Ole Miss, Florida State schedule 2016 opener in Orlando

By Brian Wilmer -

Some have criticized Florida State’s 2014 schedule and used it as justification to rank them lower in the playoff standings — if not out of the final four teams altogether. That may not be an issue for the Seminoles in 2016.

ESPN’s Brett McMurphy reports that Orlando’s Citrus Bowl will host a neutral-site contest between Ole Miss and Florida State to kick off the 2016 campaign. That game will be played on Monday, September 5, 2016.  Larry Ridley of WESH-TV in Orlando reports that the game will be played in prime time in front of a national television audience.

The Citrus Bowl stadium is nearing the close of an enormous renovation that will have been fully completed by the time the game is played. The stadium will have fewer fixed seats (61,348) than the previous iteration, adding to the “marquee game” feel.

The schools have faced off just once, with Ole Miss winning the October 7, 1961 matchup by a 33-0 margin.

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I like this match in Orlando for a neutral site game. Of course now the SEC can not get bashed for some calling it a “other conferences have to travel so far for neutral site”. This is clearly in FSU’s backyard. Should be a good one.

It has the makings of a good game. Only thing better would be a home and home series as both teams have opening in 2017. So far Ole Miss does not have an OOC game with a P5 team listed for 2017 and so far FSU only has the game with Florida listed for 2017.

But I do love the teams which play real games week one.

Great match up! Not sure how playing OK state, Norte Dame and Florida is a week non- conference schedule? I don’t see many power 5 teams playing 3 power 5 teams in non- conference!!

The major ding on Florida State is — possibly unfairly — the strength (or lack thereof) surrounding them in the ACC. Also, the name value of Oklahoma State, Notre Dame and Florida may end up being more valuable than the actual teams they placed on the field this year.

@David: You are correct. I -cover- the ACC here each week, so I watch a *lot* of ACC football. Clemson would be different with Deshaun Watson for the entire year, and David Cutcliffe has done great things at Duke, but there’s a LOT of mediocre football in the “middle”. There’s a #goacc hashtag for a reason.

But again, I’m just a columnist and observer who grew up in ACC country, so make of my thoughts what you will. :)

@Patrick (it won’t let me reply inline, for whatever reason): I don’t really have a “power-five” team, per se. I’m a Middle Tennessee fan, but I don’t cover a ton of CUSA stuff. That fact also helps me enjoy the games a lot more, because I’m not living and dying on every down. :)

I’m sure many readers probably think I hate their teams — and that’s a fair thought — but I tend to write about as “down the middle” as I possibly can here. :)

Cool man. Somewhat familiar with them, my dad use to coach in southern conference. I am a die hard Clemson fan so I tend to get my heart broken every year. Although I do think we have the talent to be as good as any team in the nation especially over the last few years, however, we never seem to get much credit. For some reason the only two games people seem to remember are the West Virginia game four years ago and then FSU last year. We have the talent to compete with anyone but can’t seem to put it together for a full season. But then again who can. FSU has been able to do this for a very long stretch. And it’s killing me to hear and read all the negatives about them. They may not have played the power houses like miss st has played in the SEC but come on how many teams have a close to comparable schedule that rnt in the SEC. Not many and the PAC12 teams schedule can not be compared to the SEC’s. The SEC has set the bar. The overall physicality in the SEC on a week to week basis is on a different level. FSU wouldn’t go perfect in the SEC but you better believe they would compete just like the Alabama’s and LSU’s. FSU hasn’t played up to their best potential but man I sure would like to see them play against the best in the playoff. So I can sit down and watch a great game and maybe it will open a few more eyes on how good they actually are. When you have won as many in a row as FSU has it is hard to get pumped to play a team you are superior to. In their case, most teams. But ND no matter what the final score was against ASU, it was a 3 point game with 4 mins left, Oklahoma St, Florida, Clemson and Louisville are recognizable opponents for anyone unless of course you are comparing them to the SEC. But no way shape or form should Oregon be in front of them with a loss. Unless the committee did it because Oregon has played one more game than FSU. But good old Jeff Long said otherwise.

