Is Florida State’s Drop to 4th in the CFB Playoff Rankings Justified?

By Amy Daughters -

Can the CFB Playoff committee substantiate its decision to move TCU ahead of Florida State in its latest rankings?

Seriously, how does an unblemished Seminole team, fresh off beating SEC’s Florida, lose traction to a team that is one 24-point letdown short of perfection?

If schedule strength is behind the committee’s decision, then it’s time to take an objective look back at who each of the six contenders played to get this close to the bracket.

Coming into the season, here’s how Phil Steele had the six ranked in strength of schedule: No. 36 Ohio State, No. 40 TCU, No. 46 Florida State, No. 48 Oregon, No. 57 Baylor and No. 61 Alabama.

Speed ahead to Week 15—when all that’s remaining are the conference title games and the final weekend of Big 12 play—and we can replace predictions for known fact. In other words, we know which schedule was the most difficult, because all but 15 of the games have already been played.

Instead of counting the number of winning teams from last year a team will play, now we can count the number of bowl-eligible teams from this season that they already did play.

When looking back, it’s key to rate opponents on where they are now, at the end of the regular season, as opposed to where they were when a contender played them. For instance, when Florida State played Notre Dame on Oct. 18, the Irish were 6-1 and ranked No. 5. Five games and one month later, Notre Dame has dropped to 7-5 and out of the rankings.

So, instead of crediting the Seminoles for beating a top-ranked team, it’s more accurate to say they beat a team that’s just bowl eligible.

The other consideration is limiting the discussion to power-five opponents. Though Ohio State’s win over Kent State and Baylor’s victory over Buffalo count as full-fledged wins, they aren’t the same thing as Alabama besting West Virginia and Oregon dropping Michigan State. Leaving non-power games out of the equation gets us closer to an apples-to-apples comparison.

Here are the six contenders ranked by schedule strength in hindsight.

6. Baylor (CFB Ranking No. 6)

Power-Five Opponents: 8
Combined Record of Power-Five Wins: 38-42 (47.5%)
Number of Bowl-Eligible, Power-Five Teams Beaten: 3
Opponents Beaten that are Still Ranked: 2
Record of Power-Five Loss: 7-5 (58.3%)
Remaining Opponent: No. 9 Kansas State (9-2)

Four things kill Baylor: First, it didn’t play a power-five team out of conference, limiting its non-Big 12 action to SMU, Buffalo and FCS Northwestern State. Next up, it’s got the fewest wins over teams that finished the season bowl eligible: Texas, TCU and Oklahoma. This makes it no surprise that it is the only contender with a losing record among its combined power-five wins. Finally, the Bears’ loss came against 7-5 West Virginia, a solid squad but still the weakest defeat among the top six with the exception of Ohio State, which lost to 6-6 Virginia Tech.

5. Ohio State (CFB Playoff Ranking No. 5)

Power-Five Opponents: 9
Combined Record of Power-Five Wins: 53-45 (54%)
Number of Bowl-Eligible, Power-Five Teams Beaten: 6
Opponents Beaten that are Still Ranked: 1
Record of Power-Five Loss: 6-6 (50%)
Remaining Opponent: No. 13 Wisconsin (10-2)

What hurts Ohio State is that it only played one opponent that is still ranked, No. 8 Michigan State. Beyond that, the Buckeyes have the worst loss, dropping an early game to Virginia Tech, a .500, barely bowl-eligible team that lost 6-3 to Wake Forest in double overtime.

T3. TCU (CFB Playoff Ranking No. 3)

Power-Five Opponents: 9
Combined Record of Power-Five Wins: 50-43 (53.8%)
Number of Bowl-Eligible, Power-Five Teams Beaten: 5
Opponents Beaten that are Still Ranked: 2
Record of Power-Five Loss: 10-1 (90.9%)
Remaining Opponent: Iowa State (2-9)

TCU finishes in the middle of the road in each category with the exception of its loss, the only defeat to a one-loss contender among the top six. It’s the highest quality loss among the contenders. But, ironically, the head-to-head loss to Baylor is also the biggest cause for concern for the Frogs: How can they be ranked ahead of a team they lost to?

