Report: Notre Dame and Stanford may play 2013 Football Game in China

By Kevin Kelley -

Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott hopes to “expand the presence” of their universities in China. That may happen as Notre Dame and Stanford have discussed playing their 2013 football game there.

The game is currently set for November 30, 2013 at Stanford Stadium in California. If the two schools agree to the location change, it’s likely that the game would be played earlier in the season.

And due to the long distance, it’s possible the game could be played in mid-August. Stanford, which would probably fly out of San Francisco, would have almost a 13 hour flight.

Notre Dame would likely have to make a connecting flight to Chicago. From there, the Fighting Irish would be in the air just over 14 hours.

Notre Dame’s 2013 schedule, which is near completion, also features games against Air Force, Arizona State (at Cowboys Stadium), BYU,  Michigan, Michigan State, Oklahoma, Pittsburgh and USC.

Other non-conference games for the Cardinal in 2013 include San Jose State and at Army. The Pac-12 schedule has not been announced yet.

Comments (9)

They do care about football. The winner of last year’s Chinese football league was the Beijing Commie-dores. Stupid it is.

Yes I am sure the fans will pay that much money and go to China just to see a college football game

I live in Melbourne, Australia. I am hoping that the game will be in China so I can fly 10 hours instead of 22 to get to the game. I would go, and I look forward to meeting Dominic there, perhaps.

This makes no sense. The money generated from this high profile game should stay in this country. I haven’t heard of any 5 star recruits coming out of China.