Ohio State adds Army to 2017 Football Schedule

By Kevin Kelley -

The Ohio State Buckeyes have added the Army West Point Black Knights to their 2017 football schedule, according to an announcement today.

Ohio State will host Army at Ohio Stadium in Columbus on Sept. 16, 2017. The matchup will be the first ever between the two teams on the gridiron.

“We’re excited to showcase our cadets in the Midwest against one of the top football programs in the country,” said Army Director of Athletics Boo Corrigan. “This will be a first-class experience for our cadets as well as an opportunity for our fans to see a game at ‘The Horseshoe.’ ”

Ohio State has now completed their football schedule for the 2017 season. The Buckeyes are also scheduled to host non-conference games against Oklahoma on Sept. 9 and UNLV on Sept. 23.

A rare season-opening conference game at Indiana on Sept. 2 highlights the Big Ten portion of Ohio State’s schedule. The Buckeyes are also set to visit Rutgers, Nebraska, Iowa, and Michigan.

Ohio State will host Maryland, Penn State, Michigan State, and Illinois at The Horseshoe in 2017.

Army, an FBS Independent, now has 10 games scheduled in 2017. The Black Knights are slated to host Duke, UTEP, Eastern Michigan, Temple, and Fordham and travel to Ohio State, Rice, North Texas and Air Force.

Also on the schedule is the annual Army-Navy game. The 2017 contest is set for Dec. 9 at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia.

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another extremely weak opponent on the Buckeye schedule….i’m sure everyone is surprised.

You seem to be terribly misinformed about Ohio St and their scheduling. The entire Big Ten will be playing nine conference games. In several of those season they will be playing 2 Power 5 opponents and in 2023 will also be playing 3–Texas, Notre Dame, and Boston College. I hardly call that weak.

We’re trying to copy the SEC’s way of thinking. However, it’s considered a D-1 opponent as opposed to the numerous D-1AA opponents who fill out the SEC’s non-conference slate. Ever since we beat LSU in Columbus, no SEC team is willing to come North. Only LSU (Lambeau in 2 years) and Alabama a couple years ago who traveled to Penn State have the nads to travel North.

Georgia agreed to play a home-and-home with Ohio State, but it was scrapped when the B1G announced they were changing to a nine-game schedule.

And OSU looked to schedule UGA for future games when the PAC 12 head to head was canceled and UGA AD respectfully declined. The SEC won’t play the blue bloods of the Big Ten with a home and home. They lose and they know they’ll lose. The biggest stadiums in the country are in the B1G. This isn’t about tickets sales. Money is to be had. They just don’t want to lay it on the line. OSU has played TX, USC, Miami, VT and Oklahoma next year for home and homes over the past decade. No SEC program that has done that.


What are you talking about? The Ohio State backed out of the Georgia game cause they did not want to play a PAC-12 & SEC opponent in the same year because of the PAC-12/BIG partnership. There is no truth behind the comment “They lose and they know they’ll lose”, Alabama beat Penn St twice. There will be future SEC vs BIG but right now the SEC is scheduling ACC, PAC-12 & BIG-12 games.

SEC is scared to play Home and home series outside of the south. It’s a fact. Just look at their schedules the last 10 years and in the future. Please don’t mention Bama they are the king of cowards. The ygit their 2sses beat in 2 back to back seres in the early 2000’s..lost 4 games OOC in a row and have never scheduled a home and hoe series since. Penn State was scheduled before their @ss whippings.

Day please look up the last time an SEC program played Ohio State and won in Columbus or Ann Arbor. They are the blue bloods of the B1G. Did you read the link I provided? UGA wants none of Urban Mayer. Moreover do your research and look up the SEC win loss records outside of the south during the BCS era. Abysmal. The teams with wins were Arkansas playing A&M and Kentucky over Miami OH. During BCS era Vandy played the most games outside of south during NCS. SEC want nothing to do with home and home against Big Ten. Those are the facts.

Arkansas and Kentucky the only two with wins outside the south? Never mind LSU has wins at Arizona, Arizona State, and Washington. Georgia also won at Arizona State and Alabama at Penn State and those are just the ones off the top of my head. There probably aren’t too many more, but don’t go on about facts when yours aren’t even accurate.

Arkansas and Kentucky had the most wins for the SEC for OOC outside of the south. You know what I meant but way to cherry pick and ignore the rest of what I posted. The SEC OOC is terrible. Neutral site BS and OOC games against FCS teams in November. Worst of the Power 5 conferences.

And let’s also disclose UGAs loss at Colorado, the worst PAC 12 program and UT losing to Cal. How about Vandy losing to Northwestern? Mizzou losing to Indiana last year? Again, name a SEC program that has played USC, Miami, TX, VT and OU? Hell, OSU played a Phillip Rivers lead NC State team with a home and home. Coast to coast! OSU plays anyone, well except the SEC because they don’t like home and homes. They like their games in Arlington and Atlanta.