T3. Oregon (CFB Playoff Ranking No. 2)

Power-Five Opponents: 10
Combined Record of Power-Five Wins: 57-52 (52.3%)
Number of Bowl-Eligible, Power-Five Teams Beaten: 5
Opponents Beaten that are Still Ranked: 3
Record of Power-Five Loss: 10-2 (83.3%)
Remaining Opponent: No. 7 Arizona (10-2)

Only Florida State has played more power-five teams among the contenders than Oregon did this season. What keeps the Ducks out of the top two is the combined record of the power-five teams they beat, a mark that’s fourth out of the top six.

2. Florida State (CFB Ranking No. 4)

Power-Five Opponents: 11
Combined Record of Power-Five Wins: 67-63 (51.5%)
Number of Bowl-Eligible, Power-Five Teams Beaten: 7
Opponents Beaten that are Still Ranked: 2
Record of Power-Five Loss: N/A
Remaining Opponent: No. 11 Georgia Tech (10-2)

With 11 wins against power-fives, including non-ACC games with Oklahoma State, Notre Dame and Florida, the Seminoles are a hard sell at No. 2. That said, three key factors prevent FSU from leap-frogging Alabama: One fewer win over a bowl-eligible team, one fewer opponent that is still ranked and a 10-percent swing in the combined winning percentage of power-five foes.

1. Alabama (CFB Playoff Ranking No. 1)

Power-Five Opponents: 9
Combined Record of Power-Five Wins: 58-37 (61%)
Number of Bowl-Eligible, Power-Five Teams Beaten: 8
Opponents Beaten that are Still Ranked: 3
Record of Power-Five Loss: 9-3 (75%)
Remaining Opponent: No. 16 Missouri (10-2)

The Crimson Tide are No. 1 because they played the best combined group of power-five teams. Alabama played the most bowl-eligible opponents, the most teams that are still ranked (tied with Oregon) and the group of power-fives with the best win/loss record. Though its defeat came to three-loss Ole Miss, the Rebels got dropped by three still-ranked teams who combined for a 26-10 mark in 2014.

What Does it Mean?

Using this objective approach, it’s clear that Florida State’s schedule is under-appreciated. The Seminoles played two more power-five games and two more bowl-eligible teams than did TCU.

If you’re thinking its how the Seminoles played as opposed to who they played, you may be on to something.

Here’s the average margin of victory each contender achieved in its power-five wins: TCU 22.4, Oregon 21.7, Baylor 21, Ohio State 20, Alabama 16 and Florida State 13.9

Though these stats ooze with meaning, is it any coincidence that Alabama and Florida State have the lowest margin of victory and played the highest quality group of opponents?

No matter how you slice it, the Seminoles deserve more, not because we like them, but because they’ve won 12 games—11 against power-five teams and seven against teams that are bowl eligible.

While FSU shouldn’t be No. 1, No. 4 isn’t an accurate interpretation of what they’ve achieved this season.

What should, in a perfect world, balance the scales is this weekend’s ACC title game, when Florida State will square off with No. 11 Georgia Tech for its 13th win of the season.

How does this compare with TCU? Well, the Horned Frogs will compete (at home) for their 11th win (which FSU earned two weeks ago vs. Boston College) this Saturday against 2-9 Iowa State.

It’s an extra game against a top-ranked opponent that TCU can’t compete with—even if the Frogs stomp the Cyclones and the Noles edge the Yellow Jackets by a field goal.

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Don’t forget the Committee has indicated some of their discussions do include prediction/expectation. Seems like the expectation is that Georgia Tech prevails over Florida State, and then the final four are Alabama, Oregon, TCU, and Ohio State. UA v. tOSU. Fun. UO v. TCU. Fast. UA v. UO for the marbles. Not an implausible set of expectations.

