Minnesota announces changes to Future Football Schedules

By Kevin Kelley -

Minnesota Golden GophersThe Minnesota Golden Gophers announced a few changes to their future football schedules this morning.

On Sept. 6, 2014, Minnesota will host the Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders at TCF Bank Stadium.

The Golden Gophers were previously scheduled to travel to Miami (OH) on Sept. 6, 2014, but will now make the trip to face the RedHawks on Sept. 17, 2016.

The shifting of Miami to 2016 has also completed Minnesota’s 2016 non-conference slate. The Gophers also host New Mexico State, Indiana State and Colorado State.

Here’s a look at Minnesota’s non-conference opponents through 2017. The Golden Gophers need one game in 2015 and two in 2017.


  • 10/30 – at UNLV
  • 09/08 – New Hampshire
  • 09/15 – Western Michigan
  • 09/22 – Syracuse


  • 08/31 – UNLV
  • 09/07 – at North Carolina
  • 09/14 – Western Illinois
  • 09/21 – San Jose State


  • 08/30 – Eastern Illinois
  • 09/06 – Middle Tennessee State
  • 09/13 – North Carolina
  • 09/20 – San Jose State


  • 09/05 – South Dakota State
  • 09/12 – at Colorado State
  • 09/19 – TBA
  • 09/26 – Ohio


  • 09/03 – New Mexico State
  • 09/10 – Indiana State
  • 09/17 – at Miami (Ohio)
  • 09/24 – Colorado State


  • 09/02 – TBA
  • 09/09 – Oregon State
  • 09/16 – Middle Tennessee State
  • 09/23 – TBA

Comments (12)

Glad to see that “changes to future schedules” did not mean the removal of North Carolina…for now.

Now if they can just beat North Dakota State! , somewhere Glen Mason is rolling over in his grave… Seriously though, it is a tougher non conference schedule than any of the sec teams play, yeah I know bama has got to play sw nursing school 4 times a year to rest from the gauntlet of kentucky, missippi, missippi st, and vanderbuilt lol.

So we get a peak at the first pac12 vs big10 game in 017 minny vs osu, sounds about right, don’t think the fans of either will get too excited about it kinda meh…

Actually, those OOC schedules are very comparable to what the average SEC team plays, and they might even be worse (with the exception of “Missippi” State’s).

Alabama plays Michigan this year, a team that completely embarrassed Minnesota last year. So I wouldn’t be complaining about weak non-conference scheduling until the Gophers show the ability to at least be competitive against decent teams.

Its not all Minnesota’s fault that they don’t have the best football program. They play in the Big Ten and have recruiting battles with Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan St, Nebraska, Wisconsin.. If they are looking for the better of their football program, move to the Big East.

Don’t have the source, but I believe that when the B1G/P12 agreement was announced, Commish Delany said that those 9-game conference schedule plans were postponed.

Then how do you explain why Minnesota is playing only one Pac-12 team in the next 6 years (Oregon State in 2017)?

The Big Ten was set to move to a 9-game schedule in 2017, but that is not the case now. Here is an excerpt from the NY Times article:

One significant adjustment the Big Ten will make is that it will not be going to a nine-game conference football schedule, as it had planned to do in 2017. Delany said the eight-game schedule works because it is balanced and each team has four games at home and four on the road. The Pac-12 will most likely stick with its nine-game schedule, but will discuss it further.

Going purely by recall here (from the late December 2011 announcement)…

I think (don’t definitively KNOW) that it’s b/c the B1G/P12 targeted 2017 as the first year of full participation (12 vs. 12) in the agreement, with an intent among AD’s to try to ramp up the # of games b/t conferences before that time (2017)…

This 2017 date applies to FB at least, I don’t know how soon this would be incorporated into basketball. Only series that was announced for BB on heels of this was a Michigan-Arizona home & home.

Anyway, don’t trust me…a friend named could help look it up.