Ohio State Buckeyes announce Future Scheduling Changes

By Kevin Kelley -

The Ohio State Buckeyes have made several changes to their future football schedules, Director of Athletics Gene Smith announced today.

Ohio State has added a game against the Florida A&M Rattlers at Ohio Stadium on Sept. 7, 2013. The game will be the first ever between the two schools.

The Buckeyes will begin a home-and-home series with the North Carolina Tar Heels on Sept. 5, 2015 at Ohio Stadium. Ohio State will then travel to face UNC in Chapel Hill on Sept. 23, 2017.

Ohio State is 3-1 all-time against North Carolina. The two schools last met in 1975 in Columbus. The Buckeye won that game 32-7.

Gene Smith also announced today that due to the Big Ten’s decision to play a nine-game conference schedule beginning in 2017, the Buckeyes have canceled a 2018-19 home-and-home series with the Tennessee Volunteers.

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come on i will be in college in 18,19,20,21 and i will miss a great oppurtunity to play the Tennessee Volentuers.

That afghan guy must be a real tool. Come on, man. By the dates listed, this doug kid is in 6th grade. Who gets on here and knowingly talks smack with a 6th grader?

that means youre the exact same age as me, this sucks cause i wanna play the buckeyes and kick their @55 as a volunteer

Why is Ohio State always afraid of playing SEC teams, for that matter,
until the Big 10 is willing to step up and play top teams outside the conference they will not get any respect across the country( Michigan playing a mediocre Notre Dame team does not count)

The Big Ten plays the SEC every year on the road, they are called Bowl games. Every year SEC plays Big Ten teams at home, they too are called Bowl games…

Oh brother. Everyone on planet earth is ” afraid of the SEC ” . Enjoy the run and quit talking smack.

Anytime, anyplace. Alabama’s non-conference: Kent State, Penn State, North Texas and Georgia Southern. That is a tough schedule, got me shakin in my boots.


I guess you have missed the home and home series with Texas (NC year), USC (same), Miami, Future meetings with Cal, Oklahoma, etc. Beat Kentucky before you start talking smack…… That is all!

midlomonarch, Hello!!! Alabama is allowed to schedule those cupcakes, They have 8 games against the SEC already. THAT would have anyone shaking in their boots.

Ohio State does play teams outside the conference, such as 2009 they played USC and lost 18 to 15, they beat Oregon that same year in the Rose Bowl 26 to 17. In 2010 the Buckeyes defeated University of Miami 36 to 24. In 2012 the Buckeyes defeated California 35 to 28, Nebraska 63 to 38 and went on to be undefeated, but ineligible to be in a bowl. They would like nothing better than to take on an SEC team be it the Tide, Vols, Bulldogs or Gators. Scheduling cannot take place a lot of times because of the strong Big 10 schedule they have to play.

Buckeyes are schedule to play Oklahoma in either 2015 or 2016 and VT 2014 and 2015. Did you ever consider that the lowly SEC just doesn’t want to play the great Big Ten??!!!

Com’ on you guys are dopes. This is a money grab as usual. Keep home games and drop away games. It’s about the cashshshs! In other words drop the non-Confrence games you have to give a return trip!

I can’t believe Ohio State is doing this! The new uifonrm looks stupid. Stay with silver helmets, gray pants, and the regular Ohio State jersey. Could you see Penn State or Michigan doing this??

The fans want SEC games, why Smith changes things I’ll never know, it’s crazy. The rest of the Big ten needs to be like penn state not afraid of scheduling SEC teams like Alabama.

I think it’s BS that we dropped Tennessee…it makes us look scared…it’s a BS excuse that we are doing it b/c of going to a 9 game conference schedule…you can still do 1 home & home ooc big game…the years that you play 5 home confernce game and 4 road, you play 2 home ooc games and 1 road (still get 7 home games)…then when you play 4 home conference and 5 road conference games, you play 3 home OOC games and 0 road ones…(still 7 home games)…you don’t need more than that.

well umm…. considering UT smoked Ohio State the only time theyve played and the only SEC team OSU has ever beatin was Arkansas last year, by golly id love to see ohio state play arkansas this year, so ummm oh yea… GO VOLS AND THE REST OF THE SOUTHEAST!!!