Your facts are a little misguided. I luv Michigan but they have not been a blue blood of the BIG in a long time, btw Michigan has a home n home with Arkansas in the future so there goes those facts plus you will see more SEC vs BIG home n home as well. So basically your link says Georgia wants none of Urban Meyer but in 2012 when The Ohio State canceled the game with Georgia, does that mean Buckeyes wanted none of the Dawgs? Seems like a balancing act to me.

You don’t stop being a blue blood because you haven’t been successful. Tennessee is an SEC blue blood and haven’t been successful since the early 2000’s. UM is a blue blood. Always will be.

Regardless of semantics, the SEC won’t play a legit blue blood in OOC with a home and home. Arkansas scheduling UM is misleading as well. Arkansas can’t beat Rutgers. When Bama, LSU, AU, UF, and UT schedule home and homes with Big Ten blue bloods I’ll be less judgmental on their historical dodging of playing in the north.

Moreover, yes OSU canceled the home and home with UT and UGA because of the Big Ten PAC 12 agreement but that was canceled in 2012 because the PAC 12 decided to go to a 9 game conference schedule. Since then UGA has declined to play OSU for future OOC match ups. Instead OSU has scheduled OU, TCU, TX, ND AND BC.

What does it matter if Arkansas can’t beat Rutgers right now? Michigan can’t beat Rutgers either, you don’t know how Arkansas is going to look in three years so no, it’s not misleading. So basically cause the SEC won’t schedule a home n home with the only two blue blood teams in the BIG it dodging the north, ok.

The point being made is that of the SEC teams that do, none of them have any hopes of winning their divisions let alone the SEC. When did Arkansas win the SEC last? How about Vandy who played Northwestern home and home? No one cares that these scrub programs are playing OOC because they’re not winning the SEC and certainly aren’t national title contenders.

The point is, of the programs that have a shot they all play neutral site games. Meanwhile programs like OSU who just won a title are going to play VT in Blacksburg. They play at Oklahoma next year. The SEC programs that do travel north are doing it for a payout and not protective of a potential title run. When Bama, LSU, AU, UF, schedule home and homes for OOC then it’ll be a level playing field. Until then, they continue to manipulate their schedules to put a team in position for the playoff while the Big Ten, PAC 12 and Big 12 are playing home and homes. I mean seriously USC played at BC and Oregon traveled to Virginia. You’ll never see Bama play at USC or AU play at Oregon. That’s why Bama has a neutral site game against USC in Arlington.

Not sure if you have not looked up the schedules but the SEC has home n home games with PAC-12, BIG-12, ACC as well. Of course the teams that travel north or anywhere are playing for payout, why would teams play for free? I just find it ironic that you blast the SEC for such a “terrible OOC” meanwhile OSU plays, Hawaii, Florida Atlantic, Army, UNLV, N.lllinois, W.Mich, Bowling Green & Tulsa. Looks almost like an SEC OOC schedule to me. Yes, OSU is playing some great home n home & the big dogs of the SEC are playing more neutral sites but who really cares, last time I checked the SEC had neutral site games with Wisconsin, Michigan. Also neutral games are played by all conferences, PAC-12, BIG-12, BIG & ACC. The SEC is not the only one playing in them, just ask Wisconsin, how many have they been in? Plus Ole Miss & Auburn have home n homes with California, so yes the SEC is traveling off to the West. The game between USC & Bama is a money maker & big win for both teams & conferences, that’s why it is being played in Arlington.

Ohio State 2015 and 2016 OOC Matchups:

@VT, Hawaii, NIU, Western Michigan, Bowling Green, Tulsa, @Oklahoma

I’ll go with the SEC programs that have legit chances of winning a national title, whom have won one in the last 10 years and look at their two year OOC schedule. (I’ll throw in UGA too since they’re always expected to do something)

Bama: Wisconsin, MTSU, ULM, Charleston Southern, USC, WKU, Kent State, UT Chattanooga. (USC toughest opponent)

AU: Louisville, Jackson State, SJSU, Idaho, Clemson, Arkansas State, ULM, Alabama A&M (Clemson toughest opponent)

LSU: McNeese State, @Syracuse, Eastern Michigan, WKU, Wisconsin @ Lambeau, Jackson State, Southern Miss, South Alabama (Wisconsin toughest opponent)

UF: NMSU, East Carolina, FAU, FSU, UMass, North Texas, @ FSU. (FSU toughest opponent)

UGA: ULM, Southern, Georgia Southern, GT, UNC, Nicholls State, U of Louisiana. (GT toughest opponent)

LSU playing Wisconsin in Lambeau is the first time this will ever have happened. And go ahead and tell me that of these 5 SEC OOC schedules that they’re better than OSU’s when they’re playing at VT this year and at Norman Oklahoma next year, both at the start of their seasons. OSU plays a Mountain West program, MAC schools and Tulsa who is an AAC school. Meanwhile, the SEC has the worst FBS conference in the Sun Belt, and a bunch of FCS cupcakes. So, yeah when OSU has historically played home and homes against anyone and the SEC is playing BS cupcake OOC they’re going to get called out. LSU is the only program that of the 5 that is playing a legit game outside of their backyard, and I’ll give credit where credit is due and say good for them. But don’t think for a minute that they did this without being forced, because with the playoff they have to raise their OOC resume. OSU two consecutive years away OOC against very good programs. Not even comparable. We agree to disagree.

