SEC announces new bowl lineup beginning in 2014

By Kevin Kelley -

The SEC has announced a new bowl lineup beginning in 2014. The lineup will be effective following the conclusion of the 2014 regular-season and extends through 2019.

“We are pleased to have established a lineup of premier bowl games that will give our student-athletes a wonderful post-season experience and our fans the opportunity to travel to venues in the geographical footprint of the conference,” SEC Commissioner Mike Slive said.

The SEC bowl lineup will include the following:

  • Capital One Bowl (vs. Big Ten or ACC)
  • Outback Bowl (vs. Big Ten)
  • Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl (vs. ACC or Big Ten)
  • Gator Bowl (vs. ACC or Big Ten)
  • AutoZone Liberty Bowl (vs. Big 12)
  • Texas Bowl (vs. Big 12)
  • Belk Bowl (vs. ACC)
  • Birmingham Bowl (vs. TBA)
  • AdvoCare V100 Bowl (vs. ACC)

In selected years, the SEC will also participate in the Allstate Sugar Bowl and the Discover Orange Bowl.

The selection process for SEC bowl games will also be new starting in 2014. After any SEC schools are selected to the College Football Playoff, Allstate Sugar Bowl, and/or Discover Orange Bowl, the Capital One Bowl will have the first selection of remaining teams.

A pool of six bowls will then select their teams “in consultation with SEC member institutions.” The six bowls are the Outback Bowl, Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl, Gator Bowl, AutoZone Liberty Bowl, Texas Bowl, and Belk Bowl.

After the pool of six bowls have created their matchups, the Birmingham Bowl and the AdvoCare V100 bowl will have the eight and ninth picks, respectively.

“This bowl process gives us the best opportunity to address several issues that impact SEC fans, including the creation of intriguing matchups, the accommodation of travel for fans, reduced ticket obligations for our schools and a variety of assignments to help prevent repetitive postseason destinations,” said Slive.

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I guess the SEC are afraid of the PAC-12. There are no bowls that match the two conferences together unless you consider the Championship game against Oregon and Ohio State or one of the SEC games.

SEC afraid of the PAC-12? That is so ridiculous! Even Vanderbilt can whip just about any PAC-12 team!

You don’t like the BCS, looks like you are going to have a problem with the playoff system, the above bowl games are just a list of bowl games that the SEC teams can be invited to after the playoff teams have been chosen. If you would like to play an SEC team, win out and then we will welcome you to the SEC.

It is select teams that make college footballs elite status as programs. The sec is no better as a conference whole. Than anyone else. Sec is way over rated as a conference. Go sooners and cowboys. By the way how many big 12 championships did missouri or a&m ever win! The big great sec. What a joke

Mike you hit the nail on the head. I agree with your entire comment. The SEC is a conference that makes me laugh on how over-rated it is.

Does that mean the SEC won’t be participating in the Chick-fil-A Bowl in selected years?

The Belk Bowl is the only game in a state outside the SEC footprint And Charlotte is only 2 or 3 hours by car from USC or Uga.

I think Sun Bowl with SEC vs.Pac 12 would be great. It is gonna be interesting to see how many of these bowls are filled because Cotton and CFA Bowls will take SEC teams when they aren’t hosting playoff games.

I would like to see Hawaii or Las Vegas with an SEC-Pac-12 line up. SEC fans would travel to both. Who would not like to see Auburn vs. Ucla in Hawaii or Georgia vs. USC ins Vegas rather than another game vs. Purdue, Michigan State, Uva or Clemson in Charlotte or Jacksonville?

Just heard from Macon Telegraph that Greg McGarity the Athletic Director at UGA has said that the 2014 SEC Football schedule will not be released for at least 30 days, originally he said they were to announce both ’14 AND 15 HOWEVER not that is not the case as they are taking a serious look he says at nine game scheduling for future and also with the announcement that VA TECH is adding BIG TEN Teams to its scheduling in future and 2 or more per season seems to indicate that Jim Delaney of Big 10 is going to announce something before end of this season and that will shake up Conference Carousel again as V Tech dropped the out of conference teams its had scheduled and rapidly added Big Ten schools. This certainly has to open Mike Slives eyes and may indicate why SEC is holding back on releasing schedules any further if there are major changes in College Athletics. V Tech admin has said recently they have been in talks with Big 10 but would not elaborate on anything at this point. We will have to wait and see as The SEC knows something and held back on its future schedules as this was an abrubt announcement as they were set to do a cycle for next 3 to 4 years now that is on HOLD!!

I think the issue is more about not releasing a schedule for a 3-year period in case they want to make a switch to nine-games earlier.

Virginia Tech isn’t going anywhere since the ACC signed a grant of rights through 2026-27 back in April.

Yes that is true however it only takes a vote of 11 of the 14 to overturn that grant of rights clause in case some of the teams want to leave if things on the landscape start to turn, and I can assure you that it the Big 10 came calling on some of the ACC member schools again with all that TV revenue and $$ and better conference and teams as ACC is not the Upper Elite in Football that some would GO! ESPN radio reported last month that Jim Delaney was not done with adding more schools and that 2 up to 6 more could be added to make either 16, 18, or 20 team model. When Delaney was asked about the time table he dodged the question. A few Athletic Directors from the BIG 10 have leaked info that Delaney wants at least 2 more by end of 2013, and to target the larger TV markets in South, areas they are currently not in. This will allow the new additions to be ready for 2015 season at least. There is a 16 18 and 20 team model that has been discussed with all the Presidents and AD’s at one of recent meetings.
It would not surprise me if this occurs sooner not later and causes majors changes again in College Landscape.