FSU got screwed. Obviously the so called head honchos who decide who plays who do not like FSU. They have not had a loss in 2years but the are not the SEC!!!! It should still be like before no. 1 against no. 2. This new committee sucks

Who is number, and why is it a guessing game? The way CFP committee and most experts determine this is nothing more then opinion. The number one team must have something that sets them apart from other teams. Now lets examine Bama, FSU, Ducks, OSU, TCU, Bears. One things is clear FSU is the only undefeated team. Observation since Auburn they have been winning almost EVERY game by turning it up in the second half. Only playing a half of football and winning is amazing and no amount of luck is going to accomplish that asked the IRISH. Going undefeated is a very difficult task and is almost impossible when you only show up for the second half. The fact is that no team this year has defeated FSU and until a team can step up on the field FSU is the team to beat not Bama, Ducks, OSU, TCU, or the Bears. Bama, Ducks OSU, TCU, and the Bears all lost this year no matter what anyone thinks they all have a LOST

Rapeis Winston got what he deserved..!! A beating.. now the NFL will draft him and provide more money and lawyers to help defend against the rape he committed…

I suppose the 28 game win streak is meaningless! Along with beating the SEC’s best last January? For some reason, maybe the SEC’s contract with ESPN, give a weak SEC preference over the ACC, despite the success of the ACC over SEC opponents.

2014 ACC v. SEC record ACC wins 4 – ACC losses 1 – ties 0 – ACC Win % 80.0 – ACC Points for per game 30.8 ACC Points against per game 29.0 – Base on total inter-conference play, the ACC beats the SEC hands down. I believe the new ranking system is skewed!

5 points isn’t enough data to draw conclusions. Wait till after the bowl games when there have been more SEC v ACC games. Namely ones that involve any team named Alabama, Auburn, LSU, A&M, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Mizzou, Tennessee, or Arkansas.

Oh you mean like last year when the best of the SEC were soundly beat by the ACC best. Alabama lost to an inferior Old Miss team, but that count as much as running up the score against a beat up Texas A& M team. A much better football aficionado than you told it straight when he opined “Winning isn’t everything, it is the ONLY thing!” The ‘Noles” beat Auburn who beat Alabama last year, yet the get no respect. Well they earned respect by winning every game day this year. Alabama can’t make that claim!

I would have a lot more faith if Achie Manning was still on the committee. The committee needs someone to hold them all accountable and I don’t know if they have that personality in that room that also has the football knowledge to actually be able to differentiate between teams with equal records. It is a very fine line that I doubt many of those members have. I am sure they are all real nice individuals that want do nothing more than build a more positive reputation by turning this into a popularity contest. They want to be loved and to be loved you please. People arent always suppose to be happy especially if your team hasn’t earned it. People weren’t happy with the BCS but they got it right. Just like last year leaving undefeated Ohio St out and do remember, they did get beat by the 2nd best ACC team, Clemson. Hope GT looses so Clemson goes to Orange Bowl and the country can once again be introduced to the future of college football Deshaun Watson and the best defense in the country. Go tigers baby.

Also ACC had 45 players drafted last year And has 339 active players currently in the NFL. 2nd most I believe. I know it doesn’t mean that a team is good but it does mean they are playing against the best talent. Another reason the ACC is stronger than assumed.

David, you dunce, I was obviously speaking about “what conferences” the colleges they attended were in. Probably PAC-12 and SEC for the most part! How a team that is 10 and 1 against teams like Samford Bulldogs and SMU Mustangs (0-11) Doesn’t make a statement IMMHO! Especially against a team with a 12-0, playing a very tough schedule is rated behind them. BTW, the Florida game, an intra-state revelry, was booked long before Florida’s present team was fielded. In fact, it wasn’t only a few years ago that Florida was No.1! Beating Alabama I believe!

What a joke. The ACC is NOT better than the SEC. Don’t fool yoursaelf. This past weekend had the following matchups…
ACC #1 vs. SEC #8
ACC #2 vs. SEC #4
ACC #3 vs. SEC #11
ACC #4 vs. SEC #13

Aside from GT beating UGa, none of the other wins were that impressive.

Congras to the ACC beating the SEC in match-ups, its was a great showing. But mind you, you had a #3 FSU team that barely got by a bad Florida team that has been not so good for the last three years. A great Clemson team that smashed a bad S. Carolina team. Louisville squeaked by a Kentucky team & they should of won by 21+. A great Ga. tech team that won in OT over a great Georgia team. I agree, wins were not that impressive, that not bashing the SEC or ACC.