I suspect that they put Oregon in front of FSU to set up getting two SEC teams in the playoff. Alabama will barely beat Miss st at home leaving Miss st with one loss. They will then beat ole miss and Alabama will win SEC. This leaving two one loss teams from SEC in top four. Long way to go but hard not to see where the committee is going and what they value from current rankings.

But go tigers baby. Gonna end the year with a ten game winning streak and end In top ten again and win Orange bowl for second straight year and still don’t get any recognition from anyone. You guys and everyone else continue to motivate the ACC. Only gonna make for better football.

2 and 3 really don’t matter. You play each other in the first round. Who cares who’s ahead of who, as it is meaningless. Except for the setup value. That’s what they did. FSU winning, it won’t fall any lower than 3. What they’ve done is state clearly they see Oregon as the best 1 loss team. No one is ‘close’ to them.

Huh? If you believe that the overall physicality of the SEC is on a different level, then you haven’t been watching other conferences play. The SEC has physical teams, just like every other conference not named the ACC or the Big 12. It just seems that way because of the lack of spread offenses in that conference. LSU wasn’t more physical than Wisconsin when they played, neither was Tennessee against Oklahoma or Alabama against West Virginia. And please don’t prop up Florida State. They are not the same team as last year and it shows on the field. It has absolutely nothing to do with getting up for an opponent. They have talent, but the defense is young and struggles to make stops no matter the opponent, plus the offense turns the ball over far more than they did last year.

I will agree though that Oregon shouldnt be in front of an undefeated defending national champ. Same with Miss. State. And as I have stated in another post, there will not be 2 teams from the SEC. Believe that pipe dream all you want. Only way that happens is if a couple of teams lose. Miss. State cannot afford a loss. The same argument for why TCU is ranked ahead of Baylor will be used on Miss. State should they lose a game, their non-conference schedule is beyond weak, they have to win out. And worse for SEC fans is, what happens if Missouri wins the conference? My guess is no SEC teams get in. Right now if a conference gets 2 bids, it’ll be the Big 12

I don’t see any conference getting two teams in, the SEC is cannibalizing itself in the west, hope one team makes it out unscathed. Not sue what teams from the BIG12 would get in? TCU I would guess but Baylor? There schedule is not very good & yes they beat TCU but now TCU is in front of them & not looking back. I just don’t see the committee letting Baylor in.

John that’s the difference right there. Tenn and LSU are considered on the lower half of SEC this season LSU not entirely. But the difference is Wisconsin is one of the most physical if not the most physical team in the Big10 and I would also think Oklahoma may be the most physically talented team in the Big12 especially over the last 10 yrs. The only reason they were able to beat Alabama last year. Other conferences have teams equally talented but the depth is not there. Not there with the teams nor with the players on D-line and O-line. Depth is the difference.

Lower half? Seriously? Wisconsin one of if not the most physical team in the Big 10? I don’t know who you’re listening to, but you should stop. No offense, but you’re clearly not watching. Half of the teams in the SEC aren’t anywhere close to as physical as LSU and Wisconsin isn’t considered at the top of the Big 10 in that category either. As far as depth along both lines, again, you’re clearly not watching. Depth isn’t the difference, style and scheme are. Put Ole Miss in the Pac-12 and they might still be unbeaten. However put Miss. State in the Pac-12 and they likely have 4 losses already.

“The overall physicality in the SEC on a week to week basis is on a different level” is like the “read option is college football offense” mantra. There’s no stats to confirm this but people tend to believe anyway just because it sounds good and reasonable.

So the potential two game Georgia-Florida State “neutral site series” for 2016 & 2018 didn’t pan out, with both programs scheduled up with Notre Dame.

