LSU, Oregon to play at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington in 2011

By Kevin Kelley -

The LSU Tigers and the Oregon Ducks will open the 2011 football season at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas, LSU has announced.

The game will be played the evening of September 3, 2011 and will be televised nationally by ABC or ESPN.

The Tigers and Ducks have played three times in their history, but haven’t faced off since 1977. LSU leads the series 2-1.

LSU’s 2011 non-conference schedule is now complete with games against Oregon (09/03), Northwestern State (09/10), at West Virginia (09/24) and home against Western Kentucky (11/12).

The Ducks will play LSU (09/03) and will host Nevada (09/10). Oregon is slated to play at Utah on September 17, but the game may be changed to a Pac-10 game or moved due to the recent conference realignment.

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All I can say is that Oregon fans are gonna HATE the SEC come September 2011. Auburn’s gonna kill em in the Championship game, then LSU will put the beatdown on em next year.

Oregon has not played the caliber of athlete that the SEC produces…..the speed, the quickness, athletisicm….The pool of talent that the SEC covers in scouting is just supreme in comparison.
Auburn will win….(56-35). LSU’s season opener Vs. Oregon…….LSU 39 Vs. Oregon 20!!!! GEAUX TIGERS!!!! GEAUX SEC!!!!!!!

Ducks fans are going to be hatin’ life on 9/4/2011 when they get back to back losses to SEC teams.

Oregon found out how tough the SEC is when they got beat by Auburn. I know the score was close, but Auburn pretty much controlled the game, but didn’t maximize their scoring opportunities. LSU is gonna beat Oregon too, because they’re got a BOATLOAD of talent coming back, and they’ve got GREAT talent being added for next year. Won’t predict the score, but LSU tigers are gonna eat some ducks! Geaux Tigers!!

“Auburn pretty much controlled the game, but didn’t maximize their scoring opportunities.”

Did you not watch the game? Oregon had more missed scoring oppertunities than Auburn did. Oregons Defense made Newton look like a Rookie with Jitters. That was not the cam newton that Id seen all season. He was to jittery with the Oregon Defense; even said himself it was the mist underrated defense in college football. Auburn got a HUGE break with that BS run where everyone thought he was down and stopped playing for a quick second. Even your HB thought he himself was down. It that play had gone the other way, it would have been overtime. I dont think a last second fieldgoal to win it is showing the Ducks how tuff the SEC is. What a joke. If anything, Auburn saw how tuff the ducks were and held on by the skin of their teeth.

I will be at that Tiger – Duck game, and I can tell you this, Oreogon is going to come out with something to prove. When they are in that mind set, few mistakes will be made and they will steam roll.. This game is not National Championship jitters, this is smack em back football; and it all starts 9-4

F-ck the SEC. Barely squeaked one out against the Ducks- they still put up 450+ yards on Auburn and the only reason they didn’t win 3 differetn times is because of 2 goal line stands and a redzone pick. Auburn’s good but no more of this BS saying SEC “dominates”. A 3-point win on the buzzer after a freakish 40 yard run where the guy should’ve been down doesn’t equal domination.

I call 75 rushing yards a a$$ whipping. Did you see the “where you think you going” tackle of your famous 21. He got OWNED!!!!! pAC 10 IS OVERRATED AND PLAYS A WEAK CONFRENCE! DUCKS KEEP FLYING AND THE SEC WILL ENJOY THE FUTURE DUCK HUNTS. WISH I COULD FIND A DUCK LEASE LIKE THE ONE IN EUGENE! SITTING DUCKS

SEC is weak. When Florida and LSU played for their national championships they were not the best time, they just had a coach who politicked better than Pete Carrol. USC in those years would have destroyed either team. Alabama was the exception. Auburn is lucky for TV timeouts.

didnt yous ee the tenneessee game? wasnt that an sec game too? auburn wasnt what every said they were going to be, they squeaked by with a bullshyt call and won by a field goal. i know a win is a win but still if there was 2 minutes left in that game after the field goal the ducks would have won it. how many time did they score within 2 minutes all season like 45 times. now come on you think LSU is going to put up 20+ points yeah maybe, but are they going to out score the ducks not going to happen. we jus recruited bigger d-linemen and o-linemen, jus wait till you see 5 guys at the line in front of lamichael atleast in size of 6’5 290. how you going to stop that run game? all im saying is that the ducks have something to prove next year and they know it. ducks go 11-1 next year and possibly going to the national championship, but this time win it. its going to happen trust me on this.

Sec doesn’t dominate? Lol. The past 6 national champions have been from the south eastern conference. U take any of our top 3 teams and put them up against ANY non SEC team and I guarantee you the SEC will win 99 out of 100 times.

Not to be rude to LSU fans out there but last season how often did you actually hear about LSU nationally. It was always Oregon or Auburn. This year Auburn will be out of the picture because they are going to suck. So who replaces auburn with that spot with Oregon, Not LSU!!! I know that for sure.

What are u talkin about, lsu will win every game next season without a doubt beggining with a mighty fine duck hunt in texas!! Lsu all the way!!

im sorry but who went to the national championship game last year? oregon or LSU? another question, who is returning most of there offense and defense this year? and who will own the LSU tigers next year, you guessed it, oregon. im guessing it will be 35 to 28, oregon.

Oregon may have lost their two leading’ receivers, but their up-tempo, no-huddle offense is going to wreak havoc on LSU, in my opinion. LSU will have to practice keeping up with them if they want a chance at even touching the Ducks, yet alone defeating ’em.

We know we are doing good, when your comments slam the ducks! We love it! Keep it up!