I understand where you’re coming from & due respect your opinion but please note that all conferences are being forced to schedule better games since the playoffs have arrived. Games are now being scheduled 10-15 yrs in advance not even knowing how well certain teams will be in future. My point is this, OSU is doing the same thing that some SEC teams do. They are scheduling one P5 in Va.tech then they have Hawaii, N.lll & W.Michigan, 2016 it is P5 Oklahoma, Bowling Green & Tusla or I guess you could call them cupcakes? Creampuffs? Let’s just say guaranteed wins.Yes, it looks like OSU is scheduling better games in the future then a lot of other teams but it is 8. 9., 10 yrs down the road, by then we may have 4 super conferences with 16 teams in each, who knows. You will also see other teams do the same thing but right you have a nice little schedule in the future, congras!

Kodiak…you’re wasting your time with Day. No amount of rational discourse and presentation of legitimate data will allow him to remove his blinders. It’s not his fault he can’t see outside of his (SEC) bubble.

Is it possible to be a college football fan and respect both the B1G and the S.E.C.? The B1G play nine conference games, a possible tenth, another P5 and no more games against FCSers. The S.E.C. play eight games in the deepest conference, a possible ninth, usually a major non conference rival, and sometimes a major P5 in some neutral site venue. If equivalent programs from each conference played each other home and home, they would probably split, and both would prefer safer and more lucrative games at home or in neutral venues.

Is it possible? Yes. Is it likely? No. There are two programs from the SEC who have historically traveled for OOC, UT and LSU. The rest of the conference doesn’t do it. Many college football fans like myself who are not fans of schools in the SEC pay particular attention to this when SEC fans pound their chest and yell to the masses that they’re the best in college football. Is this really a true statement? How do we know when the SEC only plays themselves, doesn’t schedule home and home games by their top teams and play Sun Belt and FCS programs for OOC? The SEC has multiple narratives from the coaches of the programs and from the fans. When they win they point to the weekly battle tested programs. When they lose they complain it’s because they’re conference is so tough. They complain that teams like Ohio State don’t play anyone which is completely and absolutely absurd. OSU played the perceived best of the SEC and beat them. Even then there are continued excuses from fans and Nick Saban himself makes excuses. If you’re old enough to remember, the Big Ten conference was the best during the 90’s from top to bottom and you didn’t hear the narrative that northern football was better than the south. It was never about that until the SEC started being successful during the BCS era. Never in the history of college football had a conference supplied a national champion 7 years in a row. How is that possible? Play only yourselves, don’t leave the south or your state for OOC and get most of your bowl games at home. We know the BCS was flawed after what happened last year. Had the BCS been used last year we would have watched FSU play Alabama. One can only hope that with the playoffs here and potentially expanded to 6 or 8 that the sport will be more level and fair across all power 5 conferences.

Sometimes it’s hard to allow yourself to look at the “whole” picture, but if you can look at the data of an entire conference (not just one team or year) you will see that the SEC has every year since the beginning of the BSC era had the weakest non-conference slate (each and every year). In fact, if you look at what is stacking up for next year (2016) the SEC will continue to hold this low honor. There is no question the SEC has had some outstanding teams, but to state the entire lot as outstanding teams and to think the SEC is playing a “tough” schedule is very naïve. College Football in today’s world is about MONEY, and apparently the SEC has a system in place that leads their masses into spending/donating/you name it, dollars to their institutions in BIG numbers. If the fans of the SEC are happy with the product they’re getting, so be it, enjoy it, but don’t tell the world how impressed we should be with you, truly it’s not that great.

Bob Stoops called it like it is 2 years ago before he beat Bama. The bottom half of the SEC is not good and to continue to hear SEC fans brag about how great their conference is absurd. 5 SEC programs have won a BCS title. 3 of them have their last and only other title from the 1950’s. Bama and Florida are the two with titles within a decade of the BCS and Florida won their first national title in 1996. SEC fans don’t like hearing the facts though, it makes their numerous narratives look ridiculous. UT is the only blue blood in the SEC that has been pretty bad since the mid 2000’s. The Mississippi schools, UK, South Carolina, Vandy, Arkansas are not title contenders. They’re average to below average football programs. When was the last time these schools won the SEC let alone their division? Mizzou a mid pack Big 12 program came in and dominated the SEC east in their 2nd and 3rd year. Ole Miss was last relevant in the 1960’s. These teams at literally half of the SEC. If UGA wasn’t so talented they could be added to the list too but every year they’re expected to finally win. All this being said, the SEC has some great teams but so do other conferences who actually leave their backyard for OOC.