20-14 in the Citrus Bowl is hardly getting smoked by another team. Consdering the Buckeyes won 11 games that year with an average margin of victory of 24 points (including a 3 point win at Happy Valley) and then lose the last 2 games by an average of 7 points per game…I wouldn’t call those losses getting smoked.

41-14 is getting smoked.

Smoked?!? What are you smoking, you stupid hillbilly? The final score last time we played was 20-14, in the ’96 Florida Citrus Bowl. Your team winning by 6 doesn’t exactly equal “smoked”.
Oh, and don’t forget that your team forfeited that win. They cheated. They wore illegal cleats.
And when was the last time your team won a BCS game? It’s been a while, eh? And don’t go counting victories from other SEC schools. That seems to be the thing to do if your team sucks and plays in the SEC.

Hey, that ’96 game was when we had that Tennessee bumpkin, John Cooper as the coach – ‘nough said.

OSU has beaten the sec on 3 occasions. Don’t talk smack. You haven’t been relevant since Tee Martin. UT isn’t even the best sec school in the state of Tennessee

Ohio State had Eddie George that year (can you say “H i – z m o n” – spelled phonically for all those in the Big 10 with its 12 teams – geez – can’t even count right yet they call themselves schools of higher learning… maybe if they all grew 2 extra fingers then they could get it right – the fact that they don’t call themselves the Big Eleven says they don’t have any other convenient appendages that would help them count higher). And poor Eddie got stuffed 4 downs in a row from the 1 yard line. No TD for you! Tennessee’s Jay Graham out rushed poor Eddie and his too short cleats…. (cry me a river! boo hop)

That year, Vandy (12-7) had a closer game with Tennessee than Ohio State. So did Kentucky (34-31).

Tennessee does just fine with Big 10 opponents. 10 wins v 7 losses (and that is if you count 3 losses to Penn State when they were not in the Big 10 and Nebraska’s 2 when they were in the Big 12 – another conference who can’t count). Counting only games between then members of the Big Ten, Tennessee is 10-2. I’ll take that.

Only Iowa and Purdue have any true Big Ten pride when it comes to playing Tennessee. (4 most recent with scores)

TN 1 – Ohio State 0 (1996 => 20-14)
TN 1 – Michigan 0 (2002 => 45-17)
TN 1 – NW 0 (1997 => 48-28)
TN 2 – Wisconsin 0 (2007 => 21-17)
TN 1 – Indiana 0
TN 1 – Minnesota 0

TN 1 – Iowa 1

TN 0 – Purdue 1
TN 2 – PennState 3
TN 0 – Nebraska 2

Illinois and Mich State have never played Tennessee

LSU is playing Towson St, Idaho, North Texas and Washington non-conference next year. Alabama is playing Western Kentucky, Florida Atlantic, and Western Carolina non-conference next year. When you SEC guys play real teams in nonconference maybe we’ll take complaints from you seriously. And Tennessee, come on, you guys suck the last few years, no one is scared to play you right now.

tennessee is playing oregon, floridas playing miami, ohio state chickened away from vanderbilt and tennessee, georgias playing clemson, and bamas playing viginia tech, plus lsu-tcu. those are no bullcrap teams


OSU should not be afraid of playing SEC Teams. Based on data they fully know the outcome before they play them.

I don’t understand why you guys are acting like little bitches and talking shit about Tennessee, you guys dropped us… Urban is afraid to come back to Knoxville! Have a great year on probation next year. The entire Big 10 should be afraid of playing the SEC, you guys always the crap kicked out of you by us.

I predict 2013 as a championship year. 2012 is a buffing year.. SEC can enjoy one more year @ the top b/c your glory is going bye bye!

Hey guys, let’s face the music here. This Vol fan is happy to not be playing the Bucs until we gain some respectibility (which may be a long time). We need to get in contention for the Eastern division in the SEC before we start talking smack about the Bucs or anyone else for that matter.

I happen to agree. Until UT stops playing musical coaches and settles down and reaches the national prominence they once had and begin using Vanderbilt and Kentucky as punching bags or practice dummies then talking smack about Ohio State or anyone else is completely out of the question. Only time will tell.