I presume Georgia is attempting to schedule other programs for 2016 and 2018 “neutral” site games in Atlanta? Maybe Georgia vs. Kansas St or Miami in 2016? And Georgia vs. TCU in 2018? Or maybe it will be Auburn or Missi State vs. Kansas St or Miami for the 2016 Chickadee kickoff?

Can’t look pass the Alabama-Miss St big game. A must win for both programs. Certainly next week, is cupcake week for a number of programs,

As far as the top four goes, the order does NOT matter. Still wish’n for an eight-team playoff.

@Patrick, please get out more and quit drinking the local kool-aid, the cherry picking, and painting everything in black and white. What happened last year has nothing to do with this year. Every conference and program has its strengths and weaknesses and it fluctuates. Don’t take the game so personally. As you suggested yourself, its not good for your health.

So who is your top 10? Current and forecast?

These neutral site games are going to slowly diminish the popularity of college football. Taking games – especially great games away from campuses for the chance to make more $$$ is going to hurt in the long run. I really hope that some day colleges get back to playing these big non-conference games on campuses.

Oh and Ricky we, Clemson play them in 2016. And read post on the other page. Gave you my top 25. And do you want who I think the committee will put in the top 25 or who I think will deserve to be there? Big difference now that I have seen which way the committee is swaying.

Don’t get me wrong LSU is legit and has been legit. But they are currently still behind 5 other teams ranking wise this year. And yes the reason why they have so many highly ranked teams is due to depth at the O & D Line. And in the past they have been physical but not as physical as SEC. The diff is in the past they have lacked speed in skill positions to compete with SEC. Easy to skew ones perception. You can have diff schemes but schemes at times and over time can define what Type of team you are and have become this determining which types of players you recruit and then sign. If you want to play in the pros and have been recognized young enough as having the potential. These kids honestly go play in the SEC to have the best chance of making it to the show. If you can do it there then there is no question you have a shot in pros. Especially at key positions.
You would hear the same thing from Oregon. The diff btw them making it in be past an not has been their overall physicality level. They relied too heavily on the spread and speed. And when the speed got met with power it was the difference. They knew that and have been trying to change that. But good chat man. Keep em coming.

This author is a moron. Florida State’s out of conference schedule is the best in the country. They play 3 P5’s OOC. Okla state. ND, Florida. It’s funny since teams like Ole miss, Miss st, Baylor who morons like thus author tout all play no P5’s OOC and have multi year streaks of not playing any. It’s funny he doesn’t mention Ole Miss’s pathetic OOC…NO P5’s. Also, it’s funny how suddenly Ole Miss is some great OOC. They are an annual doormat and thus why they rarely schedule OOC vs P5’s. They need 4 cream puffs OOC to get to be bowl eligible most years, thus they nee only 2 conf wins with 4 cream puff OO games. Btw, Ole miss has had 2 decent year and that year could be mediocre if they lose games down the stretch. They could easily end up with 1/2 their wins would be against midmajors.

Boise won 12 games and the fiesta bowl. Memphis won 10 games and their conference. OSU, ND and UF were a combined 22-16. Guess you just need to watch more football before you have an opinion.

Sounds like u need to watch more football. I said, watch, not look at just statistics. It’s not all in the stats believe it or not, although that’s what everyone wants to look at. Hands down FSU scheduled the toughest OOC games. Nothing but respect for what they accomplished. Don’t be mad it will be forever until we see another dominant performance for 29 straight games. And the PAC12 is weak. Had weak bowl opponents and had practically home games for 4 or 5 of the bowls. And if Mariota leaves poor PAC12. Gonna be a long time before they get another shot at a championship. By the way, when have they actually beaten an SEC in a bowl? And when was the PAC12s last national title? The PAC12s only chance next year is USC and we all know how they play defense in the PAC12. They may as well not even line up on that side of that ball. Difference in PAC12 and other confernces. PAC12 doesn’t play D. But hey, they will continue to get generous rankings. But it’s all about the ACC next year. Best Qbs of any P5 conference.