Navy cancels 2014 football game at Rice

By Kevin Kelley -

Navy MidshipmenNavy has eliminated another game from their future football schedules. This time it’s a 2014 game against the Rice Owls.

Rice was slated to host Navy at Rice Stadium in Houston on Sept. 13, 2014. The game would have been the 13th overall meeting in a series that is tied at six games each.

Owls beat reporter Joseph Duarte reported that the 2014 match up was part of a four-game series. The other three years in that series are currently unknown.

Last week, the Midshipmen cancelled a four game, home-and-home series against UNLV. They also have four games set against SMU which will drop off their schedule since, like Navy, SMU is joining the Big East.

Navy now has ten games on their 2014 football schedule after the Rice and UNLV cancellations. Although Navy is set to join the Big East in 2015, they could be clearing their 2014 slate to enter the Big East earlier as the Las Vegas Review-Journal suggested last week.

Rice is down to two games on their 2014 non-conference schedule after they postponed a 2013-14 home-and-home series against Wake Forest. The Owls are set to travel to Army on Oct. 11 and Notre Dame on a date to be determined.

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If the series is tied at six each, how can the game that was canceled be the 12th? Wouldn’t they already have played 12 (6 +6) Even my LSU education tells me this.

Notice how Navy has kept San Jose State to help with their SOS ranking?
Hope Richt is taking notes…..

Buffalo,Florida Atlantic and Ga. Southern…..Hostess must be pushing their special 3 cupcakes in a package deal again….last time I saw a package this nicely wrapped was on Christmas….just sayin’

if we play cupcakes….. keep it regional. southern, state, ut chattanooga, sun belt and cusa teams…. not buffalO!