Notre Dame announces 2020 football schedule

By Kevin Kelley -

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish have finalized their 2020 football schedule, the school announced on Thursday.

Notre Dame opens the 2020 season on Sept. 5 at the Navy Midshipmen. The game will be played at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

The Fighting Irish then head home for two consecutive games at Notre Dame Stadium — Arkansas on Sept. 12 and Western Michigan on Sept. 19.

Next, Notre Dame will travel to take on Wake Forest at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, North Carolina on Sept. 26.

The Fighting Irish will then play host to the Wisconsin Badgers at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The game is set for Oct. 3.

Other home games for Notre Dame in 2020 include Stanford (Oct. 10), Duke (Oct. 31), Clemson (Nov. 7), and Louisville (Nov. 21).

True road games for the Fighting Irish in 2020 include Pitt (Oct. 17), Georgia Tech (Nov. 14), and USC (Nov. 28).

Earlier today, Notre Dame announced their home kickoff times for the 2018 season.

2020 Notre Dame Football Schedule

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Arkansas will be a good deul (Glad to see the consistency that they’ve been scheduling SEC with Georgia and Vanderbilt and now Arkansas), Western Michigan could surprise some people, Navy game is always great and cool to see to begin the season in New Jersey, Wake Forest will be tough in Charlotte, Wisconsin will be a hell of a game in Green Bay, Stanford will good as usual, Duke has won in South Bend recently, obviously Clemson will be great, and Louisville is the same with Duke with a South Bend win in 2014, Pitt always shows up to play Notre Dame, USC will be ready, and finally old Nemesis Georgia Tech. Tough schedule especially when you get one cupcake game a year and that “cupcake” game is one of the best group of 5 teams in the country.

Well, Michigan did pick up ND, as well as playing 9 conference games, unlike ESPN’s SEC and ACC teams, who play 8 conference games and usually only 1 power 5 non-conference team, but semantics, amirite?

@jack – WMU is on their way down without Fleck
@Maverick – not a good enough excuse, sorry

When does Notre Dame honor their commitment with BYU? 2 games played in South Bend and then suddenly no visit to Provo. Now that BYU is down would be a good time to “honor” their agreement.

Shep — if you think SEC and ACC scheduling 3 to 4 cupcakes a year is acceptable, then you are not worth my time… People on the west coast know the PAC 12 will never get a fair shake despite clearly being the superior conference, because of a variety of pathetic reasons: 1) East Coast bias, 2) USECPN, 3) SEC and ACC’s 8 game schedule vs Pac 12’s 9 game conference schedule. Plus, prestigious programs like USC and UCLA don’t play pathetic cupcakes, rather choosing to play 11 power 5 teams a year… That said, USC’s only goal is to win the Pac 12 (and thus the Rose Bowl). But you go listening to ESPN and how the “SEC and ACC are the best,” completely disregarding big media’s influence, the money involved, and the unfair scheduling practices.


So you are blaming ESPN, SEC, ACC, East Coast bias & USECPN for USC losing to ND by 35 points? USC would’ve not made it in anyways because of that alone. Meanwhile UCLA can’t even beat an eastern team in Memphis plus they lost to an SEC team in A&M & got destroyed in the PAC-12 this year. Washington got a fair shake last year & lost 24-7, Oregon has also been in it as well & got blasted by the Buckeyes 42-20 so please stop with the bias BROKEN RECORD talk.

I will buy you pacifier for Christmas so you can stop your whining.

Why does not Notre Dame play a full ACC games. schedule???? Either get in or get out. They need a conference,don’t you think.???? The ACC could bring in N D and perhaps W.VA. to keep things balanced at 16. They could play seven division game two across to the other half. Then an SEC team team, Navy and Southern Cal. making a 12 game schedule. . The ACC could then go with a North South format: North: BC Syracuse Pitt ND WVa Virginia and Va Tech & Louisville///// The South Miami FSU GaTech Clemson Wake NCS
UNC and Duke Just thinking out loud!

They are playing at Lambeau and one at Soldier Field, I think there was a mistake in the article. At least that is what I read recently. Similar to the series they had with LSU.

ND does not play a full ACC schedule because they do not need to. The ACC likes the cachet of having ND 5 games a year and ND likes recruiting in the fertile southeast and Carolinas. 21 players on their roster from Fla/Geo/Carolinas or Virgina. That’s one fourth of the team.