Ohio State, Georgia cancel 2020-21 Home-and-home Football Series

By Kevin Kelley -

Georgia-Ohio StateOhio State and Georgia have canceled their 2020-21 home-and-home football series, FBSchedules.com has learned through documents obtained from UGA.

The Buckeyes and Bulldogs signed a memorandum of understanding to play the two game series back in December 2010. But the two schools were unable to come up with dates for the games which has resulted in their cancellation.

On May 17, Eugene D. Smith, Associate Vice President and Director of Athletics of Ohio State, wrote the following to Greg McGarity, Director of Athletics at Georgia:

This letter is to confirm our recent conversation that the varsity men’s football team representing The Ohio State University is unable to assign a date for our proposed football games for the 2020 and 2021 seasons. Thus, according to the terms of the letter agreement signed on December 15, 2010, the letter agreement is canceled and both “institutions are free to arrange games with other teams in 2020 and 2021 with no obligation to the other institution.”

Thanks again for attempting to schedule the games and hopefully we can re-engage the conversation in the future.

McGarity followed with a letter of his own to Ohio State on May 18:

Thank you for your letter regarding the varsity men’s football game between the University of Georgia and The Ohio State University. To confirm and pursuant to the letter of agreement signed on December 15, 2010, we understand and agree that the games scheduled in the 2020 and 2021 seasons will be canceled.

I hope that we are able to revisit a potential series between our institutions in the future. Good luck with the upcoming season and thank you for your help with this matter.

A possible reason for the cancellation could be the long-term scheduling agreement between the Big Ten and the Pac-12, which is set to begin in 2017 or sooner. Without knowing who their Pac-12 opponents will be in the future, Ohio State likely didn’t want to firm up the contract with Georgia.

Ohio State and Georgia have met only one time on the football field. The Bulldogs beat the Buckeyes 21-14 in the 1993 Citrus Bowl in Orlando.

Update: UGA Athletics Director Greg McGarity told Macon.com that Ohio State canceled the series “due to the Big Ten-Pac 12 game that was added recently.” He also told OnlineAthens.com that “The bottom line, they said they couldn’t play.”

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Not happy w/ this. If this is the necessary byproduct of the B1G/P12 scheduling agreement (for 20+ years? cant remember…), then I think I want an amendment to that agreement allow any B1G/P12 team an occasional 2-year break to schedule 1-1 series like this one that just got scrapped.

Beano just because Fsu is overrated dont get upset. I would like to see that game as well as Osu vs Fsu

When ( if ever ) has Greorgia or for that matter any SEC team played outside of the southeastern US other then a bowl game ?

Sec teams rarely are willing to play up north for games. Their players can’t take the cold.

Beano…don’t type your ignorance.. As a grad of Ohio State, I have cooked them since college in the 70’s. I have seen them play home and away at Oklahoma, USC,LSU, TEXAS, Washington etc…note that these teams have all won national titles. We have traditionally played a marquee team each year ..even this year, we are playing Cal at Cal…Buffalo was scheduled late because Vanderbilt had to back out.. I get it… You are an Ohio State hater…don’t really care.. We have many more championships, trophies, All Americans, (7)Heismans etc than every Sec school except Alabama…so really…yea we’re scared to schedule might Georgia…how long since Vince and Her she’ll been there?

Maybe the Buckeyes should play a powerhouse like the Chattanooga Mocs, since the Tide is going to this year.

Hurrah for the Buckeye Nation. We ave 20 wins in a row. And don’t tell me it is an easy schedule. Glad the BCS (SEC originators) will finally be over. I’m tired of many schools getting screwed for the sake of the SEC.
Let’s play many of these bowl games in the north and in the snow. We northern teams always have to play our bowl games to yoou southern hometown crowds. Get YOUR tootsies cold for a change and see how you play football, you fair weathered schools.

it’s all bs osu cancelled an sec team scheduled that’s it all that other stuff is drivel they backed out bottom line