New at FBSchedules: College Football Neutral Site Games

By Kevin Kelley -

We have added a new page to – College Football Neutral Site Games. This page lists all neutral site games for the 2015 season through the 2024 season.

The list includes all games played at neutral sites, with the exception of off-campus home games. For example, Arkansas plays one game each year in Little Rock and UMass splits their home games between Amherst and Foxborough,

Currently, there are 81 neutral site games scheduled through the 2024 season. That includes all of the annual matchups – Arkansas-Texas A&M, Army-Navy, Colorado-Colorado State, Florida-Georgia, and Oklahoma-Texas.

The first neutral-site game of the 2015 season is Thursday, Sept. 3. North Carolina and South Carolina meet in that game at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Then there are four games on the first Saturday — Alabama-Wisconsin (at Arlington, TX), Arizona State-Texas A&M (at Houston, TX), and Auburn-Louisville (at Atlanta, GA) are the first three.

The fourth game of the day, Bowling Green-Tennessee (at Nashville), is more of a single home game at an off-campus venue.

College Football Neutral Site Games

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It’s already up under the NCAA SCHEDULES tab. Look down in the extensive listings after the Conference listings.

Great way to keep up with all the neutral sites games, hopefully as neutral site games are added it will be updated.

Neutral site games are sham to fans. plain and simple. Deprive them of a quality OOC home game to make more money.

Not if the people live closer – IE, Alabama and Wisconsin fans/alums that live in Texas/Louisiana.

This is more of an SEC thing to avoid home and home matchups. They don’t want to travel for OOC when they’re trying to position a team for a national championship. When programs like Wisconsin and Arizona State schedule these games they enable the SEC to manipulate the system when other conference programs are playing home and homes. For it to go away we need to stop agreeing to play in their back yard.

SEC home n home games: Arkansas vs Michigan & TCU
Auburn vs Cal & Clemson.
Florida vs FSU.
Georgia vs GT, ND, UCLA.
Kentucky vs Louisville.
LSU vs Cuse, Texas, UCLA, Okalhoma & Zona St.
Miss St vs BYU, K-State & Zona.
Mizz vs BYU, UCONN, W.Virginia & Memphis.
Ole Miss vs Memphis, Cal, Ga.Tech & Wake Forest.
S.Carolina vs Clemson.
Tennessee vs Oklahoma, Pitt, Nebraska & UCONN.
Texas A&M vs UCLA, Clemson, Colorado & ND.
Vandy vs Stanford, Wake Forest & K-State.
So much for SEC avoiding home n home & that is not even the full schedules yet. S.Carolina plays N.Carolina at Charlotte, LSU plays Wisconsin at Green Bay, Ole Miss play FSU at Orlando & Florida traveling to Dallas is not the Gators backyard. Its not Alabama or Auburn’s either, great place to recruit though & that is why your Wisconsin & Zona St except the games, recruiting, paycheck, excitement to kick off the college football year in a large city & TV revenue. There’s nothing wrong with neutral site games, just the people who are against them.

Very cool. I like how you have the city, but could you add the actual stadium (if possible)? Boston, MA could be multiple stadiums. It’s cool to know it is at Fenway Park. Just a thought.

“There’s nothing wrong with neutral site games, just the people who are against them”

Just as long as they’re held in the SEC’s back yard, and YES IT IS IN THE SEC’s BACK YARD, you know it, I know it, and so does everyone else that follows college football.

PS … “spinning” the truth is just another form of lying, your mother should wash your mouth out with soap.