New Year’s Day Bowl Games 2016

By Kevin Kelley -

The New Year’s Day Bowl Games 2016 schedule includes five games and features the BattleFrog Fiesta Bowl, Rose Bowl Game, and Allstate Sugar Bowl.

The New Year’s Day bowl schedule kicks off with three games that start within an hour of each other — Outback Bowl, Noon ET (Northwestern vs. Tennessee), Buffalo Wild Wings Citrus Bowl, 1:00pm ET (Michigan vs. Florida), and BattleFrog Fiesta Bowl, 1pm ET (Notre Dame vs. Ohio State).

In the evening, the final two New Year’s Six games highlight the slate. Stanford takes on Iowa in the Rose Bowl Game and Oklahoma State takes on Ole Miss in the Allstate Sugar Bowl.

Friday, Jan. 1, 2016

Outback Bowl
(13) Northwestern vs. (23) Tennessee – Noon ET, ESPN2

Buffalo Wild Wings Citrus Bowl
(14) Michigan vs. (19) Florida – 1:00pm ET, ABC

BattleFrog Fiesta Bowl
(8) Notre Dame vs. (7) Ohio State – 1pm ET, ESPN

Rose Bowl Game
(6) Stanford vs. (5) Iowa – 5:00pm ET, ESPN

Allstate Sugar Bowl
(16) Oklahoma State vs. (12) Ole Miss – 8:30pm ET, ESPN

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I no longer have cable or a dish and ESPN is now monoplizing sports but that is ok I’m finding books, movies and keeping my dollars.

When do you think “reruns” will be on the web? That would be a wonderful thing to celebrate!

Try Sling. There is a 7 day free trial. We tried it last night and could watch ESPN, ESPNU and ESPN2 among others.

Those defending cable. ..until the 80’s, TV was free to audience. Sure cable brought tons of channels, but the early ones like HBO were commercial free. That’s how TV was paid for. ..advertisers who targeted the audience. Cable channel content providers (like Viacom) is taking $$ coming and going. Charge cable providers and advertisers.

Be aware, those who have cut the cord, Comcast and others are going to start putting data caps on Internet.

Fyi, you don’t need Sling anymore either. Windows 10 will beam it to TV via your network.

JOE Says it’s Always About the Money & more so today than ever in my 66 years on planet earth!! From my, ”
For What it’s Worth Department!”

All about the money? Isn’t that what makes America, America??
We are awake and going to the bank??

All about the money? America was founded on an ideal. Self-determination. It also allows us to keep what we earn.

I visited The University of Alabama and have changed my thoughts on college sports money. It’s amazing how much money there is and how ALL of the students benefit from it. Without football money, college tuition would be an even bigger scam!!!

Steve thats pretty much tha most dumbass generic American response…and exactly why we’re in this mess… we HAVE no money! our goverment/society and brains..are OWNED by corporations…and that sir is NOT what makes America America…..just ask all those dudes that fought and died in almost every war in history…to keep that from NOT happening.

Agreed, with you on the greed! The U.S. takes in 3 trillion a year in taxes, yet spends 3.5 trillion. So we borrow 500 Billion dollars a year! 70% of those are short term loans, under a year in length, so we keep rolling them over and over. And we have printed 3 trillion dollars since 2006, quintupling the amount of currency in circulation, just to pay the interest on these loans…it was called “stimulous”, but it was really the massive printing of money to temporarily pay our debts. Yet we keep spending. It also financed huge “bailouts” of corporations that made greedy, bad, and irresponsible choices. They dropped the prime interest rate to zero, in hopes that low interest loans would spark the economy, and easy money and greed have popped up yet again. I keep hearing of all these new jobs created, but Wal Mart is down 31%. Online retailers like Amazon may have something to do with that, but Amazon is trading at 20 times it’s net worth! That alone is insight into how artificially inflated the stock market is! There are insane amounts of debt from student loans, auto loans, and emerging market loans infesting the bond market, where 2 out of 3 dollars are invested, double the dollars in the stock market. In the last 6 months alone, GMAC, General Motors in house financing, has made 6 billion in auto loans, 70% being considered subprime loans, and 40% considered “deep subprime”. I could go on and on but the bottom line is that sooner rather than later we will have to pay the piper! Millions will lose their retirements, and there is nothing the Federal Reserve or our equally greedy politicos can do about it, even if they wanted to.

