Ohio State replaces Cincinnati with UCF on 2012 Football Schedule

By Kevin Kelley -

The Ohio State Buckeyes have replaced Cincinnati with UCF on their 2012 football schedule, BuckeyeExtra.com has reported.

Ohio State will host the UCF Knights at Ohio Stadium in Columbus on Sept. 8, 2012. The game will be the first ever between the two schools.

Ohio State and Cincinnati will still play their previously scheduled game on Sept. 6, 2014. The 2012 game will be played in 2018 on a date to be determined.

UCF was previously scheduled to play at Pittsburgh on Sept. 8, 2012, but that game was cancelled due to realignment in the Big East.

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Jim just so you know it was actually UC who went to Ohio State and asked them if they could postpone the game. UC is working to play TCU next year. That was the original plan at least. Next time why don’t you go look up facts before posting stupid comments. This is coming from a OSU fan and a UC fan/alumni.

@ Jim, no Jim, they did not get nervous, OSU routinely beats cincy by thirty points they probably have a good reason beyond some numbskull reason.

@pa said, no, you obviously dont know what your talking about. osu doesnt routinely beat them because they don’t routinely play them.. osu has proven they cant win out of conference, theres a reason cincinnati is 23 in the nation and osu isn’t. osu fans time to grow up

Actually, Cincinnati is only ranked in the AP polls but not the BCS polls, but true that Cincinnati hasn’t played OSU often. They normally play the Bobcats, which isn’t saying too much

and do tell me what cincy does outta conference? tosu has won and lost the big games over the last decade. only big game i remember cincy being in they were mauled by the gators worse than my bucks were in the nc game a few years back.

shawn…why dont you go look at the final scores again. UC lost by the same amount to Florida as the Buckeyes did and UC lost their head coach and play caller a month before the game. tOSU lost 41-14. Cincy lost 51-24

actually uc approached tosu about dropping this game and nother the other way around. being from cincy and a buckeye fan all you gotta do is look in the newspaper to see that cincy wanted out due to reasons dealing with the turmoil in the big east. and cinfol your an idiot. yeah tosu can never win out of con. have we lost some games? yeah but we also win a lot. another stupid cincy fan with a little brother attitude.

Gotta side with you…..UC needs the game much more then Ohio State. And mocking Ohio State for losing a few big games,I mean really? The Buckeyes play perhaps the best non-conference schedule of any Big 10 team AND isn’t afraid to go on the ROAD either….
Cincy is a good mid-major but until they start winning some of these big games (Tennessee,Oklahoma),thats all they’ll be considered as.

jinzo thats basically my point in a nutshell. yeah e have lost some games but we also win the big ones. i aint knocking cincy as i pull for them when they play unless its against my buckeyes. but for him to make a broad statement like that is just crazy.

What’s with the hatefest by UC fans? Look, I’m a Buckeye fan, but I always root for Cincy when they aren’t playing the Buckeyes. but the fact is, the Buckeyes likely saw this as a good chance for visibility in Florida for recruiting. That is likely the only reason they swapped UC for UCF. And as stated, UCF were the ones that approached Ohio State.

I’ll say this too…UCF is no joke and has great coaching. They get great talent from the state of Florida so if my Buckeyes think this game is a gimme, they are sadly mistaken. This UCF team will likely be the toughest team on their OOC schedule next year, right ahead of Cal.

typical poster omitting the hard games and only putting in the easy ones as all big schools do. what about past and future opponents such as texas, usc, miaimi fla, virginia tech , oklahoma, tennesee, and georgia and so on. yeah we never play anyone huh? we get teams like all big schools do. the easy ones each year and the couple good ones nc.

Ohio State’s OOC schedule speaks for itself….and doesn’t Cincy play Miami of Ohio every year? And why does UC always seem to play SE Missouri State every year? I can understand Tressel scheduling Youngstown State because he coached there but what is UC’s excuse? I’m not a Buckeye fan per say but I do respect the fact they play big games both home and on the road….

Cincinnati typically has one tough OOC game per year as does OSU. for a power house like OSU..don;t you think they should be playing a much tougher schedule that one with the same toughness at Cincinnati’s? And are you really going to throw it in the face of UC that they play Miami (OH) every year? you do realize that the rivalry is the 3rd oldest rivalry in the country right? Thats not a game that will ever be cancelled. UC doesn;t play SEMS every year either. They played Tennessee last year, Oklahoma the year before, Oklahoma and Illinois before that. and this year had scheduled Virginia Tech and OSU

Guys, they will still play Cincinnati at a later date (2014). Read the article. There was no ducking…the Big East is having trouble with scheduling for obvious reasons, so they just changed the year they will play. Why does everyone always have to fight about things when it has nothing to do with what any of you are saying? Really, grow up.

Kevin….you’re just saying that because you know the Dawgs lucked out against New Mexico State…..*w*

UC/miami victory bell is the oldest nonconferance rival game in college football. Thats why..

Soooo, we play Texas, USC, Miami, Cal, and have Oklahoma upcoming……but we duck UC? Riiiiggghhhht

Ohio State got smothered by USC two years in a row, split with Texss and then lost to Texas in the Fiesta Bowl. Split with Miami, and Miami is not good. Not good. And Cal hasn’t been relevent for a decade. Also, pretty sure that Ohio State (undefeated) lost to Florida (a one loss team) in the National Championship game by an equal margin, to a team led my Chris leak, as UC. Also LSU. And Florida again this year. I mean yeah UC lost to Ten. and Oklahoma but we simply don’t have as many oppertunities to embarass ourselves on a national level like Ohio State does.

Overall Estimated NC record against major schools: 3-8

@ craig, good job cherry picking games to make your point. How about a vacated victory against Arky, or a rose bowl win over Oregon. I mean since we’re going back in time what about Notre Dame, Miami(2002), K State, Ok State, and oh yeah UC was in there a couple times too but I guess they don’t count as a major school.