Mississippi State, Tulane schedule football series for 2020 & 2023

By Kevin Kelley -

The Mississippi State Bulldogs and the Tulane Green Wave have scheduled a home-and-home football series for 2020 and 2023, both schools announced on Friday.

In the first game of the series, Mississippi State will host Tulane at Davis Wade Stadium in Starkville on Oct. 3, 2020. The Bulldogs will then travel to face the Green Wave at Yulman Stadium in New Orleans on Oct. 7, 2023.

Mississippi State and Tulane have met 58 times in a series that dates all the way back to 1901. The two schools met five times between 2003 and 2007, with Mississippi State winning three of those games to extend their series lead to 30-26-2.

“It’s been a pleasure working with Tulane AD Troy Dannen to renew the longstanding football series between the Bulldogs and Green Wave,” MSU Director of Athletics Scott Stricklin said. “New Orleans is a great destination for our Bulldog fans and a place we hope to get to more often in the future.”

Mississippi State will open the 2020 season at home vs. Alcorn State on Sept. 5, 2020. That matchup was revealed in a tweet today by Stricklin.

Mississippi State now has four scheduled non-conference games for 2020 and two for 2023. Other opponents those seasons include NC State and UMass (2020) and Arizona (2023).

Tulane has four announced non-conference games for the 2020 season and two for 2023. The Green Wave are also slated to face Army, South Alabama, and Wake Forest in 2020 and Ole Miss in 2023.

Earlier today, it was announced that Tulane’s 2018 game at Georgia Tech has been canceled and the status of their 2019 game in New Orleans is to be determined.

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Good to see an SEC school have an OOC away game at a venue that’s under 40K seats.

Vanderbilt does this often…Middle Tennessee, Colorado State and Houston to name a few.

For the record, the people who wrote this article and did the statistics are graduates from one of the best schools in the country: California-Berkeley. (Damn hippies!)

With all due respect Maverick the SEC is much more than just Alabama. Big 12 and Pac 12 are the only 2 that play 9 before this season and they are not overall better than the SEC. I wish the SEC would go to 9 but until they have to they will not…the model works. You can hate it all you want but the titles add up. Not only Alabama but Auburn, LSU and Florida have won Natty’s in the past 10 years. The SEC West is overall stronger than any conference other than the AFC Central and they have the hardware to back it up

I’m of the belief that the Pac 12 is a better conference from top-to-bottom than the SEC. That said, I think since 2009, Alabama has been far and away the best team in college football. The second best team during that time would go to Stanford. The third best would go to Ohio State. Then, maybe Oregon?

If the SEC played 9 conference games, half of their teams would have 1 more loss. That would mean less bowl teams. That would be less teams with winning records. That would mean less teams with double-digit win seasons. That would mean potentially missing out on the college football playoff.

Last year, one more loss wouldn’t have kept a single SEC team out of a bowl game. Not a single one.

And let me know when other conferences have to play the schedule Arkansas or Florida plays. Against that many future professional players.

No other conference in the nation is as deep, as good, and as strong as the SEC. And that’s not going to change anytime soon.

Auburn was 6-6 during the regular season. With another conference game, consider them getting another loss, because they sucked. They would have been 5-7 instead, which means… NO BOWL GAME.

Did you even read the link I provided above? Just read it. I’m not saying the SEC’s teams aren’t good. I’m saying they have an advantage by playing just 8 games compared to 9 conference games.

But to put this theory that Arkansas and Florida are so great… when Texas A&M and Missouri entered the SEC, they both dominated right away. Mizzou won the SEC East at least twice and Texas A&M with Manziel finished number two in their first two years.

Again, you continue to treat that ninth conference game as something its not.

When that ninth game comes against Kansas, it doesn’t matter. When it comes against Purdue it doesn’t matter. When it comes against Colorado it doesn’t matter.

Of course you’ll say, “the SEC has Vanderbilt or Kentucky.” But Vanderbilt and Kentucky usually have more players taken in the NFL draft than the bottom teams in other conferences, meaning they are usually better.

But, I know, the SEC can’t be better. They only play eight conference games! They get to play bowl games in their own backyard! They play FCS teams!

It’s like a broken record. You slam the SEC for whatever the perceived fault of the day is while giving every team in every other conference a pass.