UT is horrible, everybody schedules shitty teams at the beginning other than 1 maybe 2 of those games. OSU has been on top a lot more and longer than any SEC school…Especially UT. The SEC has risen over the past 5-6 years and that’s good makes bowl games better, every league has there time recently it’s been the SEC, but there Bowl game records are average outside of the championship. Add up how many National titles the SEC has vs. the BIG TEN…SEC 168 in all sports – 35 in Football…BIG TEN 284 in all sports – 43 in football. OSU also has the largest fan base country wide. (Source “the heard” on ESPN Radio and the internet)…So who bigger and badder? Not the SEC, in the BIG TEN, OSU, Michigan, PSU, Michigan St.,Indiana, turn out more graduates than the SEC combined…Ohio State has 64,429 students, UT 27,000, Florida 49,000, LSU 28,000, Alabama 31,000…need I go on…your not the big dogs of shit, you had a few years of glory, just remeber the sun shines on a dogs ass everyonce in a while, but your days are numbered and the norm is returning…count your blessings because you will be where you were 6 years ago…lossing to teams like Utah and Washington St. on a regular basis. by the way ur best coaches are from the big ten…Urban (Ohio), Miles( Michigan), Saban (Born WV, Coached Michigan ST.) your welcome

LOL, your an idiot. SEC has only risen in the past 6 years have they??? SEC has been the dominant conference for decades. They may not have the highest winning percentage, but that is because when you have 8 of the 12 best teams in the country on your schedule EVERY year, your going to lose a couple more than those that have bowling green, akkron, northwestern, purdue, utah, colorado, stanford, illinois, and uab on their yearly schedules.

Check out the best winning percentage of college football teams from SEC and the Big 10. Tennessee was the leader a couple yrs back. I’d bet our % is still greater that OSU. I have been wrong a couple times in my life though…..we will see!!!

Hi, highest winning percentage among FBS teams since 1951? OSU. Highest since 1992? OSU

Huge SEC fan! Best teams there is in the country! Not a Tennessee fan though..it’s VT that I live to watch!! Don’t care for their conference,but they did beat UT in a bowl game a cpl years ago;-) I live in 1&im from the other!! But before any other conference teams start yelling that they are as good as or better than an SEC team,needs to jump right on in the SEC line up and try ya self out!! To be the best,you have to beat the best!! And that my friends would be the SEC!!

when will they start playing some bowl games up here. the soft sec could not and would not be able to handle the weather up here in ohio they are so soft kind of like angle soft toilet paper lol!

maybe not florida, but tennessee beat syracuse at syracuse in negative weather and 1 foot snow. (several years ago) 28-0 (before they had a dome so it was outside). but yeah the gators would freeze their A55 off

most of them southern folks god forbid already have first dibs on their own sisters ya awl!

And O.S.U has more players in the NFL than any other school out there and they pack the stadium with over 105 thousand fans every home game. Ohio State athletics is also self supported by athletics dept and the fans not by the school funds like the SEC!

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall them sec lovers are scared urban is back where he started from the BIG10 count your blessings this year because next year O.S.U.is gonna get blood thirsty and by the way they are still undefeated so bite that

It’s all about money, my friends. The venues which have the largest fan capacity are being scheduled against the smaller, less entertaining
schools to add cash to the smaller school’s coffers. If the SEC schools would build larger stadia and fill them to capacity each and every week the same as Michigan (110 thousand) and Ohio State (106 thousand) it would be a different story all together. No one is afraid of anyone. It’s about spreading the wealth. Bear in mind, no matter who the Buckeyes or Wolverines play, they always pack the house. How many SEC schools can say this? I’ve seen these two schools play to less than capacity houses on the road. Let’s get real, people. Ohio State has the largest fan base in the nation for a good reason! They also have coaches spread all over the country and MANY players at the next level.

Urban is giving a new personality to the Buckeyes. All of you SEC backers know that he is the same coach and same recruiter that won national championships while he was in SEC. You all seem like you are beginning to squirm at bit.

And we all know that he was a coach in The Big Ten and The MAC leagues BEFORE he was sec!!