Notre Dame announces 2014, 2015 & 2016 Football Schedules

By Kevin Kelley -

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish have finalized their 2014, 2015, and 2016 football schedules, director of athletics Jack Swarbrick announced today at a press conference.

Notre Dame was set to begin playing five ACC schools per season in 2014, but had to alter that due to scheduling conflicts. The Irish have moved their game next season vs. Wake Forest to 2015, so they will play four ACC schools in 2014 and six in 2015.

The 2014 schedule includes home games against Rice, Michigan, Stanford, North Carolina, Northwestern, and Louisville and road games at Florida State, Arizona State, and USC. Notre Dame will also face Syracuse in East Rutherford, NJ, Navy in Landover, MD, and Purdue in Indianapolis, which is the 2014 Shamrock Series game.

Notre Dame opens the 2015 season at home vs. Texas, and later hosts Georgia Tech, UMass, Navy, USC, and Wake Forest. Road games include Virginia, Clemson, Temple, Pittsburgh, and Stanford. The 2015 Shamrock Series game will be against Boston College at Fenway Park in Boston.

The Fighting Irish open the 2016 season at Texas. ND also travels to NC State, Syracuse (at East Rutherford, NJ), Navy (site TBD), and will face Army in the 2016 Shamrock Series game at the Alamodome in San Antonio. Home games include Nevada, Michigan State, Duke, Stanford, Miami (FL), and Virginia Tech.

2014 Notre Dame Football Schedule

  • 08/30 – Rice
  • 09/06 – Michigan
  • 09/13 – Purdue (at Indianapolis, IN)
  • 09/20 – Open Date
  • 09/27 – Syracuse (at E. Rutherford, NJ)
  • 10/04 – Stanford
  • 10/11 – North Carolina
  • 10/18 – at Florida State
  • 10/25 – Open Date
  • 11/01 – at Navy (at Landover, MD)
  • 11/08 – at Arizona State
  • 11/15 – Northwestern
  • 11/22 – Louisville
  • 11/29 – at USC

2015 Notre Dame Football Schedule

  • 09/05 – Texas
  • 09/12 – at Virginia
  • 09/19 – Georgia Tech
  • 09/26 – UMass
  • 10/03 – at Clemson
  • 10/10 – Navy
  • 10/17 – USC
  • 10/24 – Open Date
  • 10/31 – at Temple
  • 11/07 – at Pittsburgh
  • 11/14 – Wake Forest
  • 11/21 – Boston College (at Fenway Park)
  • 11/28 – at Stanford

2016 Notre Dame Football Schedule

  • 09/03 – at Texas
  • 09/10 – Nevada
  • 09/17 – Michigan State
  • 09/24 – Duke
  • 10/01 – Syracuse (at E. Rutherford, NJ)
  • 10/08 – at NC State
  • 10/15 – Stanford
  • 10/22 – Open Date
  • 10/29 – Miami (FL)
  • 11/05 – Navy (site TBD)
  • 11/12 – Army (at San Antonio, TX)
  • 11/19 – Virginia Tech
  • 11/26 – at USC

Comments (17)

No Big Ten teams at all in 2015; yet they have room for Rice and UMass??

The AD said that with the Big Ten going to the 9 game schedule, there were no openings among the 14 schools and no one wanted to cancel their non-conference games already set.

2015 is the last 8 game schedule. They switch to 9 in 2016.

No games against BYU….. That 4-2 is still only a 2 and done till Notre Dame comes out to Provo. Looks like that won’t happen till at earliest 2017….

Yeah, I thought they’d make room for them in 2016. BYU only has 1 home game scheduled so far. Guess that just makes more room for one more mediocre home game in Provo that year.

Pretty much as expected. ACC now takes up a good chunk of the schedule now and traditionals like Navy, USC and Stanford remain. I was hoping with the College Football Playoff coming up that the Irish would try to schedule one SEC a season to raise the strength of schedule some. Not sure the ACC will bring it up a lot especially since the ACC powers of Florida State, Miami and Va. Tech aren’t on the 2015 schedule at all. I know the Irish were kind of in a bind working it all out though.

when you consider strength of entire schedule, ND has been top 10, often top five, for decades. I have been a supporter of SEC as simply the strongest conference for at least one decade. Bob Stoops doesn’t know what he is talking about when he questions that–too bad OU got to play Bama without the national title on the line. But if SEC Writer suggests that ND has had soft schedules, you must go stand behind Mr Stoops. Consider the 2014 out of conference scheds for my SEC top six this year–AUB; FAU, So MIss, W. Caro WVU-MISSOU San J ST, LA Tech, Samford, KSU; BAMA-Murray St, Toledo, ARK ST, Ind.;SOCAR-ECARO, FURMAN, S ALA CLEM; OLE MISS-Boise, La Lafayette, Memphis, Presbyterian; MISS ST-SO MIss, UAB, So Ala, UTENN Martin. Breathers are justified when you play a sched as Ole Miss played this year, but it seems to me the SEC teams have lots of breathers to disappoint if a game with ND is desirable..

Georgia Tech is on the 2015 ND schedule. These are traditional opponents where Tech holds an good edge. Tech always plays great in south Bend. Tech is returning almost everybody next year. Watch that game next year . It will be a huge one!

A very interesting quote, Kevin.

The Longhorns also play a “Shamrock Series”?

“The Longhorns also travel to NC State, Syracuse (at East Rutherford, NJ), Navy (site TBD), and will face Army in the 2016 Shamrock Series game at the Alamodome in San Antonio.”

I could see not much space in 2014 and 2015. But I wonder where Nevada came from in 2016, instead of an SEC university.

I have a question: Does anyone know if open date just means the team is off that week or that the date is open for potential scheduling?