I just checked out Va Techs upcoming schedule and they have added Penn State no dates given, Ohio State 14 and 15 Wisconsin 16 an 17 and Michigan 20 and 21 they just dropped LSU off schedule and probably will drop more OOC teams to add more from Big 10 according to Athletic Department

Shouldn’t be a problem … ACC and Pac-12 meet in Texas. Big Ten and Big 12 travel to the west coast to meet the Pac-12, and vice versa (Alamo Bowl). SEC doesn’t seem to care much about playing Bowl games outside of the South.

well sec doesn’t want to play teams they might loose too the great jonny football barely beat duke yet duke was crushed by florida state

Just spit balling some thoughts. Nothing serious. The PAC-12 / Big 10 (Rose Bowl) game should be a playoff game each year, the SEC / Big 12 (Sugar Bowl) game should be a playoff game, and an ACC / American (Orange Bowl) game should be a playoff game. The winners of those 3 games would then be seeded, and #2 plays #3 for the spot in the NCG against #1. It would be both a 6 team and a 3 team playoff that has the best of all scenarios: each bowl gets to keep their conference tie-ins, fans get an actual tournament-style playoff, and the integrity of the season is maintained by requiring playoff teams to win their respective conferences. The Chick-fil-A and Fiesta Bowls could also be included among the prestigious bowls by being completely open to nothing but At-Large teams that ranked high in the final BCS poll but didn’t make the playoffs due to the lack of a conference championship

Sorry. Forgot to include the Cotton Bowl. And another stipulation. Since the Fiesta Bowl’s conference tie-in (the Big 12) was broken, and because the Cotton Bowl was already a bowl that matched an SEC team against a Big 12 team each year, the site of the SEC v Big 12 playoff game could rotate between the 3 bowls each year.

why do u guys consider Vanderbilt as an SEC doormat? this will be their 3rd consecutive year in a postseason
n bowl.

The SEC plays up to 4 bowls with the Big Ten and up to 5 Bowls with the ACC. Why can’t one or two of those bowls include a PAC-12 team. Why is the SEC against playing the PAC-12? That is the only conference that is not included in the SEC bowl. Are they worried that the PAC-12 is so much better then the teams in the SEC. The non-conference schedule of the SEC is pretty weak. Why don’t the SEC add some PAC-12 teams to play.

Please Oh Lord DO NOT ever send the AGGIES to play in Any Bowl that Jerry Jones can F____ up on the wrong date (every one knows cotton bowl sb played jan 1 not jan ? & during the day) w his PRICE GOUGING, PRETENTIOUS, GREEDY, PREFERENTIAL TREATMENT… and his habit of drafting Aggie QBs then only playing them during pre season. Yep, I despise that Hog loving fool… and I’m from Dallas!

I just wish there were more games on broadcast TV! ESPN has all but wrapped up the college bowl season for themselves! Since I don’t have cable or a dish I can’t see any of these games. It makes me sad…

Terry, not being able to watch most if not all the games is just not right and would make me more than just sad. I’m sure you have other ways to see the games you want to see, happy watching.
I don’t think, no I know the SEC isn’t afraid to play anyone, let alone the PAC 12. With the 10 plus bowl games the SEC are involved in year in and year out, the selection committee must feel the PAC 12 isn’t worthy of an SEC opponent even after the automatic tie ins. I feel Stanford, Washington, UCLA and Arizona State would all be worthy opponents for and squad in the SEC this year.
If VA TECH does jump to the BIG 10, it will be exactly what that conference needs, A quality team with old school grit that will help raise that conference’s stature back to where it should be. With the exception of MI. State, the conference has taken it on the chin as being weak and no one wants to see the BIG 10 weak, its bad for college football.
The Chick-fil-A Bowl and the Georgia Dome in general has become a staple in college football with hosting some of the most memorable college football games in recent history. It should be and rightly so considered for not only the new playoff games but also championship games.
The jury has been out on the BCS for years and we all know that verdict. There’s no jury selected yet on our new playoff system, bowl locations and team selections. Personally, I’m sitting back, hoping things will work out for the best but really waiting to see how the NCAA and the so called experts are going to screw this new system up for everyone.

Gary you’re an idiot .there isn’t any team in the SEC afraid of any PAC 12 team.shit Vanderbilt will beat any PAC 12 team.think before you writeT

Then schedule some PAC-12 teams in a bowl game or during the regular season instead of playing all the High Schools they play. You are the idiot.

sec lol Big 12 is were it was at… Texas A&M, Missouri we’re Big 12 , Nebraska went to the Big 10 tired of hearing sec sec what they have 1 team Alabama, great job OU

Big 12 has done well this year. So has the ACC. Pac-12 is 6-3. I am hoping that I see who wins the conference standings for the bowl games. Look forward to seeing the college title game on Monday. Go FSU.

If you people really didn’t think the SEC is the greatest conference, then you wouldn’t feel the need to say they aren’t over and over!! No one bothers arguing something that everyone knows to be false because it would be a moot point. Therefore your argument against the SEC favors the SEC!! Every team and every conference has great players, great coaches, and great teams, but overall the SEC hands down is the best!!!

Me thinks you protest too much. If you keep defending the SEC, there must be reason to defend a conference that is not the best this year. They must be losing their grip on the best conference. Then to ignore the Conference of champions is unforgivable.

I dont have espn-this means I cant watch but a few bowl games.What can be done about this?What is wrong with fox,nbc,abc and cbs? Poor man in ga. who loves sports.