You’ll even go to great lengths to prop up your argument. When A&M and Missouri entered the league, yes they had success. Missouri was placed in an Eastern division where Florida and Tennessee were down and Georgia was lost. A&M had the future Heisman winner. They didn’t come in an have success because the SEC was no good. They had success because they themselves were good. But that doesn’t fit the argument, does it? Missouri should have apparently been a bottom dweller forever, simply because… well…. just because you think that they should be. Some argument.

Just admit it. No other conference presents a gauntlet quite like the SEC. No other conference has the depth of talent the SEC has. It is that conference grind that makes the SEC better. And when teams from the SEC play other teams, sure they don’t win all the time – the game doesn’t work that way – but they win far more than they lose. Far more.

Mizzou lost to Indiana.
Arkansas lost to Texas Tech and Toledo.
Florida had to beat Florida Atlantic in OT.
Auburn almost lost to an FCS team.
South Carolina did lose to an FCS team. THE CITADEL! Lol.

Every conference has bottom dwellers. Yours are Vandy and Kentucky (and now South Carolina). Sorry that your SEC chest beating doesn’t hold up in a conversation.

The Big Ten, Big 12, Pac 12 and ACC have all lost more games to FCS opponents than the SEC.

The Big Ten, Big 12, Pac 12 and ACC have all lost more games to non-Power 5 opponents than the SEC.

The SEC holds a winning record against every other Power 5 conference.

Can you point out SEC losses? Absolutely. But those losses are the exceptions, not the rule.

The SEC isn’t best because I say they are. They are best because the facts prove it.

Try again, cupcake.

Never disagreed with that. We are saying it’s overrated because it’s not far-and-away the best. Hence, we want them to play 9 conference games like everyone else. What, you scared, bro? If the SEC were so great, and, as a result didn’t want to play 8 “tough” conference games, then why wouldn’t they at least schedule 2 power 5 games to play a total of 10 Power 5 games? ……… That’s what I thought. It’s because they’d rather have an easier path to bowl eligibility and the CFP. Mic dropped.

I saw that. Silly shirt. We’re like 10 point underdogs… What still bothers me about this match-up is how USC still isn’t back to full-strength post sanctions. We’ve got experience, especially on the offensive side of the ball and in the secondary, but that D-Line is so young as is most of our LBs. We are still 1, maybe 2 years away from full-strength. However, if our D-line can overcome our inexperience, then this will be a slugfest of a game… That said, Alabama’s got problems too. We both got 1st time QBs, and Bama’s got a new RB, a new center, and just 5 returning starters on D. However, you’ve got experience and depth that USC still just can’t rival. (We’ve only had 2 straight years of full scholarship offers. Years 3 and 4 we only were able to give out 15.) Still, USC got a lot of experience out of our youngsters the last 2 years.

Here is my breakdown between USC and Alabama’s match-up:
1.) QBs: USC and Bama both have first year starters. Max Browne vs. Cooper Bateman. If recruiting means something, USC gets the edge. Max Browne was the number 1 QB and is a redshirt junior. Bateman just hasn’t impressed the way he should have.
Edge: USC

2.) RBs: USC has do-everything senior back Justin Davis and Reggie Bush 2.0 Ronald Jones. Alabama has a 5-star talented but unproven back in Bo Scarbrough. I believe in Bama’s talent and Bo’s improvement throughout the year, but two 1,000 yard backs win out.
Edge: USC

3.) WRs: USC has Juju Smith and a stable of great WRs, both veteran and first time 5 stars. Alabama has Calvin Ridley and a stable of great WRs as well. Who wins the Biletnitkoff Trophy awarded to best WR?
Edge: Tie.

4.) TEs: USC has some guys that should be okay. Alabama has OJ Howard. ‘Nuff said.
Edge: Alabama

5.) OL: USC have 5 returning starters, two of the best RS senior tackles in Zach Banner and Chad Wheeler. They have depth, size and talent better than anyone in the country. Alabama returns star left tackle, Cam Robinson, maybe the best OL in the country, and some great players. But the loss of their star center leaves them vulnerable, especially early.
Edge: USC

6.) DL: USC had two veterans returning, but an injury put them in a bind. Honestly, they have no one on the line with a whole lot of age or experience. Consider this a middle-tier DL at best. Alabama brings back another staple of Saban greatness. Who plays? Who cares? It’s Bama in the trenches.
Edge: Alabama

