Rutgers, Temple Schedule Four-Game Football Series

By Kevin Kelley -

The Rutgers Scarlet Knights and the Temple Owls have scheduled a four-game football series beginning in 2020, Rutgers Director of Athletics Julie Hermann and Temple interim Director of Athletics Kevin Clark announced today.

Rutgers will host Temple at High Point Solutions Stadium in Piscataway, NJ on September 19, 2020 and again on September 17, 2022. The Scarlet Knights will then face the Owls at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, PA on September 11, 2021 and a date to be announced in September 2023.

Rutgers and Temple are both current members of the American Athletic Conference. But with the Scarlet Knights headed for the Big Ten next season, all future match-ups will be as non-conference foes.

The Scarlet Knights, which currently lead the overall series 20-15, will host Temple this season on Nov. 2.

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This is a good example as to what Julie Hermaan is not qualified to be AD at Rutgers. Pernetti gets us into the big 10 and she schedules 4 years with a third rate program like Temple.

I’m not sure why this is a bad thing. It’s a local game that Rutgers fans can travel to easily if they want to, as opposed to most of the Big Ten road games, which will be quite a distance away. The B1G schedule is going to be brutal with Ohio State, Michigan and Penn State every year, as well as Maryland (if the Terps continue to improve) and Michigan State. Throw in the occasional Nebraska or Wisconsin games and that’s not an easy route to a bowl game. Temple provides a decent chance at a win, and a possible nearby road game destination to boot.

I’m not saying that your AD is good or bad, I’m just saying that this decision seems to be a logical one.

I have to agree with Mdak. Most of the Big Ten teams will have a random Mac opponent each year. This is the on field equivalent of them scheduling CMU, WMU, Bowling Green and Toledo on a rotating basis.

It also puts them in larger stadia; has the potential for developing into a rivalry (like IU/Kentucky or Iowa/ISU) and for the alumni base in South Jersey is more convenient to see the game in Philly than a home game.

you guys got so lucky against Temple. choked to UConn and spanked by usf.. give me a break!
I think its a wrong move. you not good enough to compete with big 10. AAC is Rutgers speed.

I think this is a smart move by Rutgers, and I agree with mdak06. This is pretty much a local game, both schools are not far from one another. They have somewhat of a nice little rivalry dating back to the good Big East days. This could be a win for Rutgers on what is going to be a brutal Big Ten schedule. I am glad Rutgers is able to schedule an FBS opponent. I would like to see Rutgers play FBS teams as opposed to FCS teams. I don’t know how everyone else feels but I would like to see Rutgers continue to schedule games with Temple, a PAC-12 team and Big 12 team for future schedules.

I also agree. The Big Ten is asking their schools to phase out FCS games (that’s Division 1-AA), so once Rutgers plays out those contracts out,they probably will stop playing teams like Howard State. They will have 9 annual games against Big 10 competition. Of the remaining 3 games, 1 or 2 will likely be against local teams such as Temple, Buffalo, Syracuse, UConn, Army or Navy. With annual games against the likes of Michigan, Ohio State and Penn State, there will be little call to criticize Rutgers’ strength of schedule.

The way Rutgers is playing…Not sure I would count on Temple being a sure win year in and year out either. Not sure the AAC will be as bad as people make it out to be. Gotta say watching Houston, SMU and UCF air it out is a lot more fun than watching Rutgers lately.

Good luck in the Big Ten!

Your school is going to get bitch slapped on a weekly basis.

Overconfident idiots

i cant wait until 2020! we are going to spank the pink knights! all the way back to there little college! if we don’t spank you, your coaches will,they like to do that there! hahahahaha!

You beat one team with an above 500 record (7-5, wow big win), You literally got ass-whipped by every decent team in the big 10. I mean seriously destroyed. The games werent close. HOw do you expect to ever win the big 10, you have no chance in hell.

Goodbye Temple….just jealous, stuck in the AAC… get bitch slapped by Memphis!

Hey Dope,
You’re team is getting spanked all year, you havent beaten a team with a winning record. You are getting pounded by your new division teams. You almost lost to the Howard Bison, yes I Howard, who knew they had a football team. While Temple and PSU take all your recruits, please don’t cry when you never win a Big 10 title, ever. Temple beat East Carolina, they are probably similar in skill to the Bison of Howard U.