Yeah. Couldn’t find right words. It seems that way to me from what I hear old Jeff Long say. He always says they weren’t impressive against unranked opponents. But yet other teams have lost and he values that more. Anything can happen in a rivalry game especially btw FSU and Florida. BC is a good team with a great rushing attack and they did beat USC who the committee seems to value. They beat a really good clemson team with their backup qb. Oklahoma st played really well anything can happen first game of the season. One loss can make or break your season and clearly Notre dames loss ruined their season. Because they are definitely better than they way they ended. FSU got everyone’s best shot and won. The committee has lost me.

Amen! I believe the Committee is bought and paid for by ESPN, which has a very lucrative partnership with SEC. Next ESPN will be paying the officials to get the outcomes that will raise their rating! Call me cynical if you want, but how can you explain the ranking?

“Call me cynical if you want, but how can you explain the ranking?”
Simple, the committee found the best four teams that have the best one loses. FSU will help themselves this week if they can beat Ga. tech but there is a reason why FSU is only favored by 4.5pts. FSU is going to run into buzz saw if they keep playing this way, “I’ll spot you 17 pts & come to win in the fourth quarter stuff”. will play balls to the wall against them this Saturday, if FSU gets down, them may stay down. FSU is not the same team as last year, they crushed teams last year, earned #1 spot. This year they are having trouble passing, defense not as good, players went off to the NFL, FSU just does not look that strong. My respect for going 28 straight games, it is not easy.

They shouldn’t have to prove themselves this weekend. They have proved themselves the entire season by being the only undefeated team. Rank the best teams with the best one loss and FSU doesn’t fall in that category. They have played and beaten 11 P5s and are playing one more, more than every other team in the nation. And as I have said before the defense in the ACC may be the best overall out of the five conferences. Yeah Jameis did throw three picks and they only gave up 9 points. That’s the diff in FSU and everyone else. Most other teams loss when that happens. Simple fact they finish games that other teams don’t. Over the last 28 games is love to know how many each of the other top tens teams have lost. When you get everyone’s A game and the pressure that comes with a 28 game winning streak, it’s hard to blow everyone out.

I understand & respect your opinion & if this was me 10yrs ago I would agree but not all wins are considered equal just like not all loses are considered equal. If that is the case then why was Marshall ranked so low when they were undefeated? I know, because their in CUSA but they were still undefeated some people would say. No one is beating FSU up, but the way their playing is like their are waiting to get beat. will not be horsing around with them this weekend, FSU better not make any mistakes. Good luck to FSU & if they win, there in! That’s all that should matter.

Really, day? I think that the best of the ACC played the best of the SEC last year and the ACC won. In my mind that settles the matter. Perhaps the SEC might get a 2nd chance this year, if Alabama, who couldn’t best a mediocre Ole Miss team, can beat an equally mediocre Missouri Team.

I completely agree with you that not all losses and wins are equal. But in this case with what FSU has done they should be number one. They made the P5 for this specific reason. I just don’t agree with the bar they seem to be trying to set. They got lucky with only one undefeated team. If you are undefeated and are in a P5 and play P5 teams out of conference then yeah if you are undefeated and there aren’t more than four undefeated teams, you should go to playoff. Pretty simple concept, much simpler than everyone is trying to make it. Winning is and should always be most important. It why we play. Not arguing with you, more the committee. I entirely agree, they continue to play this way they will loose if another team shows up. But my money is that FSU is gonna show up because other teams are winning around 90% at eat over the last few yrs and even with two or three losses in a row, FSUs winning percentage would be higher than anyone else’s. Don’t know if that really means anything just came to me.

