Louisiana’s Ragin’ Cajuns add Florida Gators to 2012 Football Schedule

By Kevin Kelley -

Louisiana’s Ragin’ Cajuns have added the Florida Gators to their 2012 football schedule, interim athletic director Scott Farmer told theadvertiser.com.

The Ragin’ Cajuns will travel to face the Florida Gators at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium in Gainesville on September 8, 2012. The Gators will pay the Cajuns a $950,000 guarantee.

The game will be the fourth meeting between the two schools. Florida has won all four games in convincing fashion: 45-0 (1945), 45-0 (1985), 61-14 (1993) and 55-21 (1996).

Florida opens the 2012 season at home against Bowling Green on Sept. 1 and also host Jacksonville State on a date to be announced. The Gators travel to Florida State on Nov. 24.

The Cajuns travel to Oklahoma State on Sept. 15 and to Kansas State (date TBA). They also host Tulane on Oct. 6.

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Please stop referring to these !@#$% envy LSU wannabes as “Louisiana”. Regardless of what their fans and alumni would like you to believe, the name of the school is “Louisiana-Lafayette”.

Who gives a **** what they call their school? LSU A&M at Baton Rouge folk like yourself fear the uprising of another school in this state. Quit being a #@#!&. I mean #!@#%. I mean… you know what I mean.

Ashley, your official name is not LSU. It’s Louisiana State University and Agricultural and Mechanical College at Baton Rouge? Do you even know that or is your vocabulary limited to three letters off of a shirt you bought from Wal-Mart?

Everyone please settle down and be civil regarding the debate over what the University of Louisiana at Lafayette should or should not be called.

We aren’t going to take sides. But we will shut down comments if the profanity and personal attacks continue.

Well, when someone says “!@@#$% envy wannabes”, those are fighting words. On top of that it isn’t even true. We don’t want to be a corrupt school like them that uses the government to steal from and attack every other school in the state. We have a unique culture and we just want to be ourselves.
I don’t think that we asked you to take sides. You don’t use their official name, LSU A&M-BR and you quit calling us Louisiana after they probably lobbied, so you have already taken sides, their side.

Please refer to the school’s official website where they state what the “lead athletic name” is: Lousiana’s Ragin’ Cajuns.


We use Louisiana’s Ragin’ Cajuns where possible depending on grammar and space. If not, we use Louisiana-Lafayette, which is essentially the same as UL Lafayette.

Therefore, by using the school’s official statement, we are not taking sides. Taking sides would be using the full name (their side) or just using Louisiana or UL (your side). We have no dog in this fight and try to remain neutral.

Maybe you have never been to Louisiana, most media in Lafayette and the surrounding areas use Louisiana or UL. Also, come to a football game and talk to people and listen to what we are called loud and proud by school officials. That link is put out there to keep the corrupt Louisiana government off the backs of the University. They forced us with a LSU-BR crony judge to change our name back after we changed it to UL officially in ’84. The reason it makes people mad is you were using UL, then you stopped. We fight this corruption all the time and it is just sad when an independent site like this goes along with it. Another example, the Louisiana politicians are all getting BCS National Championship tickets at face value for LSU-BR, a totally corrupt conflict of interest. You can shut down comments if you want, but you guys will not be able to say that you are ignorant of the corrput individuals that you are catering to. You used to use UL, but you were obviously lobbied and you gave in to them.

Also, in that link it never says that Louisiana-Lafayette is acceptable, so you aren’t even going by that anyway. UL Lafayette and Louisiana-Lafayette are different terms.

I go to Louisiana about 4 times a year as my wife is from there.

And we are simply a football schedule site. We aren’t corrupt and don’t cater to anyone.

When the site was started, we used Louisiana-Lafayette. We were lobbied to change it to Louisiana a few years later based on the trademark of the term “Louisiana’s Ragin’ Cajuns.” Of course, we were then lobbied to change it back because on the schedules where there was no mascot name, we just had “Louisiana.” As you know, there is not simply a “University of Louisiana” based on state law. And since the school is public, only the state can change the name.

Also, I emailed the school last year and they referred me to the media page I keep linking to.

Thanks Kevin, our official name is the University of Louisiana, or UL. Whether others like it or not, that is our name and nobody can change it. Anyway, hoped you guys watched us in NOLA! Crazy game!

The school’s academic and athletic sites ALSO refer to themselves as University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

I’m closing down comments because this article is about a scheduled game, not what the school is or isn’t supposed to be called.