SEC, Big 12 Champions to meet in New Year’s Day Bowl Game

By Kevin Kelley -

Big-12, SEC create bowl gameThe SEC and the Big 12 have announced a partnership that will pit their conference champions against each other in a New Year’s Day bowl game.

The agreement between the two conferences is for five years and begins following the 2014 football season (Jan. 1, 2015). The host site, TV partner and name of the bowl game will be announced at a later date. For now, the game has the working title “Champions Bowl.”

“A new January bowl tradition is born,” said SEC Commissioner Mike Slive. “This new game will provide a great match-up between the two most successful conferences in the BCS era and will complement the exciting post-season atmosphere created by the new four-team model. Most importantly, it will provide our student-athletes, coaches and fans with an outstanding bowl experience.”

“Our goal is to provide the fans across the country with a New Year’s Day prime-time tradition,” commented acting Big 12 Conference Commissioner Chuck Neinas. “This is a landmark agreement between two of the most successful football conferences during the BCS era to stage a post-season event. The creation of this game featuring the champions of the Big 12 and SEC will have tremendous resonance in college football.”

“I am very excited by the prospects for a game between our champion and the champion of the Southeastern Conference,” added in-coming Big 12 Conference Commissioner Bob Bowlsby.

The bowl game, which will be bid out, could be hosted by the Cotton Bowl at Cowboys Stadium, the Sugar Bowl at the Superdome, or even the Georgia Dome in Atlanta.

With a four-team playoff coming in 2014, it’s possible that the Big 12 or SEC champions could be playing there rather than the “Champions Bowl.” If that is the case, another “deserving team” from the conference would be selected to play in the game.

Another “deserving team” being selected will probably be the norm, as either the Big 12 or SEC champion has played in the national title game 11 times in the 14 years of the BCS. In most years, this bowl will probably pit the Big 12 no. 2/3 vs. the SEC no. 2/3.

The move by the two conferences creates a “Rose Bowl” type game similar to what the Big 10 and Pac-12 have. It also creates what some are calling a power shift in major college football and the possibility of further conference realignment.

With the power of the other conferences becoming weaker by the day, expect ACC teams such as Florida State, Miami and Virginia Tech to strongly consider moving to the Big 12. Even Notre Dame may have to consider joining a conference also.

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SEC should go after Va Tech and NC State
Big 12 should try for FSU, Miami, Louisville, Cincinnati, Notre Dame and Maryland

Super Conferences!!!

SEC- VA Tech and NC State
Big 12- FSU, Clemson, Louisville, Notre Dame, BYU, and Georgia Tech

Can’t disagree. I would try to find a little bit more visible program than Maryland – probably BYU.

BYU would be a good pick but not playing on Sunday has hurt them in the past and could again in the future. I think they would be in the Big 12 now if not for Sunday’s being off limits.
Maryland is a good school and if the Big 12 passes I could see the Big 10 picking them up to keep pace and get in the Baltimore & DC markets

BYU will be good for someone at some point. The Sunday situation doesn’t seem that big of a deal to me because many in their fan base would not attend a home game or watch on television on that day. Seems like you just don’t schedule them for a Sunday at all. There would plenty of bigger TV draws in the rest of the Big 12.

Yea, that is a stupid name for it. The team who wins would be the Champions Bowl Champions. Very redundant.

It’s just a working title, something for them to name it for now. It will be bid out and could end up being the Cotton Bowl, Sugar Bowl or something new.

FS and Clemson would be great n give them two teams from the east n add BYU an another for two teams in the west side. I don’t think Va tech wants to leave the ACC but stranger things have happened. Big 12 needs to be making some moves real quick though.

I don’t ever see this bowl being played as it is billed. Either the Big 12 champion or SEC champion or both will be playing in the 4-team playoff I’m sure.

I look for the Cotton Bowl to get the game. They are not in the BCS Championship rotation so this is a natural fit. Jerry will make it happen.

In 2017, they’re opening up a new open-air stadium in Atlanta. This would be a major improvement from the I’m Still Calling it Peach Bowl.

the big 12 could pick up several teams…. florida st, miami, clemson, louisville, byu, notre dame, or houston. but i think the b10 would pick up nd b4 anyone else did

I wish the SEC would add Florida St. & Va. Tech to East and move Mizzou West. Those two are the strongest football programs in the ACC by far. The SEC has 3 States with 2 Teams. Florida should be big enough for two, like it or not.