SEC announces early season 2012 Football TV Schedule

By Kevin Kelley -

SECThe SEC has announced their early season 2012 football TV schedule. The season kicks off on Thursday, Aug. 30 with South Carolina traveling to face Vanderbilt.

Three neutral site match-ups involving SEC teams are featured during week one. In the Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game in Atlanta, Tennessee faces NC State (Fri., Aug. 31, 7:30 p.m. ET, ESPNU) and Auburn takes on Clemson (Sat., Sept. 1, 7 p.m. ET, ESPN).

At 8 p.m. on Sept. 1, defending national champion Alabama takes on Michigan at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas (8 p.m. ET, ABC).

The 2012 SEC Championship Game will be televised by CBS at 4 p.m. ET on Saturday, December, 1, 2012.

Listed below are the SEC games have been selected for television as of July 16:

2012 – Week 1
DateGameTime (ET)Network/Online
Thu., Aug. 30South Carolina at Vanderbilt7:00 p.m.ESPN
Thu., Aug. 30Texas A&M at Louisiana Tech7:30 p.m.ESPNU
Fri., Aug. 31Tennessee vs. N.C. State7:30 p.m.ESPNU
Sat., Sept. 1Buffalo at Georgia12:21 p.m.SEC Network
Sat., Sept. 1Bowling Green at Florida3:30 p.m.ESPN
Sat., Sept. 1Auburn vs. Clemson7:00 p.m.ESPN
Sat., Sept. 1North Texas at LSU7:00 p.m.ESPNU
Sat., Sept. 1Jackson State at Mississippi State7:00 p.m.FSN
Sat., Sept. 1Alabama vs. Michigan8:00 p.m.ABC
Sat., Sept. 1Central Arkansas at Ole Miss7:00 p.m.PPV
Sat., Sept. 1Jacksonville State at Arkansas7:00 p.m.PPV
Sat., Sept. 1Southeastern Louisiana at Missouri7:00 p.m.PPV
Sun., Sept. 2Kentucky at Louisville3:30 p.m.ESPN
2012 – Week 2
Sat., Sept. 8Auburn at Mississippi State12:00 p.m.ESPN
Sat., Sept. 8East Carolina at South Carolina12:21 p.m.SEC Network
Sat., Sept. 8Florida at Texas A&M3:30 p.m.ESPN
Sat., Sept. 8Western Kentucky at Alabama3:39 p.m.SEC Network
Sat., Sept. 8Washington at LSU7:00 p.m.ESPN
Sat., Sept. 8UTEP at Ole Miss7:00 p.m.FSN
Sat., Sept. 8ULM at Arkansas7:00 p.m.ESPNU
Sat., Sept. 8Kent State at Kentucky7:30 p.m.CSS
Sat., Sept. 8Georgia at Missouri7:45 p.m.ESPN2
Sat., Sept. 8Vanderbilt at Northwestern8:00 p.m.Big Ten Network
Sat., Sept. 8Georgia State at Tennessee4:00 p.m.PPV
2012 – Week 3
Sat., Sept. 15ULM at Auburn12:21 p.m.SEC Network
Sat., Sept. 15Presbyterian at Vanderbilt12:30 p.m.CSS
Sat., Sept. 15Alabama at Arkansas3:30 p.m.CBS Sports
Sat., Sept. 15Texas A&M at SMU3:30 p.m.FSN
Sat., Sept. 15Florida at Tennessee6:00 p.m.ESPN
Sat., Sept. 15Arizona State at Missouri7:00 p.m.ESPN2
Sat., Sept. 15Western Kentucky at Kentucky7:00 p.m.ESPNU
Sat., Sept. 15UAB at South Carolina7:00 p.m.FSN
Sat., Sept. 15Mississippi State at Troy7:00 p.m.ESPN3
Sat., Sept. 15Florida Atlantic at Georgia7:30 p.m.CSS
Sat., Sept. 15Idaho at LSU8:00 p.m.PPV
Sat., Sept. 15Texas at Ole Miss9:15 p.m.ESPN
2012 – Week 4
Sat., Sept. 22Ole Miss at Tulane12:00 p.m.FSN
Sat., Sept. 22Kentucky at Florida12:21 ETSEC Network
Sat., Sept. 22Missouri at South Carolina3:30 ETCBS
Sat., Sept. 22Florida Atlantic at Alabama5:00 ETPPV
Sat., Sept. 22LSU at Auburn7:00 ETESPN
Sat., Sept. 22Rutgers at Arkansas7:00 ETESPNU
Sat., Sept. 22South Carolina St. at Texas A&M7:00 ETFSN
Sat., Sept. 22South Alabama at Mississippi State7:00 ETPPV
Sat., Sept. 22Akron at Tennessee7:30 ETCSS
Sat., Sept. 22Vanderbilt at Georgia7:45 ETESPN2
2012 – Week 9
Sat., Oct. 27Georgia vs. Florida3:30 p.m.CBS Sports
2012 – Week 10
Sat., Nov. 3CBS Doubleheader – Game 13:30 p.m.CBS Sports
Sat., Nov. 3Alabama at LSU8:00 p.m.CBS Sports
2012 – Week 11
Sat., Nov. 10CBS Doubleheader – Game 112:00 p.m.CBS Sports
Sat., Nov. 10CBS Doubleheader – Game 23:30 p.m.CBS Sports
2012 – Week 13
Fri., Nov. 23LSU at Arkansas2:30 p.m.CBS Sports
2012 – Week 14
Sat., Dec. 1SEC Championship Game4:00 p.m.CBS Sports