Michigan Wolverines announce 2014-16 Non-Conference Football Opponents

By Kevin Kelley -
Michigan Wolverines
Michigan announces 2014-16 non-conference football opponents. (Rick Osentoski-US PRESSWIRE)

The Michigan Wolverines announced several non-conference opponents for the 2014 through 2016 seasons today, highlighted by match-ups against Colorado and Utah.

Michigan will open the 2014 season at home against Appalachian State on Aug. 30, followed by a trip to face Notre Dame on Sept. 6. The Wolverines then return home to host Miami (OH) on Sept. 13 and Utah on Sept. 20.

The 2015 schedule features a Thursday night season-opener at Utah on Sept. 3, followed by three consecutive home games against Notre Dame (Sept. 12), Oregon State (Sept. 19) and UNLV (Sept. 26).

Michigan will again travel to Notre Dame in 2016 (Sept. 10) and will host Colorado on Sept. 17. The Wolverines need two more non-conference games to complete their 2016 football schedule.

With today’s non-conference additions, Michigan has completed their 2014 and 2015 football schedule. The conference portion of their 2014 schedule was announced in April of 2011 while the 2015 & 2016 slates were announced last month.

Michigan also announced today that their annual battle against Notre Dame will take a hiatus for the 2018 and 2019 seasons. The two schools are tentatively set to meet each year from 2020 through 2031.

Future Football Schedules:

Comments (14)

As a Purdue fan, I do like the unique matchups this B1G/P12 partnership brings. Looking forward to it.

Only quibble…I’m wondering if Oregon St. & Colorado fought to get return trips from Michigan but were denied? I already see a trend developing in that the non-traditonal powers in the B1G & P12 may end up playing Away games without the benefit of a return game vs. the same school.

Consider recent history of no-return games between the B1G/P12:
– Indiana @ Oregon in 2004.
– Oregon St. @ Penn State in 2008.
– Colorado @ Ohio State in 2011.
…in each case the power school did not return to play at the other school’s campus. That concerns me a bit going forward…

Oregon had scheduled a return trip to Bloomington in 2005, but the new IU coach (I believe it was Hoeppner?) cancelled it for a more winnable game.

Dave – You’re right I do recall that IU backed out of the Oregon return trip to Bloomington (even though somehow the Hoosiers won that ’04 game).

I give Oregon lots of credit for coming to Purdue in ’08. While my Purdue team lost that game and the one in Eugene in ’09, that sure was a fun (and close) couple of games the Ducks & Boilermakers played.

(continued) Just would like to see a more equitable opportunity for big & unusually splashy home games for the AQ lessers (and quirky road tests for the traditional powers).

I get your point, but such a deal would require an agreement/meeting between the two commissioners, similar to how it works with the Big Ten/ACC Challenge in basketball. Its easier to recover from one loss when you play 30+ games – tougher when its only 12.

I see your point Maize…It’s apples vs. oranges to expect 1-1’s to work the same for FB as for BB especially as you note the difference in games played.

When Colorado played at OSU last year, that was to our knowledge strictly designed to be a one-and-done. Colorado’s athletic department was/is supposedly hemorraghing money at the time and was willing to take any big payday that it could get.

Michigan agreeing to play a game at Utah mildly surprises me. I agree that it will be interesting to see how many home games the have-nots can land in this B12/P12 set-up. Can anyone seriously imagine Ohio State traveling to Pullman or USC to Evanston?

True – I’m mildly surprised at Wisconsin, who will travel to Oregon State, Wazzou AND Arizona State in the next few years.

As for OSU/Colorado in ’11…I should have noted in my original post that I understood that there were circumstances that framed each of those one-off games.

ROFLMAO, Michigan actually scheduled App State again! I can’t Wait! Go Appalachian State! I guess Meatchicken is scared of the Big Boys and after they get crushed by Bama they’ll have to go back to a cup cake diet! Lol….. Go Michigan State!

Well, Mike, Michigan can’t afford to play the big boys like Sparty does. You know, powerhouses like CMU, EMU, WMU, USF, Youngstown State, Jacksonville State, Wyoming.