7.) LB: USC has tons of talent and second-year experience, none moreso than All-Freshman and Pac12 Freshman of the year Cam Smith. Surrounding him is a plethora of a 3-5/5-2 defense of linebackers thanks to new coordinator Clancy Pendergast. Alabama is defense. Alabama is athletic linebackers. Alabama is experience. Meet Tim Williams AND Reuben Foster. As much as I like USC, I trust Alabama.
Edge: Alabama

8.) DB: USC may have holes (big holes) on the defensive line, but they have no holes at the DB. They bring back Charles Woodson 2.0 in Adoree Jackson and Biggie Iman Marshall. They are shutdown corners with depth and experience behind them and across from them. The D will stack the box and let them play man. Alabama is defense. Saban loves his DBs. Saban lost some guys, but he has talent, skill and a bunch of 5 stars. He also has Marlon Humphrey. Too bad that’s not enough.
Edge: USC

9.) Special Teams: USC has kickers. Alabama has kickers. Who has the ball last? USC has punters. Alabama has punters. USC has talent. Alabama has talent. But USC has Adoree Jackson, and Adoree is Charles Woodson 2.0.
Edge: USC

10.) Coaching: USC has Clay Helton. Clay Helton doesn’t have a whole lot of experience as the Ole Ball Coach. Thank God he surrounded himself with studs around him like Defensive Coordinator Clancy Pendergast — one of the best and proven defensive minds. Alabama has Nick Saban.
Edge: Alabama

11.) Intangibles: USC is near to full-strength. USC hopes to be over the drama. USC knows who mans the OC position at Alabama — ex-coach Lane Kiffin. Alabama plays at Dallas often. USC must fly. Alabama is a roadtrip away. Lane Kiffin wants vengeance from being fired on the tarmac at LAX. John McCay and Bear Bryant seek blood. Hopefully recovered from sanctions, one dynasty looks to take back its throne from the current dynasty. Is depth an issue? Thank God ESPN’s College Gameday doesn’t show up.
Edge: Who cares?

USC Advantages (QB, RB, OL, DB, ST)
Alabama Advantages (TE, DL, LB, Coaching)
Even (WR and intangibles)

I want USC to win, but over the years Arrogant Nation (aka USC) has grown humble. USC covers the spread, but Alabama wins 27-21.

Only an idiot would claim the SEC has an ‘easier path’ to the playoff.

Then you said: “We’re like 10 point underdogs… ”

What position do you play on the team?

You’re such a clown. SEC teams had to be forced to play a power 5 ooc. You now play 3 cupcakes instead of 4, whereas almost every other team plays at least 10 power 5 games. If you were that good, you wouldn’t be scared to play other power 5 teams from different conferences. Put your money where your mouth and play somebody other than ULM, Troy, AK St, coastal Carolina, etc. if you were that good, you would play teams from other good conferences anytime anywhere. Mic dropped, troll.

Oh, you’re right. Someone had to force Georgia to play Georgia Tech. Someone had to force South Carolina to play Clemson. And who could forget when they forced Florida to play Florida State. How could I forget!

But, just for giggles, who forced them to play a Power 5 team ooc? Who gets that credit again? I mean, that must be one powerful dude to be able to force college football teams to play each other.

Every year, the SEC plays it’s share of Power 5 out-of-conference games and every year the SEC wins more than they lose. The SEC isn’t the conference running scared.


I’d drop the mic, too, but I’m afraid it would hit your mother in the head.

This is how I know you are an idiot. STATE LAW forces South Carolina to play Clemson, Florida to play Florida State, Kentucky to play Louisville, and Georgia to play Georgia Tech… That was way too easy to prove you wrong.

Also, they don’t play their “fair share” of Power 5 games. In fact, percentage wise, they play the least amount of Power 5 games.

Where do you come up with your asinine statements?


And you called me an idiot.

State law you say… That’s rich.

You are funny. Pathetic, but funny.


Nebraska & Minnesota went 5-7 last year after playing 8 conference games & went to bowls, did this cause BIG hype? Of course you are not bashing the BIG for it though, teams that go to bowls regardless if they are from the SEC or from any conference is good thing. It is extra playing time, away to sell the your team, helps recruiting, brings in more money to the conference. Yes there are a couple of negatives but everything has pros & cons. You just luv to dwell on the SEC & say how OVERRATED they are but you can not prove anything.

