NFL Network to televise 19 Alliance of American Football games in 2019

By Kevin Kelley -

The NFL Network will televise 19 Alliance of American Football (AAF) games in 2019, the NFL announced on Friday.

The Alliance of American Football will debut on the NFL Network on Sunday, Feb. 10 at 8:00pm ET when then Salt Lake Stallions travel to take on the Arizona Hotshots.

Beginning in Week 2 of the AAF season, the NFL Network will televise two games per week in primetime on Saturday and Sunday evenings.

“NFL Network understands the mission and vision for The Alliance and what we are trying to accomplish,” said Charlie Ebersol, co-founder and CEO, The Alliance. “This partnership will now keep professional football in its primetime television spot, allowing fans to continue watching America’s most popular sport well into the spring.”

“Having live football games on NFL Network in February, March, and April will be a great addition to our lineup and a nice complement to our coverage of the NFL Combine and NFL Draft,” said Mark Quenzel, Senior Vice President of Programming and Production at NFL Network.

Below are the 19 AAF games that will air on NFL Network in 2019. All games will kickoff at 8:00pm ET.

Sunday, February 10
Salt Lake Stallions at Arizona Hotshots

Saturday, February 16
Arizona Hotshots at Memphis Express

Sunday, February 17
Atlanta Legends at San Diego Fleet

Saturday, February 23
Memphis Express at Orlando Apollos

Sunday, February 24
San Antonio Commanders at San Diego Fleet

Saturday, March 2
San Diego Fleet at Memphis Express

Sunday, March 3
Atlanta Legends at Arizona Hotshots

Saturday, March 9
Salt Lake Stallions at San Diego Fleet

Sunday, March 10
San Antonio Commanders at Arizona Hotshots

Saturday, March 16
Arizona Hotshots at Orlando Apollos

Sunday, March 17
Birmingham Iron at San Diego Fleet

Saturday, March 23
Salt Lake Stallions at San Antonio Commanders

Sunday, March 24
Birmingham Iron at Memphis Express

Saturday, March 30
San Diego at Salt Lake Stallions

Sunday, March 31
Arizona Hotshots at San Antonio Commanders

Saturday, April 6
San Diego Fleet at Orlando Apollos

Sunday, April 7
Birmingham Iron at Arizona Hotshots

Saturday, April 13
Atlanta Legends at Memphis Express

Sunday, April 14
Arizona Hotshots at San Diego Fleet

With the addition of NFL Network as a programming partner, the AAF has completed their television schedule for the inaugural season. Two games will air on CBS, 10 games will air on CBS Sports Network, one game will air on TBS, and eight games will be stream via Bleacher Report Live.

AAF Schedule

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This is an excellent move by both the NFL & AAF, this may be something that can keep the AAF a float for a couple of years so it can become established for future growth. I all be a big fan of this league & hope it works out, I will be watching the games if I am home or out somewhere & will try to make it to a couple of games as well.

It’s clear there needs to be an alternative for players to continue playing and develop past college… not everyone leaves college NFL ready…

Still, I’m not sure how you market minor league football. I hope it works out and I hope it entertaining. It’s just going to be a hard sell. Good luck, though. More football is never a bad thing. With the CFL, we will have football all year round.

It is clear the NFL would rather see the AAF win the competition next year over McMahon’s XFL.

why you thinking because the NFL hasn’t tried to get XFL on their network because we don’t know if they have or not yet