Miami Hurricanes May Play at Appalachian State in 2016

By Kevin Kelley -

The Miami Hurricanes may play at Appalachian State in 2016, according to a report by Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald.

Jackson reports that their sources indicate Miami may make the trip to Boone, North Carolina next season and then the Mountaineers would play in Sun Life Stadium in a “future year.”

Miami currently only has three known non-conference games lined up for the 2016 season — Florida A&M (Sept. 10), at Notre Dame (Oct. 29), and Florida Atlantic (date TBA).

The Hurricanes also have three non-conference opponents set in 2017 and 2019 and one or less from 2020 onward. Appalachian State’s visit to Miami could easily fit in any of those seasons.

In order to host Miami in 2016, Appalachian State would have to make an adjustment to their non-conference slate. The Mountaineers already have four announced opponents for next season — at Tennessee (Sept. 3), vs. ODU (Sept. 10), vs. NC Central (Sept. 17), and at Akron (Sept. 24).

Old Dominion or NC Central would likely be the best candidates for postponement or cancellation in order to host the Hurricanes.

Looking ahead, Appalachian State has one non-conference opening in 2018, three in 2019, two in 2020-21, and three in 2022.

If the series is finalized, it would be the fourth future home-and-home series scheduled for Miami against a team outside the Power Five. The Hurricanes are slated to visit Arkansas State in 2017, Toledo in 2018, and FIU in 2019. The FIU game will technically be a road game for Miami but will be played at Marlins Park, Sun Life Stadium or another venue.

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Looks just like an SEC West Schedule. 1 Good team, 3 cupcakes. Guaranteed 3-1 or 4-0 start. Just need a 3-5 or 2-6 Conference record to make it to a bowl game. Lol.

Haven’t the Miami fans suffered enough/ With all seriousness, this makes no sense unless they are doing a 3 for 1 with Appalachian St.

#Miami would be lucky to play at App. State. In fact, the college gameday experience and atmosphere at Miami games pales in comparison to #Appalachian home games. Worse yet, I doubt the #hurricanes leave with a win. #welcometotherock

homer? Shep? As if the thousands of Miami fans supporting a team that hasn’t done anything in the past 15 years dropping loads of “they aren’t good enough to lick the dirt off our cleats” attitude aren’t homers? Give me a break. The U has boatloads of history and nobody can take that away, but Miami needed a game for 9/17/2016, App had UMass in that slot, who bought the game out to play South Carolina, filled the spot with and FCS, and were looking to upgrade. App had the opportunity and availability to host Miami and all the bargaining chips: “come to Boone first or find yourself another road opponent on 10 months’ notice.”

Stfu Loser. You’re the type to bring up a teams bad past but ignore their championships with “that’s just history from 20+ years ago” and I’d bet that you’re a gator fan too or of another program who routinely sends players to jail. So sit your ass down clown

Mr. James,
Who on Miami’s current roster are you referring to when you refer to them as felons? Careful, your uneducated bias is showing or is that stupidity?

This would be no different than a trip to Duke or Wake except for a better game day atmosphere in Boone. Cleaner air and better football.

Duke ow Wake Forest would be a conference game for Miami. Visiting a team in the Sun Belt conference that has only been playing in D 1-A for a few years is completely different.

Miami opened the 2003 season at La. Tech seven months after playing in the National Title Game. Just saying.

Economics of college football are much different 13 years later. Even Purdue or Wake Forest doesn’t play a G5 team without at least a return game, and the bigger name P5 teams should get at ;least a 2-1. Miami may be in a rough patch butb they are still a better draw than half the P5 teams.

Check this out:
Current Record as of 18 Nov 15
Middle Tennessee State 5 – 5 (Con. USA)
University of Louisiana Monroe 1 – 9 (Sun Belt)
Charleston Southern 9 – 1 (Big South)

Strength of schedule considered against these powerhouses has one time in the top 4 of the playoffs. So I don’t want to hear anything about cupcakes.

Come on… Power 5 teams are going to gravitate to the lower level FBS teams so there’s no discussion of strength of schedule. They are going to play MAC, Sun Belt or American Athletic teams. Miami has ND for the next 2 years at least. They play FSU, VT, UNC and yeah Duke this year… That’s not a bad schedule.. plus they have one more team to pick up for the opener.