You say the PAC-12 is top to bottom better than the SEC yet, they have not won a NC since USC did in 2005, Oregon lost to Auburn in 2010, PAC-12 has been struggling if it was not for the Ducks. Not sure how you can say Stanford is the second best team since 2009? They have not even made it into the national championship or even the CFP.

You are taking loses & close wins & trying to prove how bad the SEC is, now please go back & go through ALL the conferences that lost to FCS or G5 teams or had close wins with FCS or G5. It is not just the SEC.

Mizz beat Indiana in 2014 (yet you don’t bring that up)
Arkansas losing to TT is not a bad lose.
As for Florida & Auburn winning in OT, it happens! At least they came back & won, if not then you REALLY would be rubbing it in on how they lost.
South Carolina was a death trap last year, losing Spurrier, they did go 3-9 & lost to The Citadel by a point yet they beat N.Carolina( a team that made it to the ACC championship).

Calling the SEC overrated is like me looking up at the sky saying the sky is green, I guess if I had rose colored glasses on it would be. Btw, that is a great song by John Conlee

I’m tired of hearing the nonsense of the “SEC Gauntlet”. The ACC is supposedly the weakest P5 conference but have given SEC teams problems. FSU with a “weaker” conference schedule dogged Florida and a good Duke squad then beat Auburn in the last year of the “BS era” and in the same season Alabama lost to Oklahoma in convincing fashion. Alabama was then ranked #1 the following season and lost to Ohio State (who lost to Clemson the previous season in the Orange bowl) with an unproven quarterback but then Nick Saban made the lamest excuses of why they fell short. Now everyone does that but the SEC is going to get called out on it because if you’re supposedly the best team in the best conference in college football, there is no excuse. There is too much bias on the matter. Clemson nearly beat Alabama but got to give it to Alabama’s special teams.

Everyone knows preseason rankings are nonsense and yet they carry weight throughout the season. If you made each conference play out the same kind of format of 9 conference games plus 1 P5 out-of-conference game and extended the playoffs to AT LEAST 8 teams ( I say it should be 12 and include all 10 conference champions) with all P5 conference champions and the top ranked G5 conference champion and two “wild cards” then we would have a better picture of strength of conferences because there would be more data to look at and I’ll bet it would be a lot more balanced than people may believe.

The SEC has some great teams but not all of them are great. The SEC West is given a little too much credit. Every P5 conference has some great teams and some bad ones JUST LIKE the SEC. Lets see what happens this year with Alabama pre-ranked as #1 and 2-1 in the first two seasons of the CFP era (no denying that is impressive). Right now it’s still way to early to say who’s the best team, let alone the best conference because that to changes with each season as far as I can tell but hey we all have a opinion just do us all a favor don’t try to lord yours over everyone else and that goes to everyone (stay humble my friends). With that said I hope everyone enjoys this upcoming season and if not better luck next year! :) Go Noles!

I do hope this series is a competitive one because I would like to see Tulane doing well but hey they got time to build up till then. Hopefully they can find a way to get some good recruits.

Joe and Day, Maverick has some good points but in the end as much as I respect his opinion he is just another SEC Hater. If the SEC played 12 conference games the haters would find some excuse to call the SEC over rated yet the trophy case does not lie. Yes Alabama is head and shoulders above the others the past few years but LSU is always a factor and Auburn will pull the rabbit out of its hate every 3 to 4 years. As good as Alabama is they can’t beat Ole Miss. Mississippi State, A&M and Arkansas have moments too. The SEC West is as good as advertised.

So glad we get football in a few days!! LET THE HATE BEGIN

Thank you for listening. Honestly, I just want uniformity in scheduling. I understand some conferences have better teams than others, but that can also be very subjective, especially depending on the year. If P5 teams all played the same amount of p5 games and conference games, we’d be able to get the best teams guaranteed. By judging how your teams did in out of conference play, that would show which conferences are better. Then when the teams are picked for the cfp, we’d know which conference is best by bowl records. Once I see uniformity, I will gladly stop arguing. I still say Baka was the best team of the decade and last year. We are getting closer to a better system. I think uniformity answers that.