Report: TCU to play at Texas on Thanksgiving

By Kevin Kelley -

The TCU Horned Frogs are likely to play at the Texas Longhorns next Thanksgiving, Star-Telegram has reported.

TCU officially joins the Big 12 on July 1 and would replace Texas’ annual holiday weekend game against Texas A&M, who left the Big 12 for the SEC.

Although the 2012 Big 12 football schedule has not been released yet, both the TCU and Texas athletic directors have heard the Thanksgiving matchup is a possibility. Texas AD DeLoss Dodds said the scenario is “…the one I’ve heard.”

TCU AD Chris Del Conte stated “…they’ve given us about four different models to look at and now they’re putting them in the computer and trying to figure out how they’re all going to mesh. Each AD has to vote on two of them. More than likely the TCU-Texas game will be on Thanksgiving, that’s the one constant that we know.”

The Longhorns lead the overall series against the Horned Frogs 61-20-1. The two schools last met in 2007 in Austin. Texas won that game 34-13.

Prior to that contest, TCU and Texas played home-and-home every year from 1927 through 1995 as both schools were members of the old Southwest Conference.

The 2012 Big 12 schedule is expected to be released in the next few weeks. However, the current lawsuit between the Big East Conference and future Big 12 member West Virginia may delay the announcement.

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TCU should play WVU on Thanksgiving Day. The country deserves good football. No need for Texas w/out the Farmers.

just kidding, im stupid. WV is not even near texas…. why would WV and a texas team be rivals when TCU and Texas could….. Sorry for being an idiot…… awww poooppyy whhhopi

I wonder at what point in 2012 we will hear about Louisville and Cincinnati becoming members of the Big XII. My guess would be sometime in the third or early fourth quarter of the year.

Know what I’d like to see? Rutgers and UConn to the ACC, Cincy and Louisville to the Big Ten, UCF and USF to the SEC, Houston and SMU to the Big 12, and Boise State and SDSU to the Pac-14. That’s some Rockefeller shit right there. end of the Big East as we know it.

Hopefully soon. With the SEC & ACC going to 14 teams I wish the big 12 would go to( Louisville, Cincy Rutgers BYU USF- any 4 would do) But I’d be happy if they just went back to 12

UT wants to stay at 10 teams. If you have 12 teams you will need a championship game. UT does not want that. They want an easy avenue to the title game. They will always be OU’s bitch.

Yendor69 : I didn’t realize that you could be someone’s bitch and yet lead the series at an all-time record of 59-42-5. Hmmm, maybe it’s the other way around? A school with the nations 3rd winningest program is no ones bitch.

Texas is such a sellout. They’re only hope for a good game of football on Thanksgiving or a good game of football for Texas fans is against A&M. They need to stop being such little girls about A&M moving to the SEC. Lisa the Longhorn pissed off that Abby the Aggie got a better Barbie.

Hardly. Aggie breaks up with old girl friend, but then decides he wants to be “friends with benefits”. Ex-girl friend says “pound it Bozo”.

Now Aggie can date new squeeze in Louisiana or that pig in Arkansas. So long suckers.

Why don’t you go back to your Aggie message board and chat more about how you think that A&M’s move to the $EC is a good fit. If any one is a sellout, it would be the aTm governing body and fan base as a sellout to Gene Stallings. What is best for aTm is to field a decent team and beat somebody. Pretty much signed your own death warrant by going to the $EC. aTm will be inbetween Vanderbilt and Mississippi State for some time to come. No matter what you reply…27-25 still holds.

I really was hoping to bump up the rivalry with Tech. TCU isn’t a bad thanksgiving day game, but Tech would be better.

Like TCU but LOVE my horns. Ash get your ish together and and let go win a Big 12 championship this year

I am glad TCU gets the game they were basicly shunned out of the big 12 many years ago and its time they show the world that little schools can do big things..

WVU / Texas should be a rivalry. Folks in West Virginia are not fond of Texas or Texans. I lived up there for 5 years and am glad to have left the state. I am relishing the opportunity for Texas to kick the shit out of the Mountaineers this fall. Time to save money for tickets to the game in Austin.

We all know it’s about the dollars. But it is sad that none of it seems to be about honoring tradition. Hook ’em!