Oregon, Boise State schedule three-game football series

By Kevin Kelley -

The Oregon Ducks and the Boise State Broncos have scheduled a three-game football series, both schools announced on Thursday.

Oregon will host Boise State at Autzen Stadium in Eugene on Sept. 14, 2024 and then two seasons later on Sept. 5, 2026. The Broncos will host the Ducks at Albertson’s Stadium in Boise, Idaho on Sept. 13, 2025.

According to Boise State’s release, the schools will exchange $300,000 for the games in 2024 and 2025, and then Boise State will receive an $800,000 guarantee for the game in 2026.

Oregon and Boise State last met in the 2017 Las Vegas Bowl. The Broncos defeated the Ducks 38-28 in that contest and now lead the overall series 3-0.

Oregon now has three non-conference games scheduled for the 2024 season. The Ducks are also scheduled to host Texas Tech on Sept. 7 and travel to Hawaii on Sept. 21.

Boise State is the first scheduled non-conference opponent for Oregon for both the 2025 and 2026 seasons.

Oregon is the sixth Power Five opponent that Boise State has scheduled over the next ten seasons. The other five teams the Broncos are set to play include Oklahoma State (away in 2018, home in 2021), Florida State (2019; in Jacksonville, home in 2020), Oregon State (away in 2022, home in 2023), Michigan State (home in 2022, away in 2023), and Washington State (away in 2026, home in 2027.

Boise State also has future home-and-home series scheduled against BYU (2018-23), Marshall (2019-20), Georgia Southern (2020, 2024), Houston (2021, 2024), UTEP (2021-22), Rice (2023, 2027), Cincinnati (2024-25), and East Carolina (2026, 2028).

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Comments (12)

Boise State has a better job scheduling Power 5 schools than most Power 5 schools do

Seems like Boise got the short end of the stick on this deal. It’s bad enough they had to give up two away games for a home game, but to only receive $800,000 on the last game is ridiculous.

Seems strange that Boise was able to schedule home & away with Florida State and Michigan State, but had to do a 2-for-1 with Oregon.

I wish the pac 12 would allow Boise State to join it would make the conference more credible.

There is more than just football that goes into decisions on who to add. Consider how Boise’s other sports programs and especially women’s sports stack up to Pac-12 schools. Also, these are colleges and the Pac-12 (along with the Big-10) is more concerned about academics (yes, I know, ASU) than most other conferences. In both of these ways, BYU would be a better fit, but probably won’t fit because of the conservative/religious/Sunday issues.

Not many P5 schools will do a H&H with Boise, too high a risk. With Boise on the sched, Oregon probably now go the SEC route and have weak G5 school and FBS on the sched in ’25 and ’26. Probably will move the ’24 Texas Tech Game. For Boise, they now just need to find one for P5 game for those seasons.

@Boise the MSU deal is actually a 2-for-1 as well, BSU played in East Lansing in 2012; technically they were two separate contracts but everything was announced together.

Great news for Boise! Even better news is they got one home game out of the deal.

Boise is one of the few Group of 5 teams that play like a Power 5 school and have done that more consistently than any other Group of 5 School (UCF has had two 13-0 seasons but also a 0-12 as well)