Wow! Here we go again, after the “ECU vs OSU Is the polls a popularity contest?” article! Which was a little delusional after we got further along in the season, but now that we are here lets answer that question. OF COURSE IT’S A POPULARITY CONTEST!! Now that obviously wasn’t the reason ECU wasn’t ranked over Ohio State, but it’s definitely why Bama, Oregon, and TCU are ranked over FSU!! And I definitely am not an FSU fan, I hope Georgia Tech beats them. I really like this article Amy, it’s well thought out and has the important facts! The most offensive part of FSU dropping in the rankings though is they are the ONLY undefeated team in college football and that should mean something! Wins should be the #1 factor in the rankings! And if we are gonna talk about where the rankings are screwed up let’s also point out that BAILOR BEAT TCU! That’s the real craziness to this commitee’s ranks. They play the exact same teams in their conference schedule and BAILOR won the head to head match up. Nothing else should matter! Also it’s hilarious that as a conference that the Big12 has advertised all year long “10 teams, 9 games, 1 true champion” and now at the end of the season their conference president is changing their rules to allow for Co-Champions! LOL, give me a break, how hypocritical! They are only doing that based on the current playoff rankings and the threat of being left out of the playoffs if they have to crown Bailor the champion over TCU. Also it’s funny that their conference is still playing games this coming weekend, this is championship weekend! They don’t have a championship game! People need to realize that TCU and BAILOR actually will play one less game than all the other teams playing in the championship games this weekend! And in my mind playing a 13th game makes your schedule harder than playing 12! Why? Because u have to win 1 more game than they did. For example if Ohio State beats Wisconsin, they will be their conference champ, with another victory over a ranked team and played an extra game than TCU or BAILOR! So how is it fair that one of the Co-Champions? gets put ahead of them? Especially taking into consideration all the obstacles that they will have overcome to get there? Who else would be able to say they lost 2 Heisman candidates in the same season and still finished with 1 loss and won a coference championship game? Nobody! That’s who! And for FSU, nobody will be able to say they are undefeated! So to the committee, please honor what the teams accomplish on the field! Wins matter! And of course I have to say it, Go Bucks!!

It seems that FSU had a tougher schedule than OSU and they are undefeated. Of course that accounts for nothing that accounts for nothing. Meyers is a jerk. He pretended to have a heart problem to break his contract with Florida!

Did you even read what I said? I said FSU should be the #1 team. Even if I dont like them they’ve earned it and I’m man enough to say it. However I have no respect for that University and how they have put on the blinders to the fact that their star player is a worthless human being who committed sexual assault, theft, multiple student conduct violations (like standing on a table and shouting Lude sexest comments) just for the sake of winning football games. So for what they’ve done on the field they have earned in my eyes the #1 ranking, as for how they’ve handled the off the field stuff they are pretty sorry. And Winston isn’t the only one whose done stupid crap there. And as for Urban Meyer, LOL, well I don’t think he needs me to defend him. He has the respect of the entire football community, including the sports media. So I’m sure just like me he could care less how a few idiots who know nothing of his personal life feel. Go Bucks!

BTW, didn’t Ohio State loss to ACC Virginia Tech (6-6), at Home? I don’t know, the Big 10 isn’t too strong this year! If they get passed the Wisconsin Badgers (10-2) they should happy there is a Rose Bowl!

Yes they did lose to them the 2nd game into the season just 2 weeks after losing Braxton Miller, and they had a kid who prior to that was 3rd on the depth chart and not ready for a defense like VT has. And let’s face it, although VT finished 6-6 they have a really good D! By the way I’m pretty sure that JT Barrett has improved quite a bit since that game and would’ve crushed them if they played later in the season. As far as the Big10 not being that good, I’m pretty sure that OSU, Michigan State, Wisconsin, Nebraska and Minnesota are pretty damn good teams this year. I think OSU (with Barrett) definitely has the talent and ability to beat anyone in the country. Not saying that FSU doesn’t have the same ability or Bama, or Oregon, or Baylor or TCU! They are all top notch and I want to see who can prepare and perform the best and win this years National title. I’m pretty sure that OSU, Michigan State, Wisconsin and Nebraska could all come to the ACC and year in and year out be right there at the top of the conference alongside FSU! So not sure how the ACC is so much better than the BIG10?

Inter conference records, ok you are looking at a snapshot of one game that some teams played, I’m not even sure who played ACC teams from the BIG10 this season other than OSU. I’ll have to check that out. But I’m pretty sure Michigan State, Wisconsin, Nebraska, and Minnesota didn’t play any ACC teams this year which are the other good teams in the BIG10 right now so what’s your point? That some of the not so good teams played? And if you are suggesting that VT is better than OSU that’s just laughable. It’s called a let down, or an upset for a reason. Just like WVU beating Baylor was an upset, it doesn’t mean that WVU is better than Baylor. And VT beating OSU when OSU was trying to retool to a Freeman QB doesn’t mean VT is better than OSU. And a few games this season between some other sub par teams isn’t proof of one conferences dominance. FSU is for sure a great team and football program, and Clemson also year in and out is a very good program. And they carry the torch for the ACC. And FSU the last two years has carried it very well. That doesn’t however make them the best conference out there. It just means last year the best team was in the ACC and so far this year they have earned the right to try and be the best again, we’ll see?

Tony we were right. FSU proved why they should be #1 and Ohio St definitely proved that they should be the #4th ranked team. Only because the BIG10 has championship game and the BIG12 doesn’t. LMAO at Only True Champion. Haha getting left out. Calling it tonight. But FSU don’t care, they aren’t there to win be game. Go FSU

Phil Steele writes for a Florida newspaper. Amy maybe he writing about the strengths of the cheerleading squads.

I repeat myself:

I just don’t understand the fury of FSU fans, with the neutral site games who the hell cares if you are #1, #2, #3 or #4? Win the ACC and you are IN, and you’ve gonna have a chance to prove yourselves worthy and the doubters wrong, that’s all.

#1 picks the site, fsu wants to play in new Orleans not Pasadena. Not really neutral site if they put us 3rd and we play Oregon in Cali. Thats a home game for the ducks. We’re pissed because we should be #1 and pick New Orleans for ourselves and be able to go watch in person instead of being 2,000 miles away

But the fact still remains that the Acc has prevailed over the SEC and eveyone considers the Sec the powerhouse of football. Mathmatically speaking!!

Is human interpretation of game play justified? They are ranked number 4 because of repetitive mediocre play against mediocre competition (NCState, Virginia, Miami, Notre Dame, etc.) Sure Alabama, Oregon, and TCU have all had a close game against a bad to mediocre opponent, but none of them have done that more than twice. Personally I am of the opinion that FSU should be 1 or 2.

Maybe they haven’t don’t it more than once or twice but they have also all lost. So tell me how having close games and winning is less important than winning big occassionally and also losing. Winning has always been and should always be the most important factor and they have entirely discredited the object of the game. A f***ing joke. Also not a FSU fan. They are ruining the purity of the game.

If the playoff keeps these same 4 in their current positions FSU would play Alabama. If Florida was still ranked number 1 chances are they would play Alabama for the NC. Who cares where they are ranked as long as they are in the top 4? They still can win out and be the National Champions. The real debate should be about Baylor and TCU. Why doesn’t the Big 12 have 12 teams and a Conference Championship game? Organ has to Replay AZ. TCU should have to replay Baylor.

Bailor shouldn’t have to replay TCU, their coference has 10 teams and they all play each other. Therefore the head to head win determines the champ if there records are the same. That’s easy math for everyone but the playoff committee apparently. And if the Big12 had 12 teams chances are TCU and BAILOR would both be in the same division since they are both in Texas just like the old days. Which means that TCU would be watching BAILOR play someone else for the conference title! Just some food for thought.

Head to head has always been the overriding factor to separate teams with the same record. Definitely would be a joke if things don’t change if Baylor does end up beating Kansas St. Which could easily happen.

Keep hoping. Don’t ever know what hoping got me. Seems a lot of people have been hoping they would loose for a long time. And when they do finally loose everyone will say, “told you they weren’t that good.” The pressure is mounting and they will loose eventually. I still think it’s funny to think that Jameis is three games away from starting 29-0. I Know it’s a long shot but I said it long ago he could possibly play three seasons of college football and never loose. Think about that. Haha have a good one haters.
At least FSU plays in its conferences strongest division. Oregon doesn’t. And thank god for PAC12 south this year although they could give up 70 on any given night.
You would want a triple option team to beat FSU and miss its opportunity to shock the rest of the country once again. Are you even a college football fan or just clueless? Cause mark my words no one wants to schedule a good out of conf triple option team and GT is the best.

LOL, I’m not an FSU fan either but my dislike for them stems from how they totally ignore the deplorable actions that their players commit off the field just for the sake of winning football games. As for what they’ve done on the field you have to respect the fact that they’ve done what no one else has so far and stay undefeated. As for not scheduling a good triple option team there aren’t many left out there!LOL! This isn’t the 80’s n 90’s when Nebraska was winning titles with it. The 2 best triple option teams are Georgia Tech and Navy, and OSU scheduled Navy game one. I just hope the 4 best teams get in the playoffs and that’s FSU, Oregon, Alabama and depending on how things shake out this weekend OSU then Baylor then TCU. If any of these six lose obviously they fall out of contention.

I’m right there with you man. All the way. But who really knows what happened there. Only a few people, If something horrible happened there and let’s hope it didn’t. Without knowing for sure there is no point in ruining two peoples lives. I served on jury duty, sent someone away and never want to do it again. Some people may feel differently. Other than that he’s not much different than any other college student now a days. Seems like they all mess up but don’t get me wrong after what happened two years ago with that girl, he should have cleaned his act up immediately. And for that he is an idiot. You do have to give FSU a little credit they did bench him for by far their toughest game of the season. And should of lost. But they didn’t, the football gods didn’t let it happen, there is a will to win there unlike any other. More than just Jameis. Imagine if he didn’t do what she accused him of and they lost that game. Damn.

IF the NFL disciplined its players and teams, like the NCAAF does its players and teamsno pro team would be able to field a team on Sunday!

Yea I wouldn’t want anyone to be convicted of anything they didn’t do, that would suck! But he has done so much other crap so repetitively and a one game suspension is all he’s gotten? Crazy! When guys at Ohio State have done similar things they have been suspended for the season dismissed from the team. When we had Clarrett back under Tressel and he messed up he was suspended for the season, then from the University. Sad to because he was a great talent that never got to develop. It just seems to me that there is a double standard at FSU, because if he wasn’t a football player all his shenanigans wouldn’t have been tolerated. And that’s not even looking at the sexual assault, but a can guarantee that if he hadn’t been a star QB for FSU the police would’ve handled things much differently! People need to be held accoutable for their actions, even athletes. Not saying he’s guilty but more should’ve been done to find out. And the way that girl was treated and her claims just swept away, if he is guilty how terrible for her.

Pat, football is a game that is played by teams made up of 3 different specialties – Offence, Defense, and Special Teams. Each of these specialties is made up of 11 men (still?) that must perform the specialty well in order for the Football to win. If you analysis Florida State’s season this year it had its 3 specialties working in order to win. Take the their win over Clemson – they didn’t field that day their arguably most potent player, QB Winston. Yet they were still able to win? How, by their defense and special teams getting them field position, and a first QB filling in for their Great Heisman QB Winston. In the game of football the total score is truly meaningless. All that matter is that at final whistle your team has more point than the other team. The Florida State has been able to do this 28 times. None of their competitors can make that claim.

Movwater (move waiter) or whatever go ahead and read the comments before you make a post. I defend FSU more than anyone. Again read the posts don’t just comment. And the real reason FSU beat clemson is because clemson choked and had five seperate opportunities to win but they didn’t. But that’s what the game is about, who makes the most plays and te fewest mistakes. So why did u call me out?

Pat said: “And the real reason FSU beat clemson is because clemson choked and had five seperate opportunities to win but they didn’t.” That’s the difference between Number One and an Also Ran. That is why FSU should be No. 1, because they know how to win and have the talent to do it. NONE of the “so called” Top Four can make the same claim! Neither Alabama, TCU, nor Oregon can claim! They all had the opportunity to be perfect, and they all failed! The question on the table is the Basis THE COMMITTEE. Obviously they think that winning every game is important nor is losing a fault. Again, “Winning isn’t everything, it is the only thing!”

When you are the only undefeated team still left from the P5s. Damn right it’s the only thing that matters. Weird how people actually want to argue against it. A joke.

I feel ya man Definitely two ways to look at it. Don’t disagree one bit. Its just unfortunate these kids have so much pressure and then success that it goes directly to their heads. Some don’t have and some don’t chose to accept the needed guidance now a days to be successful and not screw it up. Not making any excuses for him.

Two Notes;
1) TCU is one bad coaching decision away from being undefeated. Coach Patterson election to punt rather than burn clock with run to end first half against Baylor cost the Horn Frogs the game.
2) TCU’s quality non-conference win against Minnesota was aided by two major factors. A) TCU had bye week prior to their HOME game against the Gophers, and B) Both starting quarterback Liedner and starting running back Cobb for Minnesota were less then 30% due to injuries sustained the week before.
Perhaps if Kansas State beats Baylor this week they should be considered in the running for the Final Four?????

Hey those are good points! As far as being one coaching decision away from being undefeated? I understand what ur trying to say but that kinda takes away from what the Baylor team did over the entire 4th qtr doesn’t it? They came back from a 21 point deficite to win, so the other way to look at that is the Baylor coaches did a great job figuring out how to be successful against TCU’s D, and how to shut down their offense. And the Baylor players did a great job executing when it mattered!
To your second point I totally agree that if Minnesota’s QB and especially the RB Cobb (he is a beast) had been healthy that game would’ve looked much different. Not sure if Minnesota would’ve won, but it would’ve been a close game that possibly could’ve gone the other way.
bottom line TCU is a great team like all the other 1 loss teams, but there is no way they should get in over Baylor who beat them if Baylor beat the Wildcats.

Hey Tony, good points back. Completely agree with you and your reply. Baylor’s 4th quarter comeback was what was required to win, and good teams find “ways” to win. Personally I find it hard to make excuses for any lose, if you win, you win and if you lose, you lose. Football is a TEAM sport and the game is played for 60 minutes. Whether you win the game in the first half or the second half, it doesn’t matter, the game is the TOTAL RESULT and the winning team is rewarded with the Victory.

For the most part, most teams play 12 games of what should be relatively comparable schedules. What seems to be our biggest debate in our arguments in these final rankings are due to the pre-season and early season “rankings” of teams due to the prescription the pollsters have towards their and other teams. Take away these early polls and you would eliminate a lot un-based biases and would force teams to win and against the best competition they can schedule.

I personally don’t think there is a team or two this year that stands head and shoulders above others. When the season started I saw 130+ somewhat “equal” teams and then I watched and reviewed each week until I came to my belief that season has any where from 6-8 good teams and no great team. In years past at this point I have had a clear #1 or #2, but this year I have none and again I personally don’t believe we have a clear cut winner. You win against the best teams and you should be rewarded the opportunity to College Football Playoffs. We’ll see what happens tonight and tomorrow and the picture should and will clear itself.

Florida State’s problem is that they don’t have a quality loss. Fortunately, losing to Georgia Tech will vault the Yellow Jackets into the top 10, thus giving FSU a coveted quality loss that the playoff selection committee so desperately wants to see from them.

The bad news though is that FSU won’t have a chance on Saturday to lose at home like Alabama and Oregon did earlier this season, but they still have a shot to let their opponent put up over 60 points on them like TCU did in their quality loss.

The bottom line is FSU is Defending National Champs, the are again UN-DEFEATED, How can you argue with that, Somebody beat the Defending Champs then you can talk. The proof is on the field not in the computers. Good luck FSU in the playoffs, Shut the critics by winning it all AGAIN. ( no I am not from FSU) ( GO HUSKERS )

you guys always whine about the ACC and the SEC because you always want them on the app.. but yet you the NCAA are the ones that are making out the schedules.. then you whined about the big 10 not being able to play anybody.. well I’ll state already showed you who they can play.. like going up against number one Alabama and beating them.. so quit makin sec and the ATC scheduled SoCal as you would call it.. and let the Big Ten play the big 10 players.. instead of mixing the Mac came in with the bigger college..