Michigan adds Air Force to 2012 football schedule

By Kevin Kelley -

The Michigan Wolverines have announced the addition of the Air Force Falcons to their 2012 football schedule. The matchup is a one-game contract.

Michigan will host Air Force at Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor on September 8, 2012. It will be the home opener for the Wolverines following their September 1 game against Alabama at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

The Wolverines and Falcons’ only meeting was in 1964 in Ann Arbor. Michigan won the game 24-7.

The 2012 schedule for Michigan will be very tough. The Wolverines open against Alabama, host Air Force and then travel to Notre Dame on September 22. Big Ten games include Michigan State, at Nebraska, Iowa and at Ohio State.

Air Force opens the 2012 season at home against Idaho State before traveling to Ann Arbor. The Falcons have their annual games with Army and Navy to go along with their MWC schedule, which now includes Boise State.

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Comments (6)

AIR FORCE?!?!?!?!? WHHAAAT?!?!?!? All I ever hear from Wolverninny fans is oh how great michigan is, oh they have such great tradition, oh A Michigan Man, oh Tom Brady, oh the Big House, if michigan is as good as they boast why r they playin air force? why not schedule the Detroit Lions or Cincinnati Bengals, huh, why not schedule some team at their oh so awesome level, huh, pick on someone ur own size, or, i know, why not schedule a team well above ur pay grade, why not play a real team, why not schedule…?… Ohio State, if michigan is as good as those Saginaw sucking trolls say then they should be able to beat a school like Ohio State, right?

Love the Wolverines…love Air Force more (my alma mater)! It should be a great game with disimilar styles of play.

Hey Greg every big school plays lesser teams to start and by the way the lions and the bengals are in the NFL and Michigan plays Ohio state every year and lead the series and their is tradition try most wins by a college football program don’t rip on something you don’t anything about

You can say what you want to about lesser teams but when you play Air Force you best not over look them. Cause those falcons come to play for 60 minites. Just go back and see what they have done to some of your bigger schools. I’m looking foward to this game since I am from Ohio I enjoy seeing a good Wolverine butt wopping.