The first time in over 50 years of watching bowl games on TV that I have been excluded from watching bowl games today because I do not subscribe to some overpriced cable tv or satellite tv provider. What have we become!

Get a life Bob…Basic cable is not expensive…it’s your choice…and if you have a computer, I really hope you have a computer Bob…you can watch it online FREE

Max, that’s pretty arrogant of you. Basic cable in my area, the tier that carries ESPN, costs $36 and they require a box to descramble the signal ($6). Want that in HD? ($10). DVR? ($10). Add tax, broadcast fee, and fcc fee.

$45 or more might be “not that much to you,” but is a lot to others.

OMG….you seriously turned — a bowl game being on ESPN — into something about military??!!
Yeah….that’s what America is about:: yer OWN friggin agenda!


dudes.your on your computer griping about money and what makes america …america.Really?What other people collectively can have these issues as a center point in a conversation about whats wrong with their country.we have it great.and yes because in part that young men and women risk their lives for the freedom.but to say that its not about money is crazy.we have more bowl games than ever.why?Because of sponsorship and advertising.Get off the soap box and enjoy something besides complaining.Did you see how few people most of the games had in attendance,thats offset buy corporate funding in the form of advertising and ,yes…espn.
thank you espn.
by the way..i was against the new years eve format for playoffs..good job.great day of ball

Yes, James I agree to some extent. The “bowl” game proliferation has diluted what these games meant. Richard Stevens-you make some valid points too. Happy New Year to both of you.

I mostly agree James…Way too many Bowl games…I remember when there were only 4…
Sugar Bowl, Cotton Bowl, Rose Bowl and Orange Bowl… To be selected you had to be one of the best. Now we have 40…yes, I counted, 40 Bowl games. And like has been said by many others…it’s all about the MONEY!!
However, ESPN is a sports Network, they should have the games… not just the 3 Major networks

For those who don’t have ESPN, if you know someone who has Time Warner Cable and can give you their password you maybe able to log in on your laptop and stream from the ESPN website. We have twc and are going todo that remotely at myson’s house.

Pretty rude remark comparing not having cable and the Movie Deliverance to a old guy. Things are way different than when I was growing old but to me Only that was/is very rude & completely Unnecessary!!

Relax people…it is just football…….except in Columbia, nobody dies in football ….it is a GAME!!!

If you just “must” see a game, take the money you chose to save by dropping cable and buy a beer at a sports bar. It is your choice. And, stop whining and go have a happy new year….it is your choice.

I see both sides for bowl games, I dont have cable but did go to ameristar casino and watched the 2nd half of my team the huskers kick some UCLA butt and won a few extra $ on slots to boot.

Wow……apparently you can’t bring up ANY SUBJECT without getting or turning it into a “Political Agenda”….let’s see……….can we somehow blame Obama for the suggested Cable Monopoly, the ESPN Monopoly, the fact there are too many Bowl Games and while were at it…..I think it’s Obama’s fault that Ohio State is playing in the championship game.

Everything is Obama’s fault except the good things he’s done. But we’re talking bowl games and I wish we had more than 4 teams playing. 6-16 could easily work because it’s down time & Basketball has 64 teams playing, why not 16 and get much better games than the “final four” produced?

Ooppps….should have read that “Ohio State IS NOT playing in the championship game….my bad.

Use Sling. Watching it right now via Roku. Ala carte television channels, is the only way to go nowadays. Good luck!

Here i am sitting in a casino lounge been here since the 29th and have been overloaded with a thousand other Americans many military retirees with bowl games. Let’s see ther is this one big screen I’d say 10’x20′ and 15 smaller maybe 80″ers around the room. I’m sipping on my scotch and water and eating cheese crackers and grapes. Tell me it’s not about money!!! Oh and where I live we couldn’t get cable or satellite if we wanted…no land line phone service, cable service and no window for satellite and I risked my life from start to finish (7 tours) in Vietnam Nam and I couldn’t be happier. Heck yes it’s all about money and has been since George Washington; if you think our founding fathers were not the all mighty buck just step back and look at the countryside/land they amassed for their own profits. Oh, I do agree there are too many bowl games.


First everyone cried that they wanted the playoffs and now they are here…now everyone is crying about it being on cable…No one is happy…free live stream on espn app…everyone just stop your crying…

@!#$ cable and ESPN. Back in the day the only thing on all day on new years was bowl games. Bs . no cable or WiFi cuz of this countries mistakes. Had to make cutbacks because of no work. Back to basics we need Trump in office.