Oklahoma, Nebraska discussing 2020-21 football series

By Kevin Kelley -

The Oklahoma Sooners and the Nebraska Cornhuskers may schedule a 2020 and 2021 home-and-home football series, USA Today has reported.

Discussions for the series are preliminary and are dependent on the future Big Ten conference scheduling format. Nebraska AD Tom Osborne said they “can’t make a decision until we know if the Big Ten is going from eight conference games to nine.”

Back in June, Nebraska announced that they were leaving the Big 12 and joining the Big Ten Conference for the 2011 season.

Nebraska and Oklahoma do not play each other in the 2010 regular season, but could meet in the Big 12 Championship game at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington. Both schools are currently undefeated and ranked in the Top 10 of the Coaches Poll (Nebraska #6, Oklahoma #7).

The Sooners lead the overall series against the Cornhuskers 44-38-3.

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Comments (10)

No Big 12 Team should play these losers in the future. Why should we entertain these guys after how they dumped the rest of the Big 12 North teams with the exception of Colorado. Let them keep playing Little Sister of the Poor type non conference teams. Our conference doesn’t need to lower our standards to play a low class team like NB. Its a shame they use to be a real 1st class program. They sold out the Kansas teams and Iowa State Let them go.

Jim you have got it 100 percent correct. Jamie needs to get a life and look for a better team to follow than worthless Nebraska. Let’s hope Bo Pelini accepts the Miami job, then Jamie could cheer for the Miami Hurric. as they move back to the top of the college ranks. Nebr. could re-hire Callahan as he had that program moving in the correct direction before he left.

Nah….its a great rivalry game and it should be played.
And as far as OOC games go…..Oklahoma has played its fair share of bad teams…..

Jim, get your facts straight. Six Big 12 schools were about to bolt to the Pac 10, leaving Kansas, Kansas St.,Baylor, Iowa St. AND Nebraska in the lurch. Don’t believe me, just ask Larry Scott. Nebraska had no choice but to look out for themselves and go to the Big 10.

If you wish to do more research, you will find that in 1990, when Arkansas left the SWC, Oklahoma negotiated with the SWC to try to join that league. The negotiations fell through, but the seeds of the Big 12 was formed.

In five years, maybe less, Texas is going independent, OU and A&M will be in the SEC and selling out the poor Iowa States of the world.

hey i hope you know that we left because texas runs the damn conference. and OU is just as pissed as we are. they hate texas just as much as we do.

Nebraska just crys about everything. In six years they will be crying because they cannot win more than seven games in a year and have not made it to the Big 10 Championship game. Where will they bolt to then? Maybe the MAC. They were looking for an excuse to get out of the Big 12 because they cannot beat the Texas teams. Good riddance to them and hope they lose most games in the Big 10. Let’s hope Bo Pelini has enough sense to accept the Miami job and get out of Nebraska before the roof caves in on that program. Would be awesome to see those Corn Doggies or Huskies with 9 or ten losses a year!!!!

Nebraska goes from a conference they said didn’t give them enough weight in decisions to one that doesn’t even admit their existence within the name of the conference itself. Irony…

Let the pansies in Nebraska leave, they are tired of getting their ass whooped and handed to them year after year. They got nothing on OU or Texas so let them go to the sissy league. Do you guys at Nebraska knit sweaters before the games in the winter?