ETSU, UTep, Charlotte Tenn-19: Geo St, Chattanouga, UAB, TBD

You tell me who schedules better.

Why do SEC fanz avoid the significant details when comparing OOC schedules? Joe seems to forget that the B1G, B12 and P12 play 9-game conference schedules, whereas the SEC does not. Sure there are exceptions, but besides the OOC rivalry games (Fla-FSU, Geo-GT, SoCar-Clem). a higher ratio of SEC programs do not play on campus OOC home-home series compared to other P5 conferences (unless you’re only focusing on Kentucky, Vanderbilt, Mizzo, Miss St). A far higher ratio of SEC primary OOC games are scheduled on “neutral” fields. Until that balance changes to playing more OOC campus home-home series, the SEC deserves much of the OOC scheduling criticism which it receives.

So which “neutral” field games is Alabama lining up for 2019-21?

“So which “neutral” field games is Alabama lining up for 2019-21?”

Who cares?

Bama continuously being invited to these games is HUGE! Bama has the rareness of being so good that big cities like Dallas, ATL, & Orlando want them there, they bring fans, they spend money plus it is great for recruiting & is a big play check. You seem like someone that is already on here that is using another name since you sound exactly like them. Pretty sure you would not being complaining if your team was playing a neutral site game, you just want to complain about Bama.

Dil is one of those ‘football fans’ that think all Power Five teams are Oklahoma and Ohio State.

Clearly, they aren’t.

Teams in the Big Ten and Big 12 take weeks off in the conference schedule because the teams in their conference aren’t any good. So, playing 9 games against the likes of Iowa State, Kansas, Kansas State, and Texas Tech is not even close to playing Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and LSU. It’s not even close.

Let me know when your conference has as many players drafted year in and year out as the SEC and we’ll talk. Until then, your argument is invalid.

We probably won’t be hearing from Joe for awhile after his conference’s embarrassing performance last weekend. That said, props to Alabama for holding up their end of the bargain for the SEC, as they are clearly a top 4 team in the country. Aside from Alabama, this conference may be the 3rd or 4th best conference in the nation this year. People like Joe continue to push the perception of the SEC that may have been true 7 or 8 years ago, but is clearly a farce today. You need evidence? Not only did the SEC go a dreadful 6-6 out of conference, they went 4-8 vs. the spread, which proves perception is far from reality. I would argue the 2nd or 3rd best team in the SEC just lost to the 5th or 6th best team in the B10 on a neutral field; which is humiliating. Before you make the argument that it wasn’t a truly neutral field, remember that you have been arguing for years that the SEC wins neutral field games that are played down south. Cheers to the fall of the SEC!

LOL at Maverick calling Florida (10-4) weak. Florida was a national championship contender until Will Grier got suspended. 6-0 with him, 4-4 without him. Most teams don’t finish .500 when the starting qb is gone.

9 conference game people need to realize that STRENGTH of SCHEDULE MATTERS!!!
SEC 8 games + P5 > ACC 8 games + Notre Dame > B1G 9, Big 12-2 9, Pac 12 9

Let’s look at their wins to start 6-0: 1.) New Mexico State @ home, 2.) East Carolina @ home, 3.) @Kentucky who lost an out of conference game to Louisville, 4.) Tennessee @ home who lost out of conference game @ home to Oklahoma, 5.) Ole Miss who lost out of conference game @ Memphis. 6.) Missouri (who sucks)

Florida should go 6-0. Then they sucked the rest of the way. The SEC East was weak.

Also, the SEC plays the least amount of Power 5 games. ACC, despite 8 conference games, plays more power 5 games. The Big 10, Big 12 and Pac 12 play 9 conference games plus at least 1 power 5 OOC game on average. Great teams play 2 Power 5 ooc games. Get your facts straight, you clown.

By Maverick’s logic, Toledo was clearly the best team last year.

I mean, the beat Arkansas. And Arkansas beat LSU. And LSU beat Florida. Florida beat Ole Miss. And Ole Miss beat Alabama, so clearly Toledo would have beat Alabama but Alabama was too chicken to play Toledo.

It’s rigged I tell you… RIGGED!

Isn’t it funny, though… His ignorance is probably what makes him so bitter… But he doesn’t have to remain ignorant. He just chooses to at this point.

All this talk. if ur a good school like Ohio state, Alabama, Texas etc etc then u don’t need to play schools like Grambling, u-mass and eastern Kentucky school for the deaf. if u do— then u need a break ! and maybe u a’int so tough after all.

It is funny how all the other conferences seem to keep on whining about the SEC. How about looking at the bowl games the SEC vs. The other, especially Big Ten. You suck! You can keep adding till you get to Big Sixteen, but the SEC will keep kicking your butts! How many National titles have you guys won in the last twenty years? Talking about a weak conference you guys wish you had the strength the SEC had top to bottom. How many ranked teams do you amucks have ranked year after year?