Missouri to Host UT Martin in 2018, Central Arkansas in 2020

By Kevin Kelley -

The Missouri Tigers have added future football games against the UT Martin Skyhawks in 2018 and Central Arkansas Bears in 2020, according to their official website.

Missouri will open the 2018 season on Sept. 1 against UT Martin at Faurot Field in Columbia. The game will be the first ever meeting between the two schools.

Other non-conference games for Missouri in 2018 include home contests vs. Wyoming (Sept. 8) and Memphis (Oct. 20) and a trip to Purdue (Sept. 15).

Missouri will host the Central Arkansas Bears in season-opener at home on Sept. 5, 2020. The game will also be their first meeting on the gridiron.

The Tigers are also scheduled to host Eastern Michigan on Sept. 26 and travel to BYU on Nov. 7. Mizzou needs one more game to complete their non-conference slate in 2020.

Mizzou’s official website also indicates that their previously scheduled game at Memphis has been pushed back two seasons from Sept. 18, 2021 to Sept. 23, 2023.

Missouri Football Schedules

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Shep this scheduling is no different than when they were in the Big 12 (minus 2). You just hating on the SEC for no reason

Gator Hater,
Seriously? The Big 12 plays 9 conference games and 1 Power 5 OOC game, totaling 10 Power 5 games. The SEC plays 8 conference games and 1 Power 5 OOC game, totaling 9. You are the one who just doesn’t want to see the crazy easy schedule the SEC plays.
Only Alabama wants to play 9 conference games. But until the tide rolls to 9, we will cowardly play in the land of our division.
Roll Tide

“The Big 12 plays 9 conference games.”

That’s the argument that always gets brought up when comparing the SEC to the Big 12.

However, it makes no sense.

It would make perfect sense if every Power 5 school was the same, but as we know they aren’t. Winning the Big 12 is just easier to do than winning the SEC. It just is. And you’ll notice that the Big 12 has had to put in a rule saying their teams have to play a Power 5 team in the future… which tells you that playing 9 conference games matters little… what matters is WHO you play. And voters think playing Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, South Carolina, Kentucky, Vanderbilt and two other SEC teams is a tougher schedule than playing 9 Big 12 games.

Otherwise, there would be no reason to make the Power 5 rule.

Face it, the SEC wins again.

And again.

And again.

And again.

You are delusional. Again. And again. And again.

How can you say the SEC is so great when two middle of the road Big 12 teams (Missouri and Texas A&M) joined the SEC and immediately dominated their prospective divisions. It’s embarrassing to see you pounding your chest and chant SEC when the facts are right in front of your eyes. Watch something other than ESPN and see how overrated (they are still good) the SEC is. Remember the 2014-15 bowl season. The great SEC West went 2-5 in bowl games!

Mean while when Texas A&M & Mizz moved on to the SEC,bottom feeder Baylor & a fresh face TCU seemed to dominated the Big-12, yet you don’t bashed the Big-12, ah yes, I forgot, they play 9 conference games & no championship game. Aggies have done very well in the SEC in which is one reason why the SEC wanted them plus for TV exposure & recruiting but they have not dominated the SEC west.

When TCU went to the Big 12, they went 5-7. Your argument doesn’t hold up.

When UTAH went to the Pac 12, they didn’t have a winning conference record until year 4 in the Pac 12.

Nebraska, Maryland and Rutgers all suffered when they moved to the Big 10.

Basically, you just cemented how right my argument is. Thank you.

I’m not talking about the BIG or Pac-12, your bashing the SEC saying that Texas A&M & Mizz both dominated their prospective divisions when they didn’t. Yes, Mizz has done well twice in the east thaks for issues with Tennessee, Florida coaching & down years from South Carolina & Georgia. Texas A&M went 4-4 in 12 & 3-5 in 14, Mizz went 5-7 (2-6) their 1st year in SEC so your argument does not hold up.

What a crappy schedule! At least play someone from the Pac12 like a mid tier Washington team-nice name but hasn’t been relevant for 15 years. And your recently departed coach started his coaching career there.

They are playing Purdue in 2018 and going to BYU in 2020… with one more game to schedule. That’s better than Baylor, Kansas, and most everyone else in the Big 12.

The second best team in the SEC West (Arkansas) lost to Texas Tech and Toledo. But go ahead and keep pounding your chest.

Yes I’m biased, but how is Arkansas the west’s 2nd best team??? Ole miss 9-3 (6-2), Arkansas 7-5 (5-3). Granted they beat us, but it still wasn’t even enough to tie with us and they still finished with 2 less wins that ole miss. Your logic is very confusing sometimes. And I’ve already debunked your theory on “only the SEC loses OOC games”, so quit pounding your chest.

Gator Hater is spot on! Roll Tide, you sound to much like Maverick, Schoup & Common Sense, I can’t even take you seriously.

What are you arguing? Give me all the arguments about how the teams are better in the SEC, because I don’t see how you can call the SEC great the last 2 years when their records say otherwise. Note 2 things: 1) Recruiting doesn’t equate to greatness, especially when so many recruiting sites focus on the south and don’t pay attention to areas in the West, Midwest and North. 2) When you play more conference games, you naturally have more losses.

This looks like the sort of schedule Baylor would play just 9 games with P5 teams, cause they have to. Open the season with an FCS team. Wait wait, this may be even worse than a Baylor schedule. You see Baylor at least pretends their cupcakes are worthwhile by playing one of the cupcakes on the road.

So, this is worse that Baylor’s scheduling.

FBS and Eastern Michigan in the same season? Kind of like Florida’s Idaho, Eastern Michigan and a FBS a few years back. Why